Works in progress: RIP

Occasionally our projects need to take two steps back in order to achieve a great leap forward.  Today we wanted to share a post of Dawn's."We all do it.  This little voice in our heads tells us our garment is too big but we just don't listen.  Onward we go, until we just can't get that voice out of our minds.  Okay, we'll put it on a larger needle so that it can be "tried on" and sure enough, it's too big.  Expletive!!!ripMy friend, Susan, kept telling me this sweater was too large, but I kept knitting...until today.  Well, I am frogging this sweater and starting again- TWO sizes smaller.  But I thought it was important to show my failures along with my successes.  Oh well, the next time will be a quicker knit with 50 fewer stitches per round.  Thanks, Susan, for being the little voice inside my head."In our experience that  little voice should NOT be ignored.  That's your intuition telling you something worth hearing -- even when it suggests that you need to rip back or start over.We recommend putting your project aside when that voice chimes in.  Give yourself and your work a time out instead of soldering on.  You can spend some time with another project or better yet, bring your project into the shop or reach out to us with a phone call or an email.  At any given moment there is likely a decade of accumulated knitting experience in the shop eager to offer support, advice and suggestions.We want your projects to be successful and bring you joy.  And sometimes that may mean starting over for better results.(If you were wondering, Dawn is working on the Striped Spring Shirt, a FREE pattern available in five sizes.  She is using two yarns: The oatmeal yarn is Hempathy and the dark green is Sparrow.  And she is using her favorite US #4 signature needles.)