Woolfolk at My Sister Knits

A new  yarn line has been added to our selection at the shop that may have the softest hand we've experienced.  Woolfolk was created by Kristin Ford in 2014 with the intention of bringing very very soft yarn to the market using ethical and sustainable practices.  She found a very unusual Merino wool that feels like cashmere.She is working with farmers on the Patagonian Grasslands to produce a specially trademarked  Merino fiber that is twice as fine as what we're accustomed to.  That is very soft fiber, indeed.Woolfolk is currently producing four different yarns that are now all in stock at the shop!Woolfolk_farShown above is Får, a worsted weight yarn created with a chainette construction.  These skeins of 142 yards each can be knit on a large variety of needle sizes due to the yarns unusual construction."A chainette construction yarn is just like a knitted i-cord. The yarn behaves like a knitted fabric. So, much like a jersey t-shirt,  it stretches and gives and will usually recover its shape. The texture of fabrics knitted with chainette yarns is lighter and often softer than a traditional plied yarn."Tynd is a fingering weight yarn with a tight twist that creates a lightweight, elegant fabric on smaller needles.  These skeins include 223 yards.woolfolk_snoLast fall, Woolfolk introduced Sno, the two tone marled version of Tynd.  The high and low contrast combinations give a depth of color on their own, or perfectly pair with Tynd solids.woolfolk_hyggeLast but not least, is the largest of the bunch, a superbulky weight yarn: Hygge. This yarn is created with a luxurious blend of Ultimate Merino®, superfine baby alpaca, and mulberry silk that is also created with the chainette construction.  This allows for a bulky yarn that is impossibly light weight, giving you volume without heavy bulk.LOVE.You can learn more about thse amazing yarn and Kristin's creative process on Ashley Yousling's Woolful podacst here.  The two talk at length about Kristin's crafting and architectural background and her path that led her to bringing these amazing yarns to market.We hope that you'll have a chance to come into the shop to check these yarns out.  We can't begin to do the colors justice online, but we can tell you that this magical Ultimate Merino® absorbs dye better than other wools and Kristin's flawless aesthetic has generated skeins that are irresistible.Paired with her spare and timeless designs, you'll create knitwear that is chic, timeless, luxurious and quite possibly your favorite wardrobe item.