Who is your favorite?

Our April Facebook and Ravelry contests asked folks to tell us about their favorite designers.  We got some great responses, and I thought it might be fun to collect the list and share it with you, just in case you weren’t already following those threads.

© Woolibear

Jesska Hoff is a local Colorado designer who has published some terrific accessory patterns.  We have a sample of her Bow Tie Bubbles in the shop and it is a quick bulky knit with a hipster flare.

Cassandra Dominick is another favorite. Her blog is a fun read and features some great project photography that provides insight into her knitwear from cast on to cast off.

Ann Hanson is the designer behind Knitspot.  Her prolific collection of designs can appeal to any knitter and includes lacy shawls, socks, and sweaters.

Julia Noskova has a collection of baby bootie patterns that will knock your socks off--no pun intended.  Her collection of patterns on Ravelry is a great resource to anyone interested in a special baby gift that is as darling as it is quick to knit.

© Veera

Veera Valimaki is a great choice.  She is the designer who brought us Color Affection, last summer’s must knit project that has been the inspiration for almost 8,500 Ravelry projects.  Our neighbor Robin is working on blue and grey version of this pattern that will look a lot like the photo above.

Martina Behm is a German designer with beautiful shawls, wraps, and scarves.  Her blog is a fun read and is translated (be sure to scroll to the bottom of her posts for the English content).

Evelyn Clark is a lace genius.  You may recognize her patterns from various Interweave issues and other publications.  If you are interested in making a commitment to a single epic lace project for summer, Her designs will offer you a terrific selection.

Corrina Ferguson is another wonderful lacey shawl designer.  Her work has been featured in various Twist Collective collections, and offers some inspiring color combinations.

A big thank you to all the folks who participated in both contests, and brought these wonderful designers to our attention.  Be sure to check in with our Facebook page and Ravelry Group page next month for details about our next contest.  You could be one of two lucky winners.