Get It While It Lasts!

Get It While It Lasts!

North Light Fibers is discontinuing their worsted weight Water Street and Atlantic yarns.  Never fear, the DKs will still be available! 

If you’ve been wanting some of this luscious yarn now is the time to get it before it’s all gone!  

Knitting Inspiration at My Sister Knits!

Knitting inspiration sometimes eludes us.  My Sister Knits is a superb place to come when you know what you want.  It's just as wonderful a place when you haven't the faintest idea of what you want to make next!Our shop is filled with inspiration!  The next time you just can't decide what it is that tickles your fancy, set aside an hour or two to come in and browse to your heart's delight.knitting inspirationStart with our samples.  Wander through both floors of the shop to see what catches your eye.  We have accessories:  hats, mittens, fingerless mitts, cowls, shawls, scarves and even a hot water bottle cover!  We have garments:  sweaters, socks, and ponchos.  We even have two racks of samples upstairs which are sometimes overlooked!All of our samples are meant to be picked up, examined, and tried on.  No need to ask, that's what they're for!My Sister KnitsWe also invite you to pull out skeins of yarn that call to you.  Fondle them, smell them, walk around the shop with them.  You'll know if they bring you joy!You may find an item that you'd prefer in a different color or maybe a different yarn.  You might wonder if you have the skills to create it.  We're there to help, encourage, and support you.  Please ask us!Knitting You'll find knitting inspiration in abundance at My Sister Knits!

A Reminder about By Hand Serial

We'd like to remind you that Andrea Hungerford, author and creative director of By Hand Serial will be at the shop on Saturday, January 26th.  We are thrilled to be featured in the latest edition and celebrating the launch!  We are also hosting the indie dyers featured in the magazine:  Nicole Clark of Hue Loco, Rachel Lundstrom of Six and Seven Fibers, and Dani Frisbie of Sunshine Yarns.  Their pop-up shops will be from 1 -3 on Saturday.Andrea is giving a lecture on all things yarn from 9 to noon and will be signing books from 1 - 3.  If you'd like to attend the lecture and/or the afternoon activities, please register online or call the shop at 970.407.1461.  More information can be found here.We hope to see you at this special event!

By Hand Serial Features My Sister Knits!

By Hand Serial is a lookbook that comes out three times a year featuring making communities in the U.S. and Canada.  This publication is a feast for the eyes!  The distinctive photography adds a beautiful photo journal quality to By Hand.By Hand serialLocal yarn shops and interviews with local artisans and knitwear designers are prominent in each issue along with a representation of regional arts and crafts.My Sister Knits is thrilled to announce that we are featured in the latest issue of By Hand Serial Lookbook No. 8:  Colorado's Front Range!  To celebrate, we have invited Andrea Hungerford, By Hand's author and creative director, to join us for the official launch on Saturday, January 26th!Andrea will give a lecture in the morning from 9 until noon.  From 1 until 3pm she will be signing books and chatting with our customers. Also from 1 until 3pm, the indie dyers featured in this issue of By Hand Serial will be at My Sister Knits with some of their yarn!Nicole Clark of Hue Loco, Rachel Lundstrom of Six and Seven Fibers, and Dani Frisbie of Sunshine Yarns will all be at the shop.  Dani does not wholesale her yarns, so this is a rare opportunity to purchase her yarn at My Sister Knits!

Andrea's Lecture

When Andrea was at the shop a few months ago, she talked about making sweaters and how to choose yarn that would work well with a specific pattern.  We loved hearing what she had to say and asked if she would like to share her knowledge when she came for the launch.  She graciously agreed and we are eager to provide this great learning opportunity for you!By HandHer lecture will include points to consider when choosing yarn for a sweater, including yarn construction and characteristics.  This is heady knowledge for yarny geeks and anyone who wants to successfully substitute yarn!   In addition, she'll talk about animal and plant fibers and the difference between woolen and worsted spun yarn.My Sister KnitsFor more detailed information, visit our workshop page here.  This lecture requires signing up by either visiting the link just provided or calling the shop at 970.407.1461.We hope to see you at My Sister Knits for the By Hand Serial launch on Saturday, January 26th!

