The Farmers Daughter Fibers

The Farmers Daughter FibersOne of our most recent discoveries has been the beautiful yarns from The Farmers Daughter Fibers. Candace English who owns and operates the business has been wonderful to work with and we love seeing her yarns on our shelves every day.

We currently stock two bases, Foxy Lady and Squish. Foxy Lady is a beautiful single ply fingering weight yarn composed of 70% merino wool and 30% silk.

Squish is a 100% superwash merino worsted weight yarn. Both yarns are currently in stock and come in a variety of wonderful hand dyed colors.Both weights will be beautiful knit up as shawls, shawls, cowls and more! About Candace EnglishCandace English is the owner and operator of The Farmers Daughter Fibers, and she was born and raised in Montana. She draws inspiration from her Native American roots, having grown up just outside of the Blackfeet Reservation, as well as her ranching and farming background.In addition to running The Farmers Daughter Fibers, Candace has begun putting on a Montana Mountain Retreat which will surely be a beautiful experience!Next time you are in the shop, take a look at our selection of The Farmers Daughters Fibers and pick up a skein or two! 

Get to know Robin

Robin is in the top row on the left!

We are lucky to have many fantastic teachers at My Sister Knits, and this month we are featuring Robin, our Learn to Knit Teacher! Robin has been knitting with us, baking for us and teaching us how to knit for years. Get to know her a bit by reading this interview!Year KnittingAbout 15 yearsHow did you learn to knit?I had a short lesson in college, and then didn't try again until Julie Luckasen taught my daughter how to knit at school. She started knitting and I got interested again.How did you get started at MSK?I live next door to Julie, and enjoyed spending time at MSK. As my knitting skills improved, Julie asked me to teach Beginning Knitting. I have really enjoyed it. I love meeting new knitters!What is your favorite thing to knit(Project and/or yarn)?I'm still in a cowl & shawl phase, but I have been in hat phases and sock phases, so I know something else will grab my attention eventually.Do you do other work besides teaching knitting?I work at the Lincoln Center full time. What do you like to do when you’re not knitting?I enjoy sewing, baking, cooking. I also serve on the Poudre Landmarks Foundation Board that cares for the Avery House, and work on the Historic Homes Tour every year.Tell us about your family.I have a husband and two grown children. Ken is a Technical Writer and also writes parody songs for the group The Mostlies. My son lives in Fort Collins and works for a property management company. My daughter lives in Detroit, Michigan and works as a finish carpenter. My son doesn't knit but my daughter does! Stella, the pitbull; Guiness and Marzipan the cats; round out the family.What’s your favorite thing about MSK?The warm welcoming atmosphere and the wonderful, always-changing yarns and accessories!If you were stranded somewhere other than home, where would you like to  be and what would you be knitting?I would love to be in a cozy cottage in the English countryside, knitting a complicated shawl or sweater, knowing I won't be interrupted!

Introducing Local Artist Edd Casas

We have discovered a talented artist just down the street from My Sister Knits and are thrilled to showcase his work at the shop!raven-rtpEdd Casas graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012.  He moved to Ft. Collins because he feels we are an art-driven, health conscious city with a feeling of community and he plans to stay!rocksteady-rtpHe usually shows his work in art shows and gallery settings; we are fortunate to be able to have some of his works in the shop for sale!oso-puro-rtp-1Edd works with watercolor or acrylics on wood, and oil on canvas; his works tend to be either large or small, nothing in the middle!old-samuel-rtp"My works take form with a mixture of organic elements and shapes, along with mechanical structure and inorganic lines. It is a combination of nature and machine, not one or the other. Our culture has become too attached to clean, sharp lines and unnatural precision and order in their everyday life. Many have lost touch with the true, chaotic nature of our world. I am attempting to overlay one aesthetic with another to show there is merit to both. We can no longer live entirely with nature or entirely with human order, but we can intermingle the two and maintain our own balance as long as we do not neglect either one."  from  Edd's Artist Statementindreams-gif-rtpOne of his paintings would make a splendid,  unexpected Christmas present for an art lover in your life!  Better yet, buy two, one for you and one for them!

