When and where

Do you have a favorite place you like to knit?  Or a particular time of day?  When do you make time in your busy day for some stitches?garden-05-16-05I think that we can all agree that a day without knitting is a stressful day indeed.  Taking a few moments for a row or two can quiet the mind, slow your breathing, and sometimes help us sleep more deeply.But when we make that time can depend on the day, our other commitments, and even the project we are working on.Many of us prefer to work on more technical things first thing in the morning; after our first cup of coffee has helped to clear away the cobwebs, and the bright morning light can make everything clear and easy to see.  It can be a perfect time to tackle more complex stitch patterns with charts or cables.  It can also be ideal for finishing work.  Seaming can come together more smoothly when our edge stitches look their most distinct.garden-05-16-03But often an entire day can pass before we have a moment to pick up our needles.  Later in the day, as our to-do list has been completed and things are winding down, we can steal a few quiet moments to knit a row or two.Sometimes, the desire for completion can keep us up late into the night; binding off  in the wee hours as if we would be graded for handing our work in on time.  And there are those occasional deadlines to be met: presents to be made or a garment to be worn for a special occasion.  Then those stitches are worked with intense focus and life is put on hold while we knit.When do you prefer to knit?  Where is your favorite spot to work?Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page, or tell us about it tonight when you join us at the Community Knit Night table.  We can't wait to see you there.