Calling all Sock Knitters!

Sock knitters unite!  My Sister Knits is starting an extra-special Knit ALong (KAL) on Tuesday evening January 22nd from 6:00 until 7:30.  We will meet at the same time the following three Tuesdays, ending on February 12th.Julie and Ann are hosting our Snowshoe Sock KAL.  Everyone will be making this fun and engaging sock pattern from Emily Foden's book Knits About Winter.sock knittersWe are having so much fun knitting these socks in very different ways!  Our results are on display in the shop so come and see!  The possibilities are endless.  These socks are knit with two strands of fingering weight yarn.  These strands can be changed up in as many ways as your mind can imagine!Knits About Winter

Here's what you need to know if you'd like to share in the fun!

It's important to realize that this Snowshoe Sock Knit ALong is for experienced sock knitters only. The idea of a KAL is for a group of knitters to get together, knit the same item, and enjoy the camaraderie of the group.  This is  not a time for teaching although we will certainly support each other!Since this Knits About Winter pattern is only available in the book at this time, purchase of the book is necessary.  We have plenty of books available in the shop!  This beautiful book tells Emily's captivating story and is chock full of exquisite photography and enticing patterns.My Sister KnitsMaking the Snowshoe Socks allows you to be as creative as you'd like with your yarn selections.  We would like to propose a potluck of sorts.  We want everyone to be able to play with a selection of colors.  Towards that end, we encourage you to bring in your fingering/sock yarn scraps of at least 20 - 25 grams to share.  If you need us to wind your scrap yarn, please bring it in to My Sister Knits before the KAL starts.  That way we can be sure to have our yarn potluck ready to go for our first session.learn to knitOnly one of the two strands of yarn need to be fingering weight sock yarn with some nylon.  Anything goes for the second strand as long as it's fingering weight!  With our potluck of shared yarn, our choices will be so much fun and we will be able to play to our hearts' content!There is no fee for our Snowshoe Socks Knit ALong but please call to reserve a seat if you're planning to join us at 970.407.1461.We know this gathering of sock knitters is going to be a rousing good time!

Do You Use a Knitting Planner?

Are you a person who uses a knitting planner of some sort to keep track of  the details of every project?  Or are you like me (Jenny) and intend to do all that but never quite get around to it?knitting plannerRavelry is the first place that comes to mind when keeping track of projects.  I dearly love Ravelry and don't know what I'd do without it.  However, I must admit that my project pages are sorely lacking.  The idea of posting a project before it's finished is not at all appealing to me.  Plus, usually I'm so eager to start something that the last thing I want to do is take the time to post it.  Hence my issues with project chaos!A few months ago a post in my Instagram feed implored knitters to keep track of their projects.  This person was picking up a project after it had been hibernating for awhile.  She deeply regretted the lack of information she had kept. This has stuck with me.  The idea of finding a way to keep details of projects that suits me has been percolating ever since.knitting journalJanuary is a great time to bring some order to my knitting projects. Yes, I have  more than one going at a time!Evidently I'm not the only one with project chaos because there are several knitting planners available this year.  I think that I might like one that I can carry with me and jot down notes as needed.  I can transfer that information to Ravelry when I'm done.  If it takes me awhile to do that, I'll know where to look!Each planner has different organizational and recording components.  Due to my good intentions in the past, I own the two that My Sister Knits carries.  Finally I will try them out to see how they suit me!