Just What Our Hands Need!

One of our passions at My Sister Knits is finding small independent companies whose products are worthy of recommendation to our friends and customers.  It's even better when we find someone local!  We are pleased to introduce Jane Anderson who makes one of our unique, hand selected products, Yarn Balm! Jane tells us, in her own words, how Yarn Balm came to be...........Jane-from-yarn-Balm-RTPHello, My name is Jane Anderson and I am the owner of Stinging Nettle Apothecary out of Longmont, Colorado. Being a Certified Clinical Herbalist and working with the plants is one of my great passions in life.  One of my other great passions is knitting!  Years ago I combined these two to create a wonderful product called Yarn Balm.Yarn-balm-RTPHere in beautiful, but dry Colorado, keeping our skin moisturized is a constant struggle. There is nothing more bothersome than when your yarn or fiber gets snagged on your dry cracked fingers. Many salves and balms I found on the market were too oily and it took forever for the product to soak in, leaving me to wander the house to do other things instead of knitting. Many of the lotion and creams I tried either had too strong a scent or the moisturizing qualities wouldn’t last and I would have to continually reapply.So I went into my kitchen and created and Yarn Balm was born!Yarn-balm,-individual,-RTPIt’s a soothing, luscious stick of goodness that you can glide over your hands, fingers & cuticles, bringing relief to your dry skin. Though oil based, I formulated it to be less oily, allowing you to be able pick your handwork back up again without the fear of greasing up your yarn! Just apply as much as you need to those dry and cracked hands, finger tips and cuticles, rub it in and you are off knitting or spinning once more!I use one of my favorite herbs in Yarn Balm. Calendula is a bright beautiful flower that will grow almost anywhere, and it holds some noteworthy skin healing properties in those blossoms. I use organic calendula flowers and organic olive oil to make an herbal infused oil that I put in all my skincare products. I also use organic Shea butter, beeswax and other organic rich, nourishing oils and essential oils in my Yarn Balm. Nothing chemical, artificial or synthetic. Just pure natural goodness!Yarn-balm-2-RTPYarn Balm is an essential for every project bag and is the perfect addition alongside your needles, hooks, yarn and tools.You can check out my wonderful Yarn Balm at the fabulous My Sister Knits!Wishing You a Glorious Day!Jane Anderson, CCH

A Stitch too Delicious to Miss

On a recent Sunday afternoon several of us from the My Sister Knits community took advantage of the chance to take a two-color brioche class from Stephen West! Stephen is one of the knitting world's most creative designers and an excellent teacher.Stephen-West-brioche-class-fixedIn addition to learning how to work the brioche stitch, we were encouraged to experiment with putting yarns of different weights and fibers together into a knitting project.  Stephen gives his students permission to break any common knitting ‘rule’ and see if they like the result!Spin-Cycle-Kit-fixedWhile we all were eager to learn to brioche and cast on our projects, Julie took to this stitch immediately.Julie-and-Stephen-brioching-RTPShe has already created 2 squishy Hawkshaw Cowls using different yarns! Several of us are in varying stages of progress on this cowl and samples are on display in the shop.If you are new to the technique, not to fear; there are many ways to learn to brioche:September 10, 17 & 24 we will be offering a Brioche Series where you will learn the basics in the first class; increasing, decreasing and cables in the second; and fixing mistakes in the last class.The Unapologetic Knitter  has a number of superb instruction videos on youtube. A little digging around will find an answer to almost any brioche question you have!Julie, Kimberly, and Jenny can help at the shop, with Julie being the most experienced. In addition, Jenny has mastered the transition between rounds when brioching in the round and will be happy to share that knowledge!spincycle-brioche-kits-under-tree-RTPWe have kits put together especially for two-color brioche with Spincycle Yarns' aran weight, single ply Independence.Now is a perfect time for you to try brioche.  Come into the shop to see all of the incredible color combinations and feel how cushiony and lush a brioche fabric is!  You'll get as excited about this stitch as we are and want to cast on without delay.

