Sumptuous Spincycle Yarns

Spincycle Yarns are like no other; the multiple colors in each skein are so eye catching!  We pet these skeins often, trying to decide which is our favorite colorway.Spincycle YarnsSpincycle Yarns Dream State, like their other bases, is "dyed in the wool" creating splendid multicolored yarns!  This means that their fleeces are cleaned, carded, made into roving and then dyed before they are spun.  Surprisingly, this is done by putting several colors of dye into the dye pot at once.  Now you might think that would create nothing but a rather muddy color.  However, if the PH and the temperature are exactly right when the roving is added, magic happens!The spinning process elongates the colors and spreads them throughout the yarn. The last step of plying lays one color over another and creates the final amazingly colored yarn!  Every skein of Spincycle Yarns is unique which adds to the fun!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Spincycle Yarns are unequaled for adding that little extra 'something' to a project.  Kimberly put some kits together that use Spincycle Yarns Dream State to create a go-to accessory!  These kits have two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft and one skein of Dream State.  When you buy a kit, you can 'choose your own adventure' because you get your choice of one of three patterns for free!Spincycle Yarns Dream StateAndrea designed this cowl with Spincycle Yarns in mind.  Across the Pond's colorwork section uses mosaic knitting which deals with only one strand of yarn at a time; perfect as an introduction to colorwork!My Sister KnitsThis pattern is only available at local yarn shops, it is not available on Ravelry.  Laura's goal is to get knitters to adventure to their local yarn shop!  This shawl has three versions so you are indeed choosing your own adventure!  They start the same, knitting a boomerang shape with a neutral color and then you choose what you'd like to do for the rest of it with skill levels ranging from beginner to more challenging.local yarn shopWe have Kate's modification instructions to make the Marley a smaller shawl, the Mini Marley!  This delightful smaller version is the result of a pattern-reading mistake that ended up creating something unexpected!  As designer Stephen West says, mistakes are just new design elements!We have another sample in the shop that is great for Spincycle Yarns, Mary Jane Mucklestone's Flying Geese Cowl.  Diana used it for some of the triangles but you could use one skein for all of them. Be sure to check out this cowl as a possibility!There are plentiful patterns where just a little of this gorgeous yarn goes a long way towards creating something special.  We'd be happy to help you choose a different project if that is your wish!We welcome you to come into My Sister Knits to ooohh and aaaahh over Spincycle Yarns, all the while appreciating the process that makes it so special.  

Good-hearted Knitters and Crocheters Needed!

My Sister Knits is reaching out to good-hearted knitters and crocheters!  We know you will jump at the chance to make a huge difference in someone's life.  There is an immediate need in Northern Colorado for  Knitted Knockers ; soft, comfortable knit or crocheted prosthetics for breast cancer survivors.Recently, Style magazine, the Coloradoan, and the UC Health newsletter have published articles bringing attention to these lovely soft, handmade prosthetics.  Until last Friday, our local chapter of Knitted Knockers was receiving 5 - 8 requests a week.  Since then, due to the much appreciated publicity, they have received 78 requests and counting!  There are many, many women who need these and there aren't enough Knitted Knockers to fulfill the requests.We know that knitters and crocheters will join together to fill this immediate need and then help to keep up the supply. Here's what you do:  1.  get some approved yarn (we have it in the shop for $5 and we can ship it to you if you can't come in)  2.  we'll provide you with the  pattern or you can download a free one here  3.  make a pair in just a few evenings  4.  return them to the shop.  C and D sizes are desperately needed as quickly as you can make them right now!It's extremely important to only use approved yarn because otherwise they can't be used and that would be a shame.Starting in April, My Sister Knits is going to have Knitted Knockers making sessions the last Wednesday of every month at Tasty Harmony from 4 - 7 and everyone is welcome!  Making these in the company of others will add an extra dimension of camaraderie and friendship to the project.  However, don't think you need to wait until the end of April as these are needed as quickly as possible.If you want help, come to our free Fearless Knitting help sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays from noon until 1pm.  We are happy to help at any other time, however, the help sessions are when you'll get one-on-one guidance with no distractions.  We also are happy to help at the Tasty Harmony making sessions.Deanna Scott, Knitted Knockers Program Coordinator for UC Health, received a grant from WISH  to start the program locally.  The grant covers the cost of packaging and mailing the prosthetics.  These are given free of charge to anyone in Northern Colorado who wants them.  There are samples in all oncology offices, radiation rooms, the infusion center, everywhere cancer patients would be.  They are made of soft cotton yarn and filled with silk fiber that is non-allergenic, durable and washable.Jenny is going to start a pair of D cups on Friday and have them back to the shop by Wednesday.  She's making them in honor of her sister who is currently undergoing chemo.  Let's see how many Cs and Ds we can get back to the shop by Friday, April 21 so they can go to recipients who are on the wait list!For more information, contact Deanna at or My Sister Knits at 970.407.1461. 

