Colorwork Trunk Show at My Sister Knits!

Come one, come all to the Colorwork Trunk Show presented by Brooklyn Tweed!  We will have this trunk show until the last week of February so put it on your calendar!

Knitting Inspiration at My Sister Knits!

Knitting inspiration sometimes eludes us.  My Sister Knits is a superb place to come when you know what you want.  It's just as wonderful a place when you haven't the faintest idea of what you want to make next!Our shop is filled with inspiration!  The next time you just can't decide what it is that tickles your fancy, set aside an hour or two to come in and browse to your heart's delight.knitting inspirationStart with our samples.  Wander through both floors of the shop to see what catches your eye.  We have accessories:  hats, mittens, fingerless mitts, cowls, shawls, scarves and even a hot water bottle cover!  We have garments:  sweaters, socks, and ponchos.  We even have two racks of samples upstairs which are sometimes overlooked!All of our samples are meant to be picked up, examined, and tried on.  No need to ask, that's what they're for!My Sister KnitsWe also invite you to pull out skeins of yarn that call to you.  Fondle them, smell them, walk around the shop with them.  You'll know if they bring you joy!You may find an item that you'd prefer in a different color or maybe a different yarn.  You might wonder if you have the skills to create it.  We're there to help, encourage, and support you.  Please ask us!Knitting You'll find knitting inspiration in abundance at My Sister Knits!

A Reminder about By Hand Serial

We'd like to remind you that Andrea Hungerford, author and creative director of By Hand Serial will be at the shop on Saturday, January 26th.  We are thrilled to be featured in the latest edition and celebrating the launch!  We are also hosting the indie dyers featured in the magazine:  Nicole Clark of Hue Loco, Rachel Lundstrom of Six and Seven Fibers, and Dani Frisbie of Sunshine Yarns.  Their pop-up shops will be from 1 -3 on Saturday.Andrea is giving a lecture on all things yarn from 9 to noon and will be signing books from 1 - 3.  If you'd like to attend the lecture and/or the afternoon activities, please register online or call the shop at 970.407.1461.  More information can be found here.We hope to see you at this special event!

Knitting for Olive Designs

If you have a small girl-child in your life and you have yet to discover Knitting for Olive patterns, you are in for a treat!  One look at Pernille Larsen's patterns on her Knitting for Olive Ravelry page and you'll fall in love!Olive's grandmother Pernille began designing  patterns for Olive when she was born a few years ago.  Pernille started sharing the patterns and in 2015 she and her daughter (Olive's mom) started selling them.  The knitting world is so lucky that they have shared with us!  Olive gets to wear these adorable garments and must be the best dressed little girl in Copenhagen, where they live.  Imagine having a grandmother who is such a talented designer!Knitting for OliveThere is now a sample of the simple Ruffle Dress in the shop.  Watch for Olive's Christmas Stocking and her Mullet Skirt coming soon!  Knitting for Olive patterns range from stockinette with texture that adds interesting and clever detail to garments with cables and lace.We chose to make our sample out of Shibui Staccato, a fingering weight Merino/Silk blend.  This does create a dress that needs to be hand washed but we think the result is worth it!  Shibui's yarns have such deep colors and this charming little dress is as soft as down.  If the little girl you have in mind might look better in something other than blue you could use any of these:Knitting for Olive Ravelryor these:My Sister KnitsIf a superwash yarn would suit your needs better, My Sister Knits has plenty of those in fingering weight!  We'll be happy to show them to you you when you come into the shop.  Or, look at what we call our 'sock wall' just as you get up the stairs to the second floor. This sweet knitted dress would be a great use for some of our speckled yarn!  Or what about some with little sparkly bits?Knitting with Olive designs offers well written patterns in a wide range of sizes, some with style options, and we hope to see more as Olive grows!   