A fresh look at MJ Yarns

Jonathan Berner, who creates the stunning, unique colors of MJ Yarns, has been a friend of My Sister Knits since before MJ Yarns existed! It has been so much fun watching his yarns become a hit and it's very special to know we've been supporting him from the beginning!MJ-yarnWe were excited for him when he quit his day job to dye full time. We watched as he outgrew his first dyeing space and moved into a nice, roomy location where the magic takes place. We watched as his yarn became well known far beyond Northern Colorado. We're proud to have celebrated his success every step of the way!brass and steam (2)Luckily, Jonathan has colorways to suit every taste and mood, from subtle to bold. Jenny knit up the Age of Brass and Steam and loves the subtle interplay of colors in the colorway Tumbleweed. She can't wait to cast on Stephen West's Little Colonnade with MJ's Midnight Orchid which isn't quite as understated!Jonathan's yarns are a delight to knit with - the Rustic Fingering that Jenny loves has a hand spun appearance with a sheen reminiscent of silk and a smooth hand.MJ-YarnsWe have samples in the shop created with this loveliness and we invite you to come in to see which colorway calls to you!We look forward to seeing you soon.

Behinds the scenes with Dani of Sunshine Yarns

We've been overwhelmed by your response to Dani's beautiful mini skein kits.  These limited edition treasures are hard to resist and you may find them even more so when you learn a bit more about Dani and how she started Sunshine Yarns.We reached out to her and asked her a few questions so that you could get to know her and her work a little better. © 2014 Michelle Garey PhotographyThis is Dani with her husband and business partner Scott and darling daughter Clara.  They live in the canyons above Boulder and we love having them so close by.What were you doing before you started Sunshine Yarns? ~and~ What was the inspiration for starting your brand?Ha ha! These stories are always the fun ones ... I finished my Master's in Environmental Science in December of 2003, where I specialized in Limnology and Hydraulic Engineering. That Spring I moved to Boston to work as an Environmental Scientist for a consulting firm, and spent lots of time doing water quality testing on the Connecticut River in NH and VT.  During this time, I had learned to knit and started a blog. I also learned pretty quickly that the office lifestyle wasn't for me. I remember having a conversation with my now husband Scott about wanted to start my own business. We were on a long drive, and were brainstorming things I could sell. Something artsy perhaps?? Yarn didn't even cross our minds. Later that Summer I remember seeing some bloggers post about dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid. Fun, I thought!!! After one try with Kool-Aid, I ordered some real dyes and starting playing around a little bit more. Bloggers started emailing me, asking to buy a skein or two. I decided to open up a small Etsy store (this was back in the Fall of 2005), and Sunshine Yarns was born!

As for inspiration,  it certainly was born out of a desire to create. To create something unique and completely my own. To provide a product that is made with love, and not made in a factory halfway across the globe. To allow myself to find art in everyday life.
sunshine skeinsWhat do you think makes your yarn unique?Sunshine Yarns is certainly unique. We find inspiration from new colors all over the place, and are always trying new things. We have an always expanding color pallette and continually introduce new clubs, new kits, gradient sets, mini skeins, etc. We are so fortunate to live in the foothills of Boulder, CO and constantly see inspiration in the world around us. In addition, we search out the highest quality yarns in the world. Over the past year, I've been getting samples from dozens of mills in the US, Europe and South America, as we are in the hunt for some new and exclusive base yarns. What is your favorite part of your job?I love being able to take a picture and translate it onto yarn. Its become a big passion of mine, and it makes it extra exciting when my customers get equally excited too.  sunshine gradient 03How do you come up with the names for your beautiful colors?Sometimes I have a name in mind beforehand.. for example Single Malt. I fell in love with this color and had to dye it up one day. Other times, I'll dye the yarn first and just see what comes to mind. Usually names come pretty easily, as I pull a lot of my inspiration from nature.