Ombre? Gradient? Is There a Difference?

Ombre or gradient?  Have you ever wondered what the difference is?According to Voie de Vie, gradient yarns are a progression of different colors from light to dark and ombre yarns are usually a blending of hues of the same color, progressing from light to dark.freia-bulky-1-rtpThere are certain points to consider when knitting with these yarns:Choosing a pattern with a plain stitch or very simple design will allow the yarn to shine!freia-bulky-2-rtpThe direction of your knitting will determine the direction of the color changes.  For instance, if you're knitting a cowl end to end, the color changes will be horizontal; if you're knitting from top to bottom or in the round, they will be vertical.If you're making a shawl, where you start your pattern, whether at the bottom or the top, the first color will appear to take up approximately half of the shawl.freia-fingering-1-rtpSimple, repeating design elements are perfect for ombres and gradients.Our Friea Fine Handpaints Ombre yarns are a beautiful foray into gradual color change yarns.freia-fingering-2-rtpThere are patterns galore that lend themselves to these yarns.A Ravelry search found a considerable amount of free patterns that would be a great match:  Multnomah, Haruni,  fibre space Knockout Round, Laura Nelkin's Gusto, Calistoga Cowl, Reverb Shawl, Nurmilintu, Bristol Ivy's Two for Joy, Reyna, Freia pom pom hat, Loop London's Cecelia Cowl, Steven Be's Jet Setter Cowl .We'll be happy to help you choose the perfect pattern for your ombre or gradient yarn!   

To Infinity and Beyond!

One day last week, those of us in the shop were on a mission to find a crocheted cowl pattern for a customer.  We of course went straight to Ravelry and found several, as we expected.  What we didn't expect to find was a simple, fun, quick free infinity cowl pattern, Chaining to Infinity and Beyond!whole-cowl-rtpJenny and Connie immediately went on a search of the super bulky yarns to find the exact right one and chose a skein of Malabrigo Rasta. Jenny grabbed a crochet hook and, after a quick lesson, started chaining.  It was so satisfying to watch the chain getting longer and longer and the skein getting smaller and smaller!Once all of the skein, except for the last  four yards, had been chained, Jenny and Connie realized that four hands would be best for the next step.  Together they wound it into the length they wanted, using those last four yards to wrap around the cowl and hold the chain and ends in place.  Ta dah!  A fun, colorful Christmas present in about an hour!wrap-rtpThis can be made from any bulky or super bulky yarn and we have a wide selection for your choosing pleasure!infinity-cowl-yarn-2-rtp infinity-cowl-yarn1-rtp

The Circus Has Come To Town!

Which circus?  Why, Knitcircus, of course!Come one, come all to My Sister Knits during September and see daring colorways that will make your mind spin.Get on the hand dyed gradient bandwagon with this one-of-a- kind yarn from Knitcircus in Wisconsin!  Jaala Spiro's extraordinarily innovative dyeing technique produces exceptional color combinations that have to be seen to be believed!knit-circus-skeins-use-this-one-rtp Julie fearlessly attempted this lightweight, soft as down cowl using the brioche stitch and can't wait for the weather to turn cold enough to wear it!knit-circus-chromatic-cowl-with-little-fence-rtpIf you're up in the air over what to make, the Holden Shawl is always a crowd pleaser.knit-circus-holden-shawl-rtpHurry, hurry, before the circus packs up and leaves town September 30th!Don't miss a moment of knitting pleasure with this soft, squishy yarn; step right up and choose your base and your colorway!We have Greatest of Ease, 80% Merino, 20% Nylon; Corriedale Sock, 75% Wool, 25% Nylon; and Lavish, 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon.  All are fingering weight, machine washable, and sourced in the US or UK!     