Calyx Pullover by Elizabeth Doherty

Our Calyx pullover sample has just arrived at My Sister Knits!  This sweater, designed by Elizabeth Doherty, will take you from summer evenings into fall days.Calyx PulloverCalyx is knit with two yarns from Shibui Knits, one strand of fingering weight Reed (100% linen) held with one strand of sport weight Twig (46% linen, 42% silk, 12% wool). This combination makes approximately a worsted weight which will knit up fairly quickly!This slightly boxy sweater pattern is written so thoroughly that it sets every knitter up for success!  It, along with Elizabeth's other patterns, fulfills your 'easy seamless sweaters to knit' goal.  They are easy because of her precise, clear, thorough directions.When reading over the instructions for Calyx, it's obvious that Elizabeth keeps knitters at the forefront of her mind when she writes patterns.  There are detailed notes on blocking the swatches (one for lace and one for stockinette), the pick up rate when picking up stitches, and whether to bind off knit-wise or purl-wise.  Plus there are exact short-row instructions for those of us who need to be reminded every time we work them!easy seamless sweaters to knitElizabeth also offers tips and tricks such as how to soften the corners of a stepped bind off.  She adds notes of encouragement when tricky parts appear!Calyx has a large, easy to read graph for the lace parts.  Find information on reading graphs here.This stylish pullover has modified drop sleeves and icord edging at the hem and sleeves.  A lateral braid is fun to work, adds a distinctive detail, and stabilizes the fabric.  In addition, the tweediness of Twig enhances the Calyx pullover with an upscale look!My Sister KnitsWe encourage you to come in, examine, and try on this great transitional piece!  You can dream of cool fall days while you're knitting with linen which won't make you hot! 

How and Why to Knit With Cooling Linen

Our hottest months are upon us and knitting with wool can leave our hands and lap sticky and damp, even in air conditioning.  The solution?  Having an adventure with linen or cotton!  Today the subject is linen; watch for cotton coming soon!Fort Collins - Yarn Shop - Knitting with LinenLinen is the perfect yarn to use, and creates the perfect fabric to wear, during hot weather.  It actually helps keep you cool!  For detailed information, read this blog post by Elizabeth Doherty who is coming to My Sister Knits to teach in November!Knitting with Linen - My Local Yarn Shop - Fort Collins, CO Linen creates a fluid fabric that softens with washings and can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer!  The dryer's tumble action helps transform the fibers into a wonderfully soft and supple fabric.   Be sure to make a swatch and launder it the same way your finished project will be laundered because the finished gauge will no doubt change!Linen Knitting - My Sister Knits - Northern Colorado Yarn ShopIf you'd like to try softening a finished linen knit, handwash and dry it and then put it in the dryer on air-dry to soften.Knitting with Linen - Fort Collins Knitting Shop - My Sister KnitsLinen's characteristics are what give it its casually sophisticated look:  your stitches will not be uniform, your finished project will wrinkle, and the slightly biased fabric that may be created is just fine.  You will end up with a cool, elegant garment with plenty of drape that will be worn again and again!Knitting with Linen - My Sister Knits - Fort Collins, Colorado Tips for knitting with linen:

  1.  Plan to go down a needle size or two because it creates a slightly larger stitch.
  2. Use a longer cable than usual because linen stitches don't compress like animal fibers.
  3. The texture of wooden needles may help even out your stitches.
  4. Work from the outside of the ball.
  5. Join a new ball of yarn at an inconspicuous spot such as the side; knit a few stitches with the old yarn and new yarn held together to secure the new yarn.
  6. Use point protectors to keep your stitches on the needles since they can slide off easily.

A summer knitting adventure with linen is just the thing to solve those sweaty hand blues!If you'd like to make a summery linen shawl instead of the tees we linked to, or a different tee, we will be happy to help you find a pattern you love! 

The Perfect Beginner Lace Shawl!