 And lastly, a question we can resist asking anyone we come in contact with,
What is on your needles?Right now I'm working on some Winter knits for my sweet 1 year old, Clara! I'm just finishing up Bloomsbury Kids sweater for her in my Feather Merino Worsted. Its such a pretty, soft knit and will layer well over everything.We hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about Dani, the very talented artist behind the stunning skeins of Sunshine Yarns.We hope that you can visit the shop soon to see all of the new skeins that she's created for us.  We feel certain that her lush colors will inspire you to create something beautiful.

Tiny Owl Knits trunk show

Stop by the shop this Saturday afternoon, we have a lovely friend we'd like to introduce you to.  Sephanie is coming!  She'll be at the shop this Saturday from 12-4pm.  She's going to share some beautiful samples and show us what she's been working on lately.Plus, there will be cupcakes.  How could you resist? © Tiny Owl Knits 

We are going to have piles of patterns available for purchase and autographs.  Including but not limited to:

Gnome HomesFree RapunzelOrchids and Fairy LightsGrimm’s CottageCatching ButterfliesShips and SeasideMoss and Bluebell Pocket ScarfHopsalotsWoodland HoodletCupcake Kitten HatWear the Wild Things Are HatDeer with Little Antlers Hat (as modeled on Stephanie in the photo above)

You can check out the full collection of her playful patterns here.  Let us know which one is your favorite!'s favorite is The Bee Keeper's Quilt. And Stephanie has promised to bring hers along so that you can take a look.  It alone is worth a visit.  But once you get a chance to meet Stephanie you'll be just as delighted as we are by her, and you'll be glad to know her as well as her fun designs.We're looking forward to your visit.

Mother's Day Trunk Show just for you

I first ran across Salt & Honey last December at the Holiday Firefly market in Boulder. Adrienne Gosbee is a new designer, and as of yet does not have a website for online sales.  Getting access to her work requires a private showing.   So I am very pleased to announce that we have arranged for her to bring her beautiful work to the shop on Saturday May 11th for an exclusive Trunk Show just in time for Mother’s Day.

When I asked her to share some photos of the work that she'll be bringing, she sent a few that will be featured on our Facebook page over the next week.  But I wanted to share a photo I took of a Hessionite Garnet necklace that I purchased from Adrienne in December.

I think her sense of color is fantastic, and her ability to balance clean simple design with playful drama is terrific.  Most importantly, her designs are very wearable.  They are lightweight and comfortable.  All of her work is done in semi-precious materials; and her one of a kind designs make the most of the beautiful stones that she has a nack for selecting.

We hope that you can join us for this special event.  She is not planning on participating in this Summer's Firefly Market, so it will be our only chance to see her designs.  It may be the perfect opportunity for you to select a unique handmade Mother's Day gift, perhaps even for yourself!

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Sunday May 12th is just around the corner, and we'd like to share some ideas we have for gifts that will celebrate the Moms in your life.

Ten Good Sheep is a new vendor for My Sister Knits.  They are a couple of Virginia based shepherds who have been creating artisan products from their sheep’s’ wool for two decades.  We have a number of their products in the shop and our current favorite are these beautiful nesting balls/ornaments. 

These are designed to be hung in trees around your garden giving your neighborhood song birds materials to line their nests.  We think they look terrific filling a bowl on the table as an unusual wooly centerpiece.  Each ornament has a tag identifying the specific sheep the roving comes from.  Theresa and I agree that we’d love to meet their sheep named Lamborghini.

Another great gift possibility is our brand new arrival: Tatine Candles.  Theresa, a recent transplant from the Chicago area, encouraged Julie to check these out.  They are beautiful.  Each candle is a work of art in heavy weight - industrial, vintage modern custom glassware is sourced from 40% recycled materials.  The fragrances are hand-blended and beautifully balanced.  We think that they will make a special treat for those Moms who like to create a special ambiance in their home.

Our favorite local artist Connie King just dropped off some new yarn bowls.  She has been experimenting with some new glazes and the finished products are lovely.  These bowls are a beautiful addition to a knitter’s stash.  They are designed to hold a ball of yarn safe and unsnagged to guarantee quick and smooth progress.  Plus, it is a delight to see how pretty most yarns look against the beautiful glazes.