Yarn On The House!

Yarn On The House is the perfect name because this company is truly a family affair!  In addition to their yarn bases being named after family members; DK weight Big Sister, fingering weight Little Brother, lace weight Mother, and worsted weight Father, each of these people is involved in the daily running of YOTH.YOTH-wall-RTPBig sister Veronika is the creative mind who started this venture emerging from her knitting passion; little brother Danny is Veronika's partner, business inspiration, and tech guru; their father has custom made every display piece, and their mother is their rock and general consultant.YOTH-Jenny-Shawl-RTPYOTH has three distinct color palettes with food-themed names; Raw consists of neutrals, Fresh is earthy blues and greens, and Juicy is yellows and oranges.  Careful thought has gone into organizing their palettes into color families and levels of shade to ensure that all of their colors blend and mix well.YOTH-Arika-cowlshawlWe have a trunk show that showcases some of their colorways and patterns.  The samples are upstairs next to our YOTH yarns!YOTH-hats-and-mitts-RTPDrop by to see YOTH's mouth-watering colorways and see what you're in the mood for!

Our Very Own Colorway!

Kimberly and Jenny were bursting with excitement Thursday as they opened the long-awaited box of yarn from Hazel Knits!  They dug into the box even before Julie saw it!  Why? It was filled with our very own colorway created just for My Sister Knits, to be introduced during the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl!Purple Mountain Majesty is its name and it's exclusive to us.Hazel-knits-MSK-color-RTPThe label makes our hearts swell with pride!Hazel-Knits-MSK-yarn-label-RTPWe have a sample knit up in the Deception Pass shawl.  Deception Pass is near the north end of Puget Sound, north of Seattle, Washington.  Jenny can't wait to cast on this shawl because her family spent countless happy days there picnicking and exploring when she was young.  It will be a delightful memento made even more special with this colorway!Deception-Pass-RTPHazel Knits' Artisan Sock yarn is 90% superwash merino and 10% nylon.  It's custom-milled with a tight twist for incredible stitch definition! It will make textured patterns and cables definitely stand out to be admired.Deception-Pass-detail-RTPWe have four additional colorways to complement our Purple Mountain Majesty.Hazel-knits-skeins-RTPSome of our favorite patterns for this yarn are the free Rose City Rollers ankle socks pattern,  Gracewood Hat, the free Mira's Cowl pattern, Qwist Mitts, and the Vary shawl.  We can't wait to see your favorites!This yarn, in all colorways, will only be available this one time.  When it's gone, it's gone.  Come in soon for the best selection and Happy Yarn Crawling to all!     

Summer Elegance

We have an exquisite, lightweight summer cowl that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit!Linen-Chevron-Cowl-RTPThe Linen Chevron Cowl is made with one skein of Shibui Linen and calls for a size 5  24” circular needle.  It has a unique chevron design and seed stitch detail on a stockinette body for an airy, tailored look. Linen-Chevron-Cowl-detail-RTPThis cowl is made to be worn in the heat and, with it’s absorbent and heat channeling characteristics, will even help you to keep cool.  Linen’s natural fiber allows for maximum breathability and is known for its extraordinary coolness and freshness in hot weather.  Made from fibers of the flax plant, it is the oldest of manmade textiles.  It was even the favorite fabric of King Tut!We have a wonderful array of colors to choose from.Shibui-Linen-2-RTPYou can find the free pattern here.  Jenny is going to cast on with the Pollen colorway; which are you going to choose?  

