What to knit?

Kate is headed into the mountains to spend a quiet weekend ensconced in a cabin with good friends and a bit of knitting.  This little retreat is an annual tradition that started over a decade ago.  Each year she finds that the toughest decision she has to make as she is packing, is what to knit.Last year the group all dove into making Duffers.duffers 2Kate brought copies of the pattern, the girls all brought scrap yarn, and at least a dozen pairs of slippers were ready for felting by the end of the holiday weekend.daelyn-wipThis year, inspired by a rainy start to the weekend, Kate has chosen to treat herself to starting a new sweater.  She will be working on the Daelyn Pullover designed by by Isabell Kraemer.  In her bag are several skeins of Swans Island All American Worsted in the rich Port (deep purple) colorway.We hope that a relaxing weekend of making, relaxing, and a long walk among crunching autumn leaves is ahead for you too!