We have other gift ideas that we are eager to share.  Stop on by the shop and we can give you some fun and thoughtful options for any Mom that you want to celebrate next month, including yourself!

What or who is inspiring me this week? Danielle!

I joined the crochet workshop that Danielle is leading and got started on my very first Granny Square.  She was very patient with us and worked with me individually to ensure that after about 6 tries, my first few rows formed a square instead of a flower.  And now I am off and running. (Thank you Danielle!!)

She shared with us three of her current favorite blogs that focus on crochet; and I thought that I would pass them on to you!  She topped her list with Cozy Things.  This wonderful blog is chock full of beautiful project ideas. 

© Erika Knight

And this week is featuring a stunner that I’d like to hook into: Erika Knight’s Fingerless mittens from her book Simple Crocheting (that we happen to have in the shop right now).  The photos in this book are gorgeous.  She has styled virtually all of her projects in luscious neutrals and each of them is something that calls to be created.

Next on Danielle’s list is Bunny Mummy.  This bright and sunny blog is a breath of fresh Spring air.  She offers oodles of charming photos of her country life that makes even mud season look appealing. Running along the right side of the page is a rich index of how to tutorials and project ideas.  This list could keep you happily busy for ages.

Last but not least is Attic 24, another UK based blog that just celebrated its 5th birthday.  The blog's authoress Lucy has five full years of posts that you may want to scroll through some rainy day that are filled with beautiful photos, fun crafting ideas (that are not yarn centric) and tales of her travels with her little family. She also has a wonderful list of other blogs that she enjoys that runs down the left margin of the page.  This list could keep me surfing for days.

© Attic 24

These Spring flowers are just some of the things she’s been hooking into this month.  Trust me, you’ll want to see what else she is working on. 

I hope that you have as much fun as I have looking through Danielle's list of favorites.  I also hope that you'll join us next Tuesday evening when she is offering a tutorial on making crochet rugs!  It will be a fun evening where you'll learn the basic stitches and get started making a rug like the one our little shop dog Molly loves to rearrange on a dily basis.  Call the shop for details and to get signed up. The class limit is just 10 but there are a few spaces still available.

Trunk Show with Connie King

Connie King, of Mud Season Ceramics, will be bringing her wonderful creations to us on December 15th

Connie is a local potter and you have probably already seen her beautiful yarn bowls around the shop. Connie doesn't only make yarn bowls though, and she will be bringing all kinds of beautiful ceramics as well has her hand-made bags to the trunk show. They will make great gifts for the special people in your life, knitters and non-knitters alike, so come by the shop to support this local artist on the 15th!

Check out Connie's Etsy store or Facebook page to get an idea of what you will see at the trunk show.

What has Julie dreaming of quilts?

Some of you may know that Julie’s crafting extends beyond the yarn in the shop.  She is also a very talented quilter. I asked her if she’d be willing to share with us some of her favorite sources of inspiration.

Julie’s must read list is topped by Material Obsession, one of the blogs that she hopes will influence this one with its breathtaking photos, very personal perspective, and fun insights into the author’s crafting life.  This blog comes from a very special quilting store in Australia, which Julie has found to be her favorite source for beautiful material.

Blue is Bleu the creating of a very talented quilting designer who is very connected with the quilting blogosphere.  Her must read list is a treasure trove of additional resources that will keep you in front of your computer screen all morning long!

Auntie Cookie is the creation of another Australian design maven Shannon Lamden.  She is the kind of crafter that you want to sit with on a back porch and shoot the breeze with, or go shopping with, or just wander around her house…  Her blog comprises a beautiful collection of great ideas and terrific products. Her fabric packs just may make a quilter out of you. Spoiler alert: some of her delicious fabric will be featured here at My Sister Knits in the New Year.  Check back for more details…

Last but certainly not least is Denise Schmidt.  Even I know about her, and I haven’t sewn a stitch in a quilt.  I‘ve come across her mouthwatering fabrics in my favorite indie fabric shop in Boulder: Fabricate.  But her quilting has me inspired to finally dive into sewing projects that are bigger than I am.  The photo above is appropriately enough, from her Denver Series.