A few Spring accessories for you to consider

We have several new samples in the shop that are gathering attention.  They are fun to knit and  great to wear!First up is a cowl designed by Hilary Smith Callis, created with a single skein of fingering weight Anzula Cloud: Luna Viridis.Luna ViridisThis wonderfully textured cowl "begins as a semi-circular shawl with a Stockinette Stitch center worked flat, and is then joined and worked in the round to create a circular piece that mimics a shawlette wrapped around the neck."This cowl provides a pop of brilliant Anzula color to any outfit without bulk, weight, or ends that may come unwrapped as you move.  We love it!  It is a pleasure to wear.boneyardFor a great beginner's project, we have Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl.  It is easy to see why this FREE pattern has been a huge hit with Ravelers since its publication in 2009.  Always a classic, it has been knit up and documented almost 7,000 times.Our shawl was created with two skeins of Shibui Rain (which is quickly becoming our favorite yarn of the season).  Knit up on a US 8 needle, this shawl is quickly finished, to give you a great layering piece that has beautiful drape and fluid movement that looks fantastic when casually tossed around your neck.  (For a silly video of Stephen demonstrating how to wear a shawl, click here).spectrumOur shop sample of Spectrum, designed by Shellie Anderson and included in Shibui's SS16 collection, combines Rain with Silk Cloud for a fabric of dreamy comfort.  100% mercerized cotton is knit together with silk and mohair, and it is out of this world.  We might combine Silk Cloud with every yarn we use, it we could.Our sample is the wrap version of the pattern and calls for 6 skeins of Rain to be worked with 3 skeins of Silk Cloud. You could opt to work up the scarf version of the pattern.  Either way, lovely!We have more to share with you and dozens of colors to consider, so we hope that you'll visit us soon to get something fresh and breezy on your needles right away.

Easier than you might think

Cabling is a technique that creates rich complex looking fabric that is (for the most part) a snap to accomplish.  New knitters are often daunted by cabling and postpone learning how.  We'd like to share a few tips that may make this technique more approachable for newer knitters.gentian-01The little secret (that cabling is less mysterious than it first appears) can take your knitting to a whole new level.Cabling changes the sequence of your stitches as you work them.  Instead of knitting the stitches as they appear on your left needle; you can use a cable needle to hold the next few stitches, either in front or behind your work, and work the following stitches first.  By crossing the stitches as you work them, a lush fabric is created.IMG_2897General information:  The back cable slants, or crosses, to the right. The front cable slants to the left.Abbreviations:C#F: Put the indicated number of stitches on your cable needle and hold to the front of your work.C#B: Put the indicated number of stitches on your cable needle and hold to the back of your work.Chart reading:Unless otherwise noted, charts should be read from the bottom to the top.  On right side rows (or odd numbered rows), read the chart right to left.  On wrong side rows (or even numbered rows), read charts left to right.  When knitting in the round, read charts from right to left for all rows.chart-readingUsing colored pencils to highlight the different patterns in the chart can make your progress flow a bit more smoothly.Typically, patterns will never have you crossing your stitches on every row.  So you'll get a break from the stitch acrobatics for a row (or a few) before switching things up again.There is a stunning selection of FREE cabled patterns available on Ravelry.  You'll find hats, socks, scarves and more.We'd love to help get you started with cables.  We can even get you comfortable cabling without a needle!  Stop into the shop during our Community Knit Night hours from 6-8 pm on Tuesday evenings or spend some time with Jenny on Thursdays and Saturdays from noon to 1 pm.We'll help you begin comfortably knitting projects that will dazzle you, and amaze your friends!   

An abundance of shawls

Over the past couple of weeks, we've received several shawl samples that taken our breath away.  We'd like to share them with you as we know that the "shoulder seasons" of Spring and Fall are perfect for shawls.Here in the foothills of the Rockies, temperatures can shift dramatically within a day, and having an extra layer to drape around your shoulders can be welcome.  Even when heading into to the refrigerated aisles at the grocery store may be enough to make you want an extra little something.stac-shoaigh-02This work of art is Ysolda Teague's Stac Shoaigh shawl.  Our friend Kelly A  knit this up with Cheeky Merino Joy on a US 7 needle. Lovely, and such a breath of spring.Ysolda's patterns are beautifully crafted to ensure great results, and you can find special technique tips on Ysolda's blog page that can make this pattern approachable for even newer knitters!love of spiders 01Kelly also recently dropped off a shawl designed by one of our favorite shawl creators: Melanie Berg.  This version of The Love of Spiders Shawl was created with two skeins of Baah! La Jolla, a fingering weight yarn of 100% merino. yum!Beautiful work Kelly! Thank you for sharing it with us.campside-01The last shawl we want to share with you is this Campside Shawl that was knit up with 3 skeins of Anzula Cricket on a US 6 needle.  This FREE pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, but as you can see, it looks great knit up with the sport weight option we chose.  The lighter weight yarn selection may make the shawl more wearable throughout the year.Ravelry has close to 30,000 shawl patterns in its database, with new ones being added every day.  We can help you find one that speaks to you that can make the most of a yarn you'd like to work with.  We'd be delighted to help you get cast on this week for a project that will keep you comfortable all summer long! 