Knitters Graph Paper Journal

I think it's kind of fun to write notes on graph paper!  This was designed by knitters and the graph paper is scaled to knit stitches' proportions so it's useful to chart designs. Helpful information can be found inside both covers also.  I like that this journal is a blank slate and I can fill the pages however I like.learn to knit

My Knitting Notes

This is a beautiful book by Laine with space for 31 projects.  Each project is given four pages:  the first one is for date started, pattern name, yarn and needles used, and a few other details; next is a lined page for notes followed by two blank pages.My Sister KnitsWhichever of these knitting planner systems I choose to use, I'll reserve a blank page at the beginning as a 'Table of Contents'.  The key to bringing order to my projects is to use the books! And, for me, the key to using them is to have them with me whenever I'm knitting.  Both of these are easy to carry along.I could also use any type of notebook or binder if I didn't want to invest in a planner.  Once I find a system that suits me, my next step is to figure out a way to keep my swatches organized so I can find them again!I'd love to know how and if you keep your project information organized and I invite you to comment below!         

My Sister Knits' Make a Hat Day!

My Sister Knits' Make a Hat Day is Saturday, December 15th from 11 - 4!  Join us for fun, frivolity, and some rare knitting time with no interruptions!We will provide soup, hot apple cider, and other yummy goodies including chocolate as an afternoon pick-me-up.  We will also toast our progress with a glass of bubbly at the end of the day!My Sister KnitsIf you're new to hat knitting, Jenny will be there to guide you through the process.  The only requirements are knowing how to knit and purl.  If you’d like to try a new technique on your hat, she will guide you through that also.  She’ll gladly be your ‘safety net’ for your hat project on that day!We have oodles of ideas and hats on display for your consideration.  We have ones that can be knit quickly and ones that require a bit more work.  What are you in the mood for?Hat KnittingYou are welcome to come to My Sister Knits that morning ready with your yarn and pattern.  Alternatively, you may come that morning, choose your pattern and your yarn, and then get started!

An RSVP is appreciated

It would help us plan for you if you could RSVP by Dec. 8th letting us know you're coming or even thinking about coming.  However, if you decide to join us at the last minute, please do so!My Sister Knits' Make a Hat Day

My Sister Knits' Annual Clothing Drive

My Sister Knits' Make a Hat Day would be a great time to bring in a donation for our annual clothing drive for Putnam and Irish elementary schools.  They are in dire need of sweat pants for the younger grades, socks, and girls' leggings in sizes 4 - 6.  These kiddos really have need of our generosity.“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.” —The Dalai Lama XIVWe hope to see you on Saturday, December 15th!

Two Fun October Knitting Classes!

My Sister Knits has a multitude of knitting classes in October and you can read about two of them here today!  Classes offer a supportive, friendly environment to learn new skills and make new fiber friends!

Lambing Mitts

One of the benefits of these mitts is the fact that they can be worn completely covering your fingers or folded back, to set those digits free!  These are knit with worsted weight yarn; the pattern suggests size 7 needles.These warm mitts knit up quickly with a garter rib pattern consisting of two rounds.  Round 1 is a P2 K2 pattern and Round 2 is knit all the stitches.  You will learn how to make a thumb gusset and how to finish the thumb.  This is reassuring practice for picking up stitches as there are only 10, 12, or 14 stitches to pick up, depending on your size!Lambing Mitts, designed by Veronika Jobe are marvelous gifts and the holidays will soon be upon us!Julie Conway will teach this two-session class on Saturdays Oct. 13th and 20th from 9am until 11am.Call the shop at 970.407.1461 or register online!

Wanderers - Mukluk Slipper Socks

Our winter prediction is for cold and snowy weather.  After all, we do live in Colorado at the foothills of the Rockies! These mukluk slippers, designed by Andrea Mowry, will keep your feet cozy and warm!They are knit with two colors of worsted weight yarn and the pattern suggests size 8 needles.  Kelly will teach this knitting class and her only requirement is that you know how to knit in the round!  She will teach you everything else you need to know complete these cozy slipper socks!This two-part class is offered on Tuesdays Oct. 16th and 23rd from  6pm to 8pm.  Your feet will thank you for making these!Again, call the shop at 970.407.1461 or register online for this class!Both of these knitting classes have a class limit of six people to ensure everyone gets the help they need! 

The Perfect Beginner Colorwork Cowl!