I hope that Julie’s sources of inspiration help motivate you; if not to quilt, then perhaps to knit using colors that are new to you or techniques that might provide a challenge.

Julie's favorite things

Oprah is not the only style maven you might want to watch while thinking about your holiday shopping lists.  Julie has found a wonderful local artist who is designing extraordinary jewelry and accessories that could make your special holiday outfits pop or provide a wonderfully unique handmade gift that will be a surefire hit.

Erin DeLargy of Hot Pink and Sequins is a Longmont based designer who has been "revamping and repurposing" suede and silk from vintage couture items (remember that old silk promdress that you took to the consignment shop?) and creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry that are mouth-wateringly colorful.

Check out this beauty.

Her sense of style is wonderful and she designs for all tastes.  If bright is not your thing perhaps something like this might be more your speed.

Her bold designs are wonderfully fun and remarkably easy to wear. These bold pieces are light as a feather because of the materials Erin uses.  But even better, the price of these beauties can't be beat.

We hope that you will come to the shop for a special Trunk Show that Julie has arranged on Tuesday November 27th from 6:00 to 8:00 to see these pieces for yourself.  We are sure that you will have a ball playing dress up with us and finding a piece or two that were designed with you in mind.  The hard part will be giving them away!


Annie's Trunk


The second snow of the season started falling yesterday afternoon when Annie Watts arrived at the shop with a suitcase full of samples of some terrific patterns that are new to us.

She arrived late in the afternoon when the urge to curl up in a warm spot with a bit of knitting was hitting all of us and making us wish we were snug in front of a fire place with a big mug of tea.  Look how cute her new red boots are.

And look at the treasures that were in her suitcase!  Many of these patterns are now available at the shop, and of course you can find all of them on Annie's Ravelry page.

This is Howard.  Both Julie and I developed an instant crush and I have to confess, that I’ve already cast on this morning and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Wattsolak Designs Trunk Show

Wattsolak Trunk Show

We're talking a lot lately about Annie Watts and how much we like her designs.  It started with our Fightin' Words KAL, and now we're thrilled to announce that Annie herself will be here for a Trunk Show!  Please join us on Saturday, November 10 from 2:00 - 4:00pm to meet Annie, see samples of her knitted creations and spend an afternoon with us!


Annie's patterns range from fingerless gloves and mittens to cowls, friendly creatures and clever hat designs.  You can see more of her work on Ravelry, or check out her website!

She's Wooly Something

Marie Mayhew is Coming!

We are terrible secret-keepers around here.  We get way too excited about the newest yarn/ pattern/ notion/ needle/ book/ designer to keep our mouths shut about it.  We've tooted Marie Mayhew's (Woolysomething on Ravelry) horn before and we certainly don't mind doing it again! 

Marie Mayhew will be joining us at the shop on Tuesday, October 23rd from 6-8pm to promote her newest pattern for these wee little Birdie Ornaments.  This event is FREE, but we only have room for 20 people -- please call the shop to reserve your space and make sure we have room for you!

She'll share tips and tricks about making any of her felted creatures -- her pumpkin decorations are perfect for fall, and she has numerous wintery designs as well.  And as wool lovers, we obviously love the Felted Wooly Sheep. Visit her website to see all of her designs.


Cirrus Cowl Class, October 27 and November 10 from 10-11am

We are offering great classes in October and November!  We still have room available in the Cirrus Cowl Class, beginning Saturday, October 27.  The Cirrus Cowl is made with one skein of Swans Island Fingering weight yarn and we have many beautiful colors to choose from. It is a feminine and delicate project that incorporates just enough detail in the form of big cables to keep the knitting interesting.

