Every once in a while a sample comes to the shop that is so beautiful, and so much fun to wear that it deserves to stand on its own.  This week a sample of Strata designed by Diane Greenfield arrived and we wanted you to see the myriad ways in which we can imagine wearing it. photo 4photo 3photo 2photo 1Stunning, right?   "Knit on US Size 5 needles in a collection of Shibui Silk Cloud, Cima and Pebble, Strata features soothing transitions through a range of shades. Yarns are held double or triple throughout the progression of this gently textured scarf -- a background of twisted stockinette makes this knit meticulous but not difficult."Those twisted stitches are what create that stunning texture that you can see in the photo above.  This shawl is a showstopper and the care taken every stitch is apparent.Stop on by the shop when you can, you should wrap this around you to feel how wonderfully luxurious it is.  Who knows, you may find yet another way in which to wear it beautifully.