We posted about our upcoming Ninilchik Swoncho class a few weeks ago.  We suggested that it would be a good beginner colorwork project.  It is knit with worsted weight yarn and larger needles than many colorwork projects.beginner colorworkHowever, if you can't take the class or don't want to commit to a project the size of the swoncho, we have something else for you!  The Flying Geese Cowl is on display at My Sister Knits.  You should come in and take a close look at it.  Mary Jane Mucklestone, a superb designer of colorwork knitting patterns, says that her Flying Geese Cowl is a 'stellar first stranded colorwork project'.It uses Aran weight yarn and suggests size 9 needles for the bulk of the cowl, making for a fairly quick knit.  Size 8s are used for the final 1 1/2" of ribbing.  There are only 36 rows in addition to the top and bottom ribbing!This pattern is only one page long, including the easy to read and follow colorwork chart!  Flying Geese has a gradient background which adds an interesting detail to the cowl.  Still, it could easily be made with one color for the background if you prefer.  Mary Jane states how many yards are needed for each color.  That makes it easy to go stash diving if you have any aran weight left-overs!colorwork knitting patternsThe more we look at this cowl, the more we like it with the gradient background!  There will be enough yarn left over for a pair of fingerless mitts or mittens!  We can help you find a plain pattern and use stripes for a cowl/mitt set that blends but isn't matchy-matchy.If you'd like to change out the colors but aren't sure which to use, there are a couple of things you can do.  We love playing with colors and would be happy to help you!  The other thing you can do is go to the Ravelry project page to find inspiration by looking at all the projects there.My Sister KnitsMary Jane has a great video that demonstrates how to knit with two colors, whether you knit English or Continental.  If you don't know what which way you knit, she'll explain that, too!If you need help or encouragement, you can stop by the shop during our Fearless Knitting times, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 - 1.  We'll gladly help you anytime but those times have a person dedicated to only helping people who come in! Otherwise you might have to wait.We encourage you to take a look at this truly beginner colorwork project!  The color combinations are endless; come into the shop and play with them! local yarn shop

Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl Time!

The 2018 Hot August Knits yarn crawl is upon us!  Starting Saturday, July 28th and running through Sunday, August 12th, this is the highlight of many a knitter's summer!Hot August Knits Yarn CrawlThe yarn crawl is so much fun!  You'll meet other crawlers, compare experiences, and find treasures in each shop.  Beautiful scenery will delight your eyes and perhaps you will find a favorite new spot for lunch or coffee.  Your brain will be full of knowledge about the local yarn shops in our region as you return home from your southern Wyoming/northern Colorado yarn crawl!

General Yarn Crawl Details:

Complete information can be found on the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl website.There are two ways to get your Passport which will be stamped at each shop.  You can download it from the website or get one from My Sister Knits and other participating shops.  If you get stamps from all participating shops (no purchase necessary), you will leave your Passport at the last shop to be entered to win one of 8 grand prize baskets!  One basket is on display at each shop.  Your completed passport will also enter you into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate that each shop is offering!Official souvenir Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl bags will be available for purchase at each shop.yarn crawl northern Colorado

My Sister Knits Yarn Crawl Details:

We are opening at 9am Saturday, July 28th to kick things off.  To celebrate, we have specials such as 40% off select yarns!  Be sure to look for the signs in the shop!Colorful Eclectic, based in Golden, Colorado, has created an exclusive colorway for us, available only during the yarn crawl.  When it's gone, it's gone.  It's name?  Sister:  Keeper of Secrets! Perfect for My Sister Knits! In addition, Liz has provided mini skeins that complement our colorway.The first 200 people in the door will get a limited release pin featuring one of the famous My Sister Knits chickens!We will have a drawing on two Saturdays, August 4 and 11 for a prize.  Get your ticket at the shop, write down your name and phone number and enter it in the drawing.  It's as simple as that, no purchase necessary!My Sister KnitsGather your friends or come alone, plan your Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl adventure, and look for the yarn-bombed tree!  We can't wait to see you! Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl 

Garter Tab Cast On Success!