Fixing Mistakes Class, November 6 from 6-8pm

We've all made mistakes before, and they can be heartbreaking.  But not if you know how to fix them!  Join Julie C. for her Fixing Mistakes Class on November 6th and learn basic fixes like making vertical and horizontal corrections; unraveling, recognizing and correcting twisted and skipped stitches, and common cause for too many or too few stitches.  There is homework (swatching) involved for this class, so please call the shop to sign up!


Shale Baby Blanket Class, November 10 from 9-11am

Jared Flood is another favorite around here (told you we're bad at secrets!) and his Shale Baby Blanket is in the top of our favorites.  Join Kate S. for this class and make a beautiful blanket for an extra-special little one or a lap blanket for yourself to keep the chill off this winter.


Re-Stocks and New Stuff!

We've gotten new shipments of Swan's Island (both Fingering and Worsted weights) and Malabrigo's Twist and Finito.  Swan's Island is a treat for your fingers (and perfect for that Cirrus Cowl!) and we fall more in love with Malabrigo's colors every day. A new one for us is Harrison Wheelworks Yarn, handspun and hand dyed. Scientist by day, and spinner-dyer by night, her colors are absolutely outstanding.  We ordered a lot, so stop by to take a look in person.  Brooklyn Tweed's Fall '12 book just arrived, as well as Classic Wooly Toppers from Wooly Wormhead.  We're expecting copies of Knit Red to arrive soon, so call the shop to reserve your copy and help make a difference in fighting Heart Disease.  If you need quick patterns for gifts, we're in love with the Duffers Felted Slippers (only 19 rows?! Super fast!) and Audrey's Fingerless Gloves, both available at the shop now.  Only 69 knitting days left until Christmas!

Sunshine Yarn

The newest arrival at My Sister Knits... Sunshine Yarns.

Sunshine yarns is a small yarn company that is based out of Boulder, Colorado. There is nothing like buying local! They specialize in beautiful colors; in fact, the tagline to Sunshine Yarns is "Spread Color." Just this week, we got a huge shipment of sock yarn.

A lot of the appeal of the yarn is the fun names of the colors. There are pretty typical names like "Butter," "Bluebird," and "Silver." There are alos some really fun ones like "Pumpkin Chai" and "Love Potion," and some names based on books like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Some examples are "Katniss" and "Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder." You must come into the shop and see the colors for yourself. Check out their website at

Designing Yarn + Special Event with Sweet Georgia Yarns


Imagine your job isn't just to design knitwear, but also to design the actual yarn that goes into your knits!  That is exactly the life that Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley of Kelbourne Woolens live. The authors of Vintage Modern Knits are the creative brainpower behind The Fibre Company. Here is the story behind the story: Founded in Portland, Maine, The Fibre Company had humble beginnings as an alpaca fiber processor. As time passed, the owners, Daphne Marinopoulos and Iain Stanley, began experimenting with their own unique fiber blends and hand dyeing techniques. From 2004-2007 they spun and dyed all the yarns in their mini-mill in Maine.  In 2008, Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley, owners of Kelbourne Woolens, began working with The Fibre Company to develop pattern support and manage the day-to-day aspects of the business. The production of all the yarns (with the exception of Savannah, which is still US made) was moved to Peru where yarn and fiber production have a long tradition dating back centuries.  Stop by the shop to see (and feel) our favorite yarns from their line, Acadia, Road To China Light, and Terra plus copies of Vintage Modern Knits. To read more about their journey, check out this extensive interview from their blog
Meet The Maker: Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns!
While we are on the subject of designing yarn, we are thrilled to host a joint special event with The Loopy Ewe and Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns.  Felicia is in town to teach a class for Craftsy.  Two of her three yarn shops in Colorado are in Ft. Collins, so she is paying us a visit.  Join us at Genoa Coffee and Wine from 6-8 pm on June 2 to meet Felicia and her yarns.  There will be door prizes, samplings of her yarns and fiber, plus food (cucumber salad and kebabs anyone?).  This event is free, but there is limited space.  Each shop is allotted 15 spots. Please RSVP to My Sister Knits by emailing Julie at or calling the shop at 970-407-1461.  If the slots fill we will keep a waiting list and let you know if a slot opens up.