Zoe has knit a stunning sample of Heidi Alander's Satakieli shawl using Tukuwool, our new yarn from Finland.  It's lightweight, airy and you hardly know you have it on!This shawl is terrific for someone looking for a beginning lace project because it's combined with restful garter stitch!  The lace pattern is made with yarn overs and a 'slip one stitch, knit 2 together and then pass the slipped stitch over and off the needle' combination (sl1-k2tog-psso).  That's it!  We'll be  happy to help you!Heidi's lace chart is large and easy to read.One way to make lace charts clearer is to color code each symbol with a separate color and then color in the chart.  It's the only way some of us can keep track of where we are without having all those black and white symbols run together!Another way to keep track on a lace chart is to put a piece of highlighter tape above the row you're working on.  Putting it above the row allows you to see what you've done and it's easy for your eyes to focus on the row just below the tape.  Fold each short edge under just a bit to make it easier to move the tape when you're done with a row.Use those two tricks together and chart reading is a breeze!A problem that crops up from time to time is when a designer misuses the word 'repeat'.  In this case, Heidi's instructions are to 'repeat rows 1- 18 once'.  That's exactly what Zoe did; she worked them once and then worked them again for a total of 36 rows.  Heidi actually meant to work those rows only once.  However, this was a lucky mistake because we like the shawl much better with twice the amount of lace!Kimberly, Zoe and Jenny had fun putting together some different color combinations using several brands of yarn.  All of these would make lovely shawls.  

ITO Yarns are Ideal for Summer Knitting

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy".... these lyrics from the Ella Fitzgerald song ring true as we ease from May into June.Summer is the time when pleasant evenings are spent on the porch, sipping cool drinks, and knitting.  For some, summer provides knitting time during kids' activities.  For others, road trips are in order and what better occupation is there than knitting while the miles roll past?  No matter your plans during the summer months, we hope they involve peaceful hours with yarn and needles.We have three samples created with ITO yarns that are ideal for hot-weather knitting! Working with these light weight yarns on larger needles means no clammy hands while you create any of these beauties!  Additionally, you may be in for an enjoyable knitting adventure, perhaps just a little outside of your comfort zone, when making something with an unusual ITO yarn!  Are you ready?Our pink Hakusa shawlette, designed by Kirsten Johnstone and made with Silk Stainless Steel held with Fine Merino has been on Jenny's to-make list for at least two years; she finally decided this summer is the time to make it!  Hakusa is a Japanese word for delicate gauze or gossamer which describes this little shawlette exactly.  Lace weight yarn is held double, except for an edging, and it's worked on a size 6 needle which is perfect for hot weather knitting!This nautical looking Wapiti shawl, designed by cabinfour, uses size 6 needles with a fingering weight yarn.  Our sample is made with ITO's Urugami yarn which is created with 72% wool and 28% paper.  Japanese paper yarns are compared to silk in their character and properties and are highly prized.Our sample of Jana Hucks' Tsuru shawl is created with three of ITO's yarns and knitted on a size 4 needle.  Niji is a cobweb weight and its irregular, variegated colors show off beautifully when held with a solid color yarn. Washi is fingering weight, constructed with paper and rayon; wa means Japanese and shi means paper. The third yarn used is Tetsu, a lace weight that has a stainless steel filament twisted with mulberry silk. The stainless steel adds memory to the fabric created so it can be crimped and is fun to experiment with!Many ITO yarns can be substituted for one another; come in, choose your color, and we'll help you find the ideal summer shawl to make! 

PeepalooFields Forever!

We've said it before and it bears repeating - Colorado has independent yarn dyers galore!We welcome another yarn to the shop, this time hailing from Littleton, Colorado.Shari Scheider, owner of PeepalooFields, is a young mother who loves coffee and yarn.  She says that her 4 and 6 year old make up her story as they live each day. Her intention is to make yarn with unique, bright and beautiful colors and she meets that goal every time!Her Sensible Sock yarn inspires cheerfulness and it's so very difficult to choose just one colorway!When you take a close look at Shari's yarn labels, you realize that she has a great sense of humor because they read like nutrition labels on food!As its name implies, this yarn is fabulous for socks but it there are many other project options.Several people have made Andrea Mowry's Find Your Fade with it.  Others have made Stephen West's The Doodler.This yarn would also make an impressive simple shawl such as Martina Behm's Hitchhiker or Samadhi which are garter stitch throughout.If there's a baby or small child in your life, tincanknits' Flax Light or Playdate would be darling in any of these yarns.During the week, Shari is a Physical Therapist who manages an outpatient burn center.  She has two passions; one is helping her patients and the other is dyeing yarn.Our supply will go fast because Shari only dyes twice a month on the weekends.  In those dye sessions, she creates 12 colorways and each colorway has only 5 skeins.  Picking up a skein or two of her yarn is a special purchase!Be sure to come into the shop Thursday, Friday or Saturday for our Mother's Day events.  Select items will be 50% off, if you make a purchase you will be entered into a drawing to win a Jerry Ertle beetlekill yarn bowl, and there will be Knitting in the Garden from 10 - 1 on Saturday.We hope to see you there! 