The garter tab cast on is used to begin a top down triangular shawl.  It gives the shawl a professional appearance because it creates a smooth, seamless edge with no dip in the middle that some triangular shawls have.With that said, a garter tab cast on can be an exercise in frustration because you aren't sure you're doing it right.  We are here today to show you an easy, fool-proof way to work it!There are several tutorials online describing a few ways of working this cast on.  Some suggest a provisional cast on - for three stitches!  That is not necessary!  Only one of the many tutorials suggest the magic trick to make working the garter tab cast on a pleasure and we're sharing it with you today.Usually this cast on starts with 3 stitches so that's what we'll work with.Garter Tab Cast OnNow, here is the all important next step!  This one will save you from bafflement, vexation, and tearing out of hair.  This is the where the magic is!  Gather 3 locking stitch markers and place one on each of the cast on stitches.  Just the stitches, not around your needle.Garter Tab Shawl StartLeave them there and knit 6 rows of garter stitch.  Next you'll need to pick up and knit 3 stitches from the side of your work (see below).  Most directions say to pick up the purl bumps in the garter ridges.  This is possibly a problematic step because sometimes the purl bumps aren't obvious.  Thank goodness Stephen West suggests merely picking up anywhere along this side as long as you end up with three picked up stitches and a total of six stitches on your needles!  Who are we to argue with internationally known and respected designer and teacher Stephen West??To pick up and knit, insert your needle into the purl bump or wherever you've chosen, wrap your working yarn around it as if to knit and draw it through.  One stitch has been created.My Sister KnitsYou'll end up with a  piece that looks much like the one above.  The last step is when you will be immensely thankful you learned about the 'magic markers'.  You're almost done with your garter tab shawl start!  Only three more stitches to go. Better Garter Tab Cast OnGrab the first marker and pull it up.  You will immediately see the stitch to put your needle through!knitting tutorialsPick up and knit into that stitch.  Do the same thing with the other two stitches.  The markers make this step, which can be the most formidable of all, a breeze!Fort Collins yarn storeAnd, voila, you have a garter tab cast on!  Now is the time to celebrate with wild abandon!  You've done it!  Successfully, easily, and with joy!We at My Sister Knits cannot take credit for this amazingly magic trick, we can only spread the word.  This technique comes from Kelbourne Woolens and we are so glad they thought of using lockable markers as it has made our world much easier!Among the designers who use this cast on are Stephen West, Andrea Mowry, Martina Behm, and Ysolda Teague. If you do a search of their designs you're sure to see shawls you recognize!To search for designs using this technique on Ravelry go to Patterns and click on 'pattern browser & advanced search'.  In the Category box, choose accessories, Neck/Torso, and finally Shawl/Wrap.  Then Scroll down the category boxes on the left side of the screen until you find 'more search options'.  From here, select 'pattern notes', type in 'garter tab cast on' and hit 'apply'.  There are 617 pages of shawls with garter tab cast ons!Your next step is to come to the shop, choose a luscious yarn, and get started! knitting fort collins

The Farmers Daughter Fibers

The Farmers Daughter FibersOne of our most recent discoveries has been the beautiful yarns from The Farmers Daughter Fibers. Candace English who owns and operates the business has been wonderful to work with and we love seeing her yarns on our shelves every day.

We currently stock two bases, Foxy Lady and Squish. Foxy Lady is a beautiful single ply fingering weight yarn composed of 70% merino wool and 30% silk.

Squish is a 100% superwash merino worsted weight yarn. Both yarns are currently in stock and come in a variety of wonderful hand dyed colors.Both weights will be beautiful knit up as shawls, shawls, cowls and more! About Candace EnglishCandace English is the owner and operator of The Farmers Daughter Fibers, and she was born and raised in Montana. She draws inspiration from her Native American roots, having grown up just outside of the Blackfeet Reservation, as well as her ranching and farming background.In addition to running The Farmers Daughter Fibers, Candace has begun putting on a Montana Mountain Retreat which will surely be a beautiful experience!Next time you are in the shop, take a look at our selection of The Farmers Daughters Fibers and pick up a skein or two! 

