What needles do you prefer? Deal of the Day: 30% off needle sets

What is your favorite kind of needle?  Depending on whom you ask at the shop, you will get very different answers.  This week’s Deal of the Day discounts 30% off all our knitting needle and crochet hook sets; so no matter what kind you prefer, we have a set that will perfectly suit your knitting or crochet style.

Julie’s favorites are the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz. She loves the flexible cable, and the very long tapered tips that end in a sharp point that make quick work of fine stitches. Plus, the price point can’t be beat.  Katie also swears by Knitters Pride Dreamz.  She loves the sharp tapered points, the pretty colors (each size is identified with its own color making matching needles a breeze to find), and soft cords that aren't too twisty.

This beautiful boxed set is available at the shop at can be yours with the discount for just $70.

Dawn is an Addi Lace fan.  She counts on their pointy tips, thin flexible cord, and metallic finish which ensures that her yarn glides smoothly with just enough friction (compared to the Turbo).

Our Addi Click Kit comes with 10 pairs of needle tips US siz 4 to 15 and is available with the discount for $119.

I am a pusher who works close to the tips of her needles; so I prefer blunt tipped metal needles that will allow my stitches to slide with no resistance and won't poke a hole in my finger.  Addi Turbo needles are my favorite and I have a set of the Addi turbo clicks that I adore.  Danielle, like me chooses Addi Turbo.  They are smooth, super-fast and oh so nice.  She uses the lace needles for lacework but doesn't care for the pointy tip for all her projects because as a continental knitter who pushes her left needle through the stitches with her right pointer finger, her fingers get sore.