Join us for Fearless Knitting!

Do you have a project you dearly want to create but something is holding you back?  One that you've had your eye on for ages but perhaps there's a certain skill required that you need to learn or brush up on?  We have just the solution!Maybe you've been eyeing one of our shop samples, pondering if you have the skills to make one for yourself.  We have several Shibui samples from their Spring/Summer 17 collection and, as always with Shibui, they are the epitome of simple elegance and style.  Some require seaming with mattress stitch, others have a lovely cast on or bind off.

If any of these skills have you pausing, our two-pronged Fearless Knitting program has you covered! We offer Fearless Knitting twice a week, for free.  Sessions are Thursdays and Saturdays from 11am until 1pm.  The first hour is a technique demonstration and the second hour is focused individual help.

For your convenience, we offer four sessions for each technique demonstration.  We choose a technique that can be learned in one session but you are welcome to come to as many as you like!You can learn how seam with mattress stitch on April 27th and 29th.May 4th, 6th, 11th and 13th is Cast Ons.May 18th, 20th, 25th and 27th is Bind  Offs.Remember our knitting help hour is for anything you need help with!   If you can't make it to a specific technique demonstration, you can still learn it during the noon - 1pm hour.This can also be used as community knitting time; you are welcome to join in just to listen.  It's amazing how much can be learned by listening!We invite everyone to Fearless Knitting!  There is no sign up needed.  

Meet Julie Asselin's Nurtured Yarn

We are carefully curating a collection of more traditional woolen spun yarns in the shop and we'd like to introduce you to hand-dyer and yarn maker Julie Asselin's Nurtured, a woolen spun yarn whose colors are created in Julie's dye studio.Woolen spun yarns are light and airy, resulting in a light weight, warm finished project.  There is an informative article here that explains in detail the differences between woolen and worsted spun yarn for those of you who want to go deeper into the subject!The subtle color differences in each skein of Nurtured are created by dyeing the fiber before the yarn is spun, rather than after.Julie uses American Ramboulliet, Targhee, Merino and Columbia sheep fleece; each sheep breed takes dye in a different way which results in a lovely heathered look when blended together.We love knowing the background of our yarns!  Julie works in close relationship with her husband Jean Francoise and 4 friends to produce her yarn.  It's a family business that started 5 years ago in their home in the countryside of Quebec.  Yarn dyeing is part of Julie's family heritage.We have two samples in the shop, a pillow cover and a shawl.  Also, Julie has created The Nurtured Collection, 3 patterns written specifically for this worsted weight yarn. We invite you to the shop to get a first hand look at this intentionally nuanced yarn created with love!

Good-hearted Knitters and Crocheters Needed!