Have a Knitting Adventure!

Do you ever think of having a knitting adventure?  Are you ever not quite sure how something will turn out but you forge ahead anyway, putting your faith in the pattern and/or designer?My Sister Knits, local yarn shop, Fort Collins, colorwork, stranded knittingAdventure is defined as an unusual and exciting experience; the encountering of risks; a wild and exciting undertaking!  The two concepts of ‘knitting’ and ‘adventure’ are rarely thought of together but it makes total sense to us knitters and crocheters!  Every time we start a new project we are embarking on an adventure! Even more so if we have the courage, determination, and faith in ourselves to try something new.  The nice thing for knitters and crocheters is that there isn’t an abundance of risk involved.  The worst that can happen is that we need to rip back and start anew.  That may be plenty of risk for us but, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t much.  Our level of adventure lies in our experience with what we’re doing.  For a newbie, following a pattern is an intimidating experience.  The heady feeling of accomplishment when finishing your first pattern gives you the confidence to try another one!Have you always loved lacy shawls but your lack of practical knowledge of charts and increases and decreases has given you pause?  We encourage you to decide to embark on a ‘wild and exciting undertaking’ and choose a project!  Perhaps one that has a lace edging and not an all-over lace pattern to whet your whistle!  Here is a post that gives explicit guidance for your first lace chart.How about cables?  A sweater? A new texture pattern? How about something that requires knitting in the round like a cowl or hat?For support, we have classes, Fearless Knitting drop in help on Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 - 1, and we are always more than happy to help you at any time.  There is a plethora of helpful websites for when you can’t get to the shop.  Jenny always found that she needed help at 5:15 on a Saturday so she became familiar with many online resources!  Some of our favorites are Knitting Help, Knit Purl Hunter, Knit Freedom, and Very Pink.  Google what you need help with and you’ll find plenty of articles and videos to choose from!  Start your next project with a spirit of adventure; encounter risks and have yourself an ‘unusual and exciting experience’!  We’d love to hear about it along the way!

Thanksgiving, 2017

"What if, today, we were thankful for everything?"  Charlie BrownMy Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Colorado, local yarn shop, Thanksgiving We at My Sister Knits want to wish everyone a thanks-filled Thanksgiving!  Our hearts are overflowing as we remind ourselves to be aware of both the large and small things we appreciate on a daily basis.  From good health in our families to the way an autumn leaf catches the sun and everything in between, we are thankful for the goodness in our lives! My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Thanksgiving We are also thankful for what knitting brings to us......a community of  supportive, encouraging people; beautiful yarn that we love, whether it's as soft as cashmere or a sturdy rustic one; a sense of wonder and excitement as we start a new project; and the list goes on and on!We hope that you are able to squeeze a bit of knitting into your day!My Sister Knits, shop local, yarn shop fort collins 

Make a Gift Day on Friday, December 1st!

Sunday, December 3rd is National Make a Gift Day!  Those of us who love working with yarn most often love making things for others. It’s heartwarming to think of the recipient as we create, pouring love into each stitch. My Sister Knits is celebrating Make a Gift Day on Friday, Dec. 1st from 10am until 5pm.  We had so much fun on Make a Hat Day in September that we are doing it again!  We will have breakfast pastries, we’ll order in lunch and we’ll celebrate our accomplishments with a glass of champagne at the end of the day!

 Marshmallow Mitts by Tin Can Knits, using YOTH Daughter.

 We have chosen several patterns that are quick to knit up, and beautiful as well, ranging from cowls to mitts and hats. Even if you can't sit and knit with us for long, come in on December 1st and pick up some patterns and yarn to get knit up before the holidays!

Fern Lace Cowl, knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

We look forward to helping you pick out a few quick knits on December 1st!

