You can do it!

Once upon a time a dear friend of mine taught me how to knit.  On a sunny afternoon, she quickly showed me how to hold my needles and yarn, how to wrap and pull a stitch through.  I loved the repetitive simple movements and in no time (I was working with bulky yarn and large needles) a thick warm fabric starting to form a pile in my lap.I think that it was only a week or two later that I started my first sweater.  This was not a sophisticated pattern, in fact it was just a sequence of squares of varying sizes that I seamed together into a very boxy pullover.When I took those squares in my local yarn store for some help with seaming, the shop owner was a bit mystified by my inability to identify knit and purl stitches or the "right" and "wrong" sides.  My friend hadn't taught me any of the language associated with the craft, so I was at a total loss as this patient knitter tried to explain how to proceed with my project.My visit that day was longer than anticipated, but Joan was eventually able to get me and my sweater sorted.  I then returned to the shop on a weekly basis for more formal classes and soon became comfortable with the lingo, the techniques, and the practice of knitting.There is a magical moment in every knitter's life when she learns a new trick or skill and an even more exciting one when she really, really understands it and can make it her own.All of us want to support the new knitters in the My Sister Knits community.  Julie has created a wonderfully warm and welcoming space to work in.  And we strive to provide the kind and patient support to every crafter that Joan gave to me so many years ago.Julie wants to extend a helping hand to our beginner and intermediate knitters who would like to get a bit more comfortable with their stitches.Starting next month, our Fixing Mistakes Class will be offered for FREE.  We have added class dates, so this class will be offered every month through the summer hiatus.  As soon as you are ready Lindsay will help you learn how to read your stitches, fix basic mistakes and gain confidence in your abilities.Our class sizes are intentionally small so that you'll get the one on one help that you need.  Call us at the shop at 970-407-1461 to get signed up!  We don't want you to miss out on a great chance to become a fearless knitter.