My Sister Knits is reaching out to good-hearted knitters and crocheters!  We know you will jump at the chance to make a huge difference in someone's life.  There is an immediate need in Northern Colorado for  Knitted Knockers ; soft, comfortable knit or crocheted prosthetics for breast cancer survivors.Recently, Style magazine, the Coloradoan, and the UC Health newsletter have published articles bringing attention to these lovely soft, handmade prosthetics.  Until last Friday, our local chapter of Knitted Knockers was receiving 5 - 8 requests a week.  Since then, due to the much appreciated publicity, they have received 78 requests and counting!  There are many, many women who need these and there aren't enough Knitted Knockers to fulfill the requests.We know that knitters and crocheters will join together to fill this immediate need and then help to keep up the supply. Here's what you do:  1.  get some approved yarn (we have it in the shop for $5 and we can ship it to you if you can't come in)  2.  we'll provide you with the  pattern or you can download a free one here  3.  make a pair in just a few evenings  4.  return them to the shop.  C and D sizes are desperately needed as quickly as you can make them right now!It's extremely important to only use approved yarn because otherwise they can't be used and that would be a shame.Starting in April, My Sister Knits is going to have Knitted Knockers making sessions the last Wednesday of every month at Tasty Harmony from 4 - 7 and everyone is welcome!  Making these in the company of others will add an extra dimension of camaraderie and friendship to the project.  However, don't think you need to wait until the end of April as these are needed as quickly as possible.If you want help, come to our free Fearless Knitting help sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays from noon until 1pm.  We are happy to help at any other time, however, the help sessions are when you'll get one-on-one guidance with no distractions.  We also are happy to help at the Tasty Harmony making sessions.Deanna Scott, Knitted Knockers Program Coordinator for UC Health, received a grant from WISH  to start the program locally.  The grant covers the cost of packaging and mailing the prosthetics.  These are given free of charge to anyone in Northern Colorado who wants them.  There are samples in all oncology offices, radiation rooms, the infusion center, everywhere cancer patients would be.  They are made of soft cotton yarn and filled with silk fiber that is non-allergenic, durable and washable.Jenny is going to start a pair of D cups on Friday and have them back to the shop by Wednesday.  She's making them in honor of her sister who is currently undergoing chemo.  Let's see how many Cs and Ds we can get back to the shop by Friday, April 21 so they can go to recipients who are on the wait list!For more information, contact Deanna at or My Sister Knits at 970.407.1461. 

Knit Along with Us!

My Sister Knits is having an online Knit Along (KAL)!  Check out the KAL thread in our Ravelry Group and join in as we make Laura Aylor's Milky Way shawl.  You'll see progress photos, make friends, get your questions answered, and generally have a lot of fun!This textured shawl is knit sideways in garter stitch, using slipped stitches to create the stars.Choosing yarn for this project is a marvelous opportunity to dip your toes into creative waters. Our shop sample is made with Shibui Stacatto.  Combing through the shop's fingering weight yarns produced many choices, with similar construction and fiber content, that would all create a lovely shawl with beautiful drape.  

  Our KAL is starting now; choose your yarn, join our Ravelry group, and prepare to enjoy yourself!  Please contact us with any questions!

An Awe-Inspiring Brooklyn Tweed Trunk Show!

Right now, at My Sister Knits, is a trunk show that needs to be seen to be believed!  We have a collection of Brooklyn Tweed sweaters, using Quarry, Shelter, and Loft, that are designed with a 'his' and 'hers' version.Created by well known designers, these sweaters each have details that set them apart from the crowd.      Be sure to inspect Julie's side seam detail used in both of these sweaters! This trunk show contains more sweaters than are shown here.  Even if you don't foresee sweater knitting in your near future, these beauties deserve to be seen and marveled over; it's almost like going to a hands-on museum exhibit!Treat yourself to some time at the shop to see what is possible to create with two sticks and some string.  Hurry, though, as this trunk show must be returned soon!   

Super Duper Fun Yarn!

We have discovered a happy, fun, one-of-a-kind yarn!  It's Bulky weight Cast Away by Knit Collage; our present obsession is making Rosalita hats.  In addition, we have a wonderful time agonizing over which Wabarna pom pom to choose! The colors and the unusual texture are what first draw you to pick it up.  Upon closer inspection, you discover  more and more colors and the intricate thick and thin character of the yarn.  Some colorways are made up of 10 colors and no two skeins are exactly the same!As you continue to visually explore the yarn that is still in your hands, you might notice a subtle sparkly silver or gold fiber in it.  This is called Angelina and it is both light reflective and light refractive which makes it extraordinarily luminescent. These yarns are hand carded and hand spun in India.  Amy Small, owner, taught 15  women all of the aspects of creating her vision for her yarns including spinning on traditional wheels, hand carding, making the embellishments that are spun with the fibers, down to checking each skein for quality.  When you purchase this yarn, you are also directly helping Indian women make a living.If you prefer a plain yarn, choose one without the sparkly Angelina fiber.Amy has excellent pattern support; we'd love to help you choose the perfect project, whether a hat, mittens, scarf, cowl or even a poncho, knowing that the pattern was developed specifically for this yarn.Be sure to also check out our selection of Knit Collage's Jumbo weight Gypsy Garden; you just might find treasures such as teeny flowers, sequins, bits of lace or ribbon rosebuds spun into the yarn!  