How and Why to Knit With Cooling Linen

Our hottest months are upon us and knitting with wool can leave our hands and lap sticky and damp, even in air conditioning.  The solution?  Having an adventure with linen or cotton!  Today the subject is linen; watch for cotton coming soon!Fort Collins - Yarn Shop - Knitting with LinenLinen is the perfect yarn to use, and creates the perfect fabric to wear, during hot weather.  It actually helps keep you cool!  For detailed information, read this blog post by Elizabeth Doherty who is coming to My Sister Knits to teach in November!Knitting with Linen - My Local Yarn Shop - Fort Collins, CO Linen creates a fluid fabric that softens with washings and can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer!  The dryer's tumble action helps transform the fibers into a wonderfully soft and supple fabric.   Be sure to make a swatch and launder it the same way your finished project will be laundered because the finished gauge will no doubt change!Linen Knitting - My Sister Knits - Northern Colorado Yarn ShopIf you'd like to try softening a finished linen knit, handwash and dry it and then put it in the dryer on air-dry to soften.Knitting with Linen - Fort Collins Knitting Shop - My Sister KnitsLinen's characteristics are what give it its casually sophisticated look:  your stitches will not be uniform, your finished project will wrinkle, and the slightly biased fabric that may be created is just fine.  You will end up with a cool, elegant garment with plenty of drape that will be worn again and again!Knitting with Linen - My Sister Knits - Fort Collins, Colorado Tips for knitting with linen:

  1.  Plan to go down a needle size or two because it creates a slightly larger stitch.
  2. Use a longer cable than usual because linen stitches don't compress like animal fibers.
  3. The texture of wooden needles may help even out your stitches.
  4. Work from the outside of the ball.
  5. Join a new ball of yarn at an inconspicuous spot such as the side; knit a few stitches with the old yarn and new yarn held together to secure the new yarn.
  6. Use point protectors to keep your stitches on the needles since they can slide off easily.

A summer knitting adventure with linen is just the thing to solve those sweaty hand blues!If you'd like to make a summery linen shawl instead of the tees we linked to, or a different tee, we will be happy to help you find a pattern you love! 

Ooh La! La!

Once upon a time there was a young woman in France; Normandy, to be exact. This young mother of three wanted to knit a pair of socks.  She searched high and low for the ideal color she had in mind.  Alas, it was nowhere to be found.The young woman, who has a background in textile design, decided to dye some yarn for herself.  Then she dyed more, and still some more.Since she loves to make her yarn early in the morning, she named it Tot le Matin (early in the morning!).Now our heroine has a profusion of yarn in both bold and gentle colors that she loves but she does not have time to knit the socks!Tot le Matin yarn is only available in three shops in the US and My Sister Knits is proud to be one of them!Plan to come in to see Lauriane's gorgeous colorways before they disappear as quickly as early morning peace turns into late morning bedlam!

The Perfect Beginner Lace Shawl!

Zoe has knit a stunning sample of Heidi Alander's Satakieli shawl using Tukuwool, our new yarn from Finland.  It's lightweight, airy and you hardly know you have it on!This shawl is terrific for someone looking for a beginning lace project because it's combined with restful garter stitch!  The lace pattern is made with yarn overs and a 'slip one stitch, knit 2 together and then pass the slipped stitch over and off the needle' combination (sl1-k2tog-psso).  That's it!  We'll be  happy to help you!Heidi's lace chart is large and easy to read.One way to make lace charts clearer is to color code each symbol with a separate color and then color in the chart.  It's the only way some of us can keep track of where we are without having all those black and white symbols run together!Another way to keep track on a lace chart is to put a piece of highlighter tape above the row you're working on.  Putting it above the row allows you to see what you've done and it's easy for your eyes to focus on the row just below the tape.  Fold each short edge under just a bit to make it easier to move the tape when you're done with a row.Use those two tricks together and chart reading is a breeze!A problem that crops up from time to time is when a designer misuses the word 'repeat'.  In this case, Heidi's instructions are to 'repeat rows 1- 18 once'.  That's exactly what Zoe did; she worked them once and then worked them again for a total of 36 rows.  Heidi actually meant to work those rows only once.  However, this was a lucky mistake because we like the shawl much better with twice the amount of lace!Kimberly, Zoe and Jenny had fun putting together some different color combinations using several brands of yarn.  All of these would make lovely shawls.  

