Youtube to the rescue

Picture this:  It's 6pm on a Saturday evening.  You are settling in to work on your new project all weekend - the project you've been waiting for ages to begin.  You have everything you need - yarn, needles, notions, time just for you.....when ... horror of horrors you discover something in the pattern that you don't know how to do! projectNever fear - there are youtube videos galore to come to your rescue!  The next two weeks of Fearless Knitting demonstrations will show you how to navigate through various youtube videos to find exactly what you need to keep you knitting when the shop is closed.Join Jenny at our community table from 11 am - noon on Thursdays May 5th and 12th and Saturdays May 7th and 14th.  Free knitting help is, as always, from noon - 1 pm every Thursday and Saturday!