Shibui Linen Sale

Our recent warm sunny weather and the purple crocuses popping up in the garden have us thinking of the bright colors of spring.  We are eager to cast on some colorful projects in anticipation of the end of winter!  Spring and summer knitting brings thoughts of light weight yarn options.Lovely linen is an excellent choice for warm-weather  projects as it's a natural fiber that wicks away moisture and is quick drying.  It actually helps keep you cool!  Created from the flax plant, linen is an ancient fiber; fragments of linen clothing have been found in Switzerland that date back to 8,000 BC.While dreaming of long summer days to come, why not take advantage of our Shibui Linen 20% off sale?  We have delightful colorways, from subtle to bold, that are so much fun to knit with! A Linen Chevron cowl is a good choice and we have a sample in the shop. How about a sophisticated Strathcona designed by Jane Richmond and knit with an easy mesh fabric created with K2tog and YO stitches?© Nicholas KupiakIf you'd like to add a tee to your wardrobe, Bristol Ivy's Linum Tee might be just the thing.© Knitscene/Harper PointThese are but a few of the over 3,000 projects created with Shibui Linen on Ravelry.  We love helping to find the perfect pattern and we hope to see you in the shop soon!

To Infinity and Beyond!

One day last week, those of us in the shop were on a mission to find a crocheted cowl pattern for a customer.  We of course went straight to Ravelry and found several, as we expected.  What we didn't expect to find was a simple, fun, quick free infinity cowl pattern, Chaining to Infinity and Beyond!whole-cowl-rtpJenny and Connie immediately went on a search of the super bulky yarns to find the exact right one and chose a skein of Malabrigo Rasta. Jenny grabbed a crochet hook and, after a quick lesson, started chaining.  It was so satisfying to watch the chain getting longer and longer and the skein getting smaller and smaller!Once all of the skein, except for the last  four yards, had been chained, Jenny and Connie realized that four hands would be best for the next step.  Together they wound it into the length they wanted, using those last four yards to wrap around the cowl and hold the chain and ends in place.  Ta dah!  A fun, colorful Christmas present in about an hour!wrap-rtpThis can be made from any bulky or super bulky yarn and we have a wide selection for your choosing pleasure!infinity-cowl-yarn-2-rtp infinity-cowl-yarn1-rtp

An Excellent Poncho!

Every now and then a project comes along that everyone falls in love with.  It usually is one that looks good on all body types, is easy to knit, and uses a lovely yarn.diana-in-shelteredWe have just such a project in the shop!   It's an intriguingly designed poncho by Andrea Mowry, Sheltered.There's a design choice to be made with this poncho:  hood or cowl neck?  Directions are given for both and that decision can be made at the very end of this project!sheltered-rtpWe highly suggest knitting and blocking a 4" - 6" gauge swatch to ensure your desired fit.  Once that is done and your needle size selected, it's time to cast on!  This poncho is knit in two pieces with just a little bit of mattress stitch at the shoulders.You begin with the lower back, starting with a section of short rows to shape the bottom edge.  Jenny is going to use the Shadow Short Row method which is explained in detail in this tutorial from Cocoknits.  If you aren't comfortable with short rows or mattress stitch, please let us help you.  Jenny is here exclusively to help with your knitting questions from noon until 1 pm on Thursdays and Saturdays.  However, we all are happy to help as time permits during the day!close-up-of-sheltered-rtpThis is a well written pattern that is easy to follow.  The texture on the top of the front and back is made by knitting through the back loop (ktbl).  Andrea has us slipping the first stitch of every row which makes picking up stitches for the hem a breeze.buttons-rtpQuite a few of us have decided that we'd like our sides held closed and are pondering whether to tack them down as suggested in the pattern, use big decorative buttons, or use our Jul Leather Pedestal Button closures that screw on and can be moved from garment to garment.jul-closures-rtpWe'd love you to come in and try on this poncho; you may be as captivated with it as we are!

Bright and Bold or Soft and Muted?