Last minute Easter bunnies

Every year we find ourselves eager to cast on for a few Bunny Nuggets.  This FREE pattern designed by Rebecca Danger is a very quick knit, ensuring that you could have a basketful before this weekend.bunny nuggetAnd to make it even easier to get started, Julie has put her selection of Angora yarn on sale at 50% off!bunny-nuget-saleThese soft and delightfully fuzzy balls of worsted weight Belangor include 33 yards of 100% Angora fiber.  This is more than enough for a nugget or two and could easily be incorporated into your stash for fun accents on future projects where a touch of luxury is called for.Stop on by while supplies last and get a few bunnies completed before next Sunday!

A dual purpose kit

We had some fun turning the yarn for our Peppberberry Audry Cowl kit into something new!peppberry-bias-2This luxurious cashmere yarn can knit up a stunning Colorblock Bias Blanket.  We used the mini skeins for our kit and Purl Bee's FREE pattern and created a lush garter stitch lap blanket that is as comforting as it is beautiful.Since this yarn is washable, it could easily be used as a baby blanket that will be lovingly cherished and become a family heirloom.LOVE!We invite you to come snuggle with this little blanket.  It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Make small yardage count

Loopy Mango makes really, really big yarn.  Their Big Loop is about as big as it comes, and boy, is it fun to play with.big-loop-01These beautiful balls are made of 10 ounces of merino yarn that amounts to just 31 yards and that is just enough for a fun quick knit that you'll be finishing faster than you can imagine.loopy-pillow-3Kimberly created a pillow with one of these balls of yarn that you can read more about here.  You can make a bulky hat.  A giant cowl.  Or what about a great big yarn bowl, made of yarn?You may find that you want one around the house as a conversation piece so that your guests are certain to ask about your favorite topic.big-loop-02We have patterns in the shop from Loopy Mango that you can browse for inspiration.  You will be delighted how quickly you can finish a project with this large luscious yarn.We can't wait to show you how much fun they are.

Garter stitch and a Mother's love

Could you imagine anything more comforting and warm?  Our friend Jenny recently finished a shawl for her daughter who is expecting.  And we just love how it turned out.  We can't imagine a more thoughtful gift.cranberryJenny knit up Marie Segares' FREE Easy Cranberry Shawl with about 2 1/2 skeins of Juniper Moon Moonshine on US 9 needles.  This delicious yarn includes a blend of 40% Wool, 40% Alpaca, and 20% Silk.  This will ensure a delightfully soft fabric that has a bit of shine that will ensure those cables pop with crisp clarity."This project is perfect for a novice shawl knitter because it is predominantly garter stitch and will not require much blocking to keep the fabric flat and even. The mirrored, plaited cables on the spine keep the shawl interesting and add a unique touch to the simple fabric."This could be an ideal intermediate project for a knitter eager to try their first cables.  Just think of it, those cables represent the only wrong side purl stitches in the entire project!  What fun!

A bit more time

Now that all of your gift knitting has been finished and delivered (even if it was wrapped up with the needles and a promise to be completed soon) we hope that you'll have time to knit for others that need your help.We collected underwear for under privileged elementary school children in our area earlier this month; and when Julie delivered these items to the schools, she learned from the principals that what the kids still need is mittens and gloves.  Without proper protection for their hands, the children can't play outside at recess.bulky-mittens-03We've found over 400 FREE patterns available on Ravelry that you could use to create a pair or two.  We hope that you'll take some time in the next several weeks to knit or crochet a pair of mittens or gloves for the little ones in Fort Collins that need warm hands.Julie will be collecting mittens and gloves for children ages 5- 12 until Friday January 15th, and to make this a little more fun, we will offer you 20% off a single item for your donation.We know that your time is precious, and we hope that as the new year starts you may have a few spare hours to make a difference that will warm your heart as well as some tiny fingers.