Have You Found Our Half Price Sale Nook?

Upstairs at My Sister Knits, tucked into a cozy corner under the eaves, you will find an incredible little space full of a wide selection of notions, bags, and yarn, all half price! Right now there treasures such as ..........    You're going to want to check out this space every time you come into the shop; you never know what you might find!We have fun helping you find the perfect pattern for your yarn, no matter the size of your project, so please ask if you'd like some assistance.  We have the world of Ravelry at our fingertips and we love to play with it!

Join Us in Celebrating Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

On Saturday, June 10th, knitters all over the world will gather to knit in public!We will come out of our homes and flock to coffee shops, restaurants, sporting events, anywhere there are unknown people and we will pull out our WIPs and we will bravely knit in front of everyone!We will show the world that people of all types cherish this craft of ours - old, young, women, men, literally everyone!Worldwide Knit it Public Day began in 2005 and it's always the second Saturday in June.  There are registered events from Guinea to the Philippines to New Zealand to Luxembourg and all points in between!Gather with us as My Sister Knits celebrates this international knitting event; we will knit away in our garden from 10am until 3pm and refreshments will be offered.Yes, we realize this isn't exactly out in public; it's part of our Knitting in the Garden series this summer.  We challenge you to gather your courage to pull out your needles and yarn in our 'safe zone' and then move on to a more public place!You never know how you might influence a stranger to take up knitting, perhaps someone who needs it in their life.We hope to see you Saturday!

What Else Can Be Found at My Sister Knits?

Everyone knows that My Sister Knits has a rich profusion of yarns and needles available.  Follow along as we take you on a photo journey of some of the other items that can be found in the shop!Twig and Horn's Wool Interchangeable Needle Case, cut and sewn in Maine, is a topnotch durable case ready to go anywhere!These paper goods are from Rowan Morrison, a Micro-Publisher based in Portland, Oregon.  Their products are for the most part made with recycled papers, produced locally in small runs.  We have three for you to choose from; all of them fun to use to take notes on your knitting, grocery lists, or anything else you might like to keep track of!Our 'A little burst of lovely' small project bag from Firefly Notes is too darling to resist!  Sandy Bahrich, owner of this small company in Vancouver, B.C., makes distinctive gifts inspired by "our history", to quote her.These beautifully made little tins with tops that slide are also from Firefly Notes.Top left is one of local craftsman Jerry Ertle's handmade yarn bowls that are treasures in themselves.To the right is the Snap n Go notions case from Exchanging Fire in Pennsylvania that many of us find indispensable.On the bottom are examples of the captivating new Jesabelle B. notion cases we have from Montreal.  They open up into a dear little tray!  We also have some Jessabelle B. wristlet project bags that hang on your arm and act as to-go yarn bowls!The story behind her project bags is one of family heritage. Her grandmother gave her one made by her great grandmother and called it a 'knit pocket'.  Jessabelle made a stronger version because she wanted to save her original one.  She put it online to see if anyone else might like to have one and the rest is history!Next on our journey are Swedish dishcloths that replace paper towels and sponges.  One of these replaces 17 rolls of paper towels!  There are countless designs and they can be washed in the machine and air dried.Lastly on our tour, we have candles and wool soap.We have two kinds of hand poured soy candles; soy wax allows for a very clean burn. Wax and Wool, scented with delicate essential oils, are made in the Pacific Northwest.  Denver made Rosy Rings candles have scents such as Tilled Earth, Tomato Vine, and Flannel Flower which can be a bit heartier than Wax and Wool.Twig and Horn Wool Soap is made with lanolin and a variety of oils that leave your handknits clean and refreshed.We invite you to come into the shop with plenty of time to browse our products in addition to yarn!