Castle Rock resident Heather Rhoads, owner of The Lemonade Shop, has been busy dyeing yarn and her husband has been just as busy skeining it.  We are enthusiastic and appreciative recipients of their busy-ness.From bold and bright to soft and muted, it's obvious that Heather has a special knack for putting together colors that are so much fun to knit with.more-lemonade-skeins-rtpWe feel it's only fair to warn you that watching her stripes evolve into a garment can cause knitting obsession.  Dust may gather, laundry may pile up, and general life may be ignored while watching this yarn develop into stripey wonder; we encourage you to prepare before casting on.lemonade-skeins-rtpDeciding which color combination is perfect for your project is a delightful quandary.  Heather provides a variety of yarn weights; fingering, worsted, and bulky to add to your decision making process.Ann's-Baktus-fixedA quick check on Ravelry shows hats, mitts, socks, and shawls, all knit with Lemonade yarns.  We invite you to peruse our selection of these captivating superwash yarns with Christmas gift making in mind. 

Our 21 Color Slouch Hat Kits Are Available for Pre-Order!

Have fun and be fashion forward wearing Blue Sky Fibers' 21 Color Slouch hat!Made with all 21 colors of Woolstok, it uses the 2016 Pantone Fall Fashion Colors and will blend fabulously with any new fall wardrobe pieces in your closet!21-color-slouch-hat-skeinsThis hat is fondly known as 'The Stripey Hat' around the shop.  It's a rather obsessive knit because you will want to see the next stripe, and the next, and the next.....Woolstok is Blue Sky Fibers newest yarn and their first foray into the world of wool!  It comes from Highland sheep who live on the shores of Lake Titicaca in southeastern Peru and is processed, dyed and spun by local Peruvian herders, sheep shearers and mill workers.21-color-slouch-skeins-with-photo-of-hat-rtpIt's a worsted weight yarn and is rather loosely spun to give it loft, lightness and a soft hand.  In this instance, loft means that Woolstok will keep you warm because there is air trapped in it.  Hand refers to how it feels while you're knitting it.One of the great things about Woolstok is that it comes in two sizes!  You can get the smaller size 50g/123 yd skeins or the larger 150g/370 yd skeins.  Jenny has made use of several of the smaller skeins to make hats and a sweater for her new grandson!21-color-slouch-hat-on-kimberly-rtpThe yarn for the 21 Color Slouch comes as  a kit with 12 yard mini-skeins and can only be purchased at a yarn shop.  Our next shipment arrives in November and it would be a great idea to pre-order a kit as they are already being spoken for!We think that this hat deserves one of our fluffy pom poms and we invite you to dig through our supply to find the perfect one!And one more thing.......if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know we've been encouraging swatching lately.  Yet another reason:  one of our dear friends had to frog her entire hat after she was done because it didn't fit at all!  It was unwearable.  Courtney Kelley from Kelbourne Woolens wrote a wonderfully informative post that will inspire you; it's well worth reading!

The Lovely Lakelet Shawl

Julie discovered a lovely, tailored, small shawl at Squam this summer, designed specifically for that renowned June retreat.  This fall accessory drapes beautifully and feels softly luxurious wrapped around your neck and shoulders!Lakelet uses Kettle Yarn Co.'s Beyul and, oh my, it's irresistible!lakelet-shawl-rtpMade with  20% baby Yak, 20% Silk, and 60% ethically sourced Merino wool, you won't want to put this project down until there is no yarn left!lakelet-detail-rtp lakelet-shawl-icord-detail-rtpYak is the secret ingredient in Beyul; it sits between cashmere and baby camel on the softness scale.  One Yak produces only about 100g of down a year, which is the weight of an average skein of fingering yarn.  This prized fiber is durable, breathable, lightweight and keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.Linda Lencovic, owner of Kettle Yarn Co., is a Canadian transplant to England where she started her company in 2013. She is dedicated to supporting small-scale wool producers in the UK, along with animal welfare and the environment and her yarns reflect this.We have kits...lakelet-kits-rtpand individual skeins for you to choose from.lakelet-skeins-rtpMy Sister Knits is pleased to add this yarn to our growing, carefully curated collection of yarns that are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and supportive of small fiber farmers.We'll be delighted to show you Beyul because it gives us an excuse to touch it, even if we already have some on our needles!