Just a week away

The US Dept. of Transportation seems to think that next week will be the busiest travel period of the year with 91% of the long distance traveling (over 50 miles) being done by car.So what will you be working on?We thought we'd share a couple of project ideas with you so that if you will be traveling next week, you can bring a project on your needles.Knitting has always helped us be more gracious and patient travelers, happily working through delays, traffic jams and other stressful scenarios.  The distraction that beautiful yarn and a simple stitch pattern provides can be welcome during weeks like the one that lies ahead.setzer1Kate recently finished a cowl that she knit almost entirely on the road.  Her Setzer cowl, designed by Jared Flood, uses a simple sequence of knit and purl rows to create a lush welted fabric that drapes beautifully.setzer2The shift in the rows that you see above creates a beautiful look and is achieved with a sequence of short rows that is carefully charted.  When Kate saw those charts she thought that she'd have to save the project for another time so that she wasn't juggling the pattern and her project on her lap in the passenger seat.However, she quickly realized that the pattern instructed her work to either two stitches after or before her previous wrapped stitch row and that was a very easy thing to keep track of.So her travel project continued and when she returned home she had just a few rows remaining before binding off!If your travel plans call for something even easier, you might want to consider working on a Baktus Scarf (which just requires knitting and increasing or decreasing) or a Gap-tastic Cowl (which calls for a seed stitch sequence of knits and purls).These two FREE patterns knit up spectacularly when knit up with variegated yarns.  The beautiful colors make the finished projects more complex and show-stopping with no extra effort on your part!Stop on by the shop this week and we'll find a great project for you to take with you on your travels next week.  Something that will make your week a bit more beautiful and a lot less stressful. 

Stitching for others

We are lucky.  Our passion and craft allows us to create useful, woolly garments and accessories.  When we knit for others, we can wrap friends, family and even strangers in warmth and our care.scarf-projectWe are delighted to be supporting the Warm Wishes Scarf Project.  This holiday season, we can all donate a hand crafted scarf to the collection that will hang at the FoCo Cafe.These scarves will be enjoyed by others in our community that could benefit from their warmth.  Anyone who would like a scarf can take one.  So we crafters have an opportunity to make something special for someone we may never meet.Julie has donated a special collection of all kinds of yarn for anyone interested in making a scarf for this project.  To help get you inspired, we have curated a small collection of fantastic FREE scarf patterns that we think will be as much fun to knit as they will be to wear:

  1. The Noro Striped Scarf from Jared Flood looks fantastic in almost any yarn selection.
  2. The Easy Winter Column Lace Scarf by Ratchadawan Chambers uses a lacy stitch pattern for a feminine look and has a youtube video link to ensure success.
  3. The Baktus designed by Strikkelise, and the Lacy Baktus designed by Terhi Montonen are both elegantly simple and a breeze to work.
  4. Wheat created by tincanknits will allow you to play with texture and make a scarf that is sure to be delightfully warm.
  5. The Irish Hiking Scarf by Adrian Bizilia can provide you with a chance to practice your cabling skills.
  6. And for those of you who want to kick it up a notch, try the brioche stitch with the Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf by Saralyn Harvey or Stephen West's Bundled in Brioche.

We hope that you'll find a pattern that appeals to you among the myriad available on Ravelry.  Let us know if we can help you with any unfamiliar techniques and be sure to stop in to pick up some yarn from the skeins that we have available for donation.It will be a pleasure to put our skills to use and ensure that our stitches warm someone in need this winter.

Join the fun!

What is a hatalong? Every other month, or so, Karen Templar of Fringe Association hosts an online knit-along with a new FREE hat pattern.  These fun patterns are quick knits that provide great tips and tricks to learn new techniques. 

Next week, on October 29th, she'll release the 5th pattern in this series and she has hinted that it involves cables!  What a fun way to try your hand at reading a chart or cabling without a needle.

She has indicated that the pattern calls for a single skein of the Fibre Co.'s Cumbria.


"It’s a worsted-weight blend of 60% Merino, 30% Masham and 10% Mohair. Merino, of course, is incredibly soft. Masham is a British longwool that’s a natural light grey, which creates really beautiful, muted colors when it’s overdyed. And the Mohair gives it a nice bloom when it’s blocked. So it’s a yarn with loads of touchability as well as great stitch definition."


We have a mouthwatering selection Cumbria in stock.  We hope that you can pop in before the pattern is released next week, so that you can participate in this knit along.  Give us a call if you'd like us to send a skein to you so you won't miss out.

We can all cast on over Halloween weekend and share our progress via Facebook and Instagram with #fringehatalong!