Winter is coming

I am in love with the fun new scarf I am working on!scarfThe color is fabulous and it is so very soft. I can't wait to to finish and wear it. The yarn is Shibui Maai and Staccato held together to make an aran weight  yarn. The pattern is Facade. Happy knitting!

November Knits: Derecho

This summer, Dawn created Derecho, a beautiful garter stitch shawl designed by Laura Aylor to introduce Sunshine Yarns’ Luxury Sock yarn.  This delicious yarn is one of the five new Sunshine yarns that were added to our stock in August.  Sunshine yarns is a local company based in the canyons just west of Boulder, and we love having something so special to offer our customers who are eager to support small Colorado businesses like ours.Dani's Luxury Sock yarn is created with a blend of super wash merino, cashmere and a touch of nylon for strength.  It is a treat to work with.  We love her yarns because Dani is a local gal, but more importantly, she is a master of color and these skeins just glow with her beautiful hues.  As you can see, she can even make three shades of grey luminous with interesting contrast. derecho 03The dynamic stripes of this shawl highlight those colors beautifully.  And they are a great way to play with color for beginner knitters who may not be ready to tackle a complex lace project.  The pattern makes the garter stitch project more sophisticated and complicated looking than it is to knit.  We think it is the perfect project for a holiday knit.As a special gift to you, we have recreated a limited quantity of kits in a stunning spring color way that are available for $75.  By splitting skeins for the contrasting colors, these kits save you the cost of a skein of yarn!  We hope that you can stop by the shop to take a look at Dawn's beautiful shawl and check out the kits we have available before they fly off the shelves!

November Knits: Jul Hat

Jenny Gordy has designed some beautiful hat patterns.  We wanted to introduce you to her designs as part of our holiday knit series because the sample that Theresa created for the shop is terrific. jg 02This is the Jul hat.  Theresa created this with a single skein of the Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino that the pattern calls for.  “This is the stuff yarn dreams are made of. A single-ply structure that allows your stitches to strut their stuff paired with a delicious, delicate halo that begs to be worn against your skin. It’s not fair, really. Heaven to knit and exquisite to wear? We’re powerless to resist this yarn’s charms!”We love how the softness of the yarn pairs with the slouchy comfort of the finished hat.  It is a perfect project option for advanced beginners; giving you a chance to follow a simple stitch pattern while working in the round, decreasing and switching to double pointed needles as the circumference shrinks towards the top of the hat.Blue Sky has many beautiful colors to choose from and this DK yarn may just move to the top of your favorites list when you get a chance to work with it.

November Knits: Setzer

Another cowl?  You betcha!  Cowls came into fashion last winter, and are still some of our most popular projects.  We all love how quick they are to work up and how comforting they are to wear.Today’s holiday project suggestion is Setzer, a great accessory pattern from Jared Flood.  This pattern offers some fun challenges with short row shaping that makes the welting rows shift, providing soft texture reminiscent of moving water or shifting sand.  The finished cowl has beautiful weight and drape. setzer 02Setzer can be knit up in two sizes.  Our shop sample is the larger of the two. Amelia knit it up with a couple of skeins of Imperial Yarn’s Erin.We are thrilled to offer this soft worsted weight merino, in part because the yarn is so much fun to work with, and in part because of the exciting news that was released last week: Imperial Stock Ranch will be supplying Ralph Lauren with the yarn to be used for the 2014 US Olympic Team Sweaters.  Check out the video for more information.We hope that you can stop in this week to check out today’s project suggestion and let us help you find some yarn to recreate it.

November Knits: Contemporary Hat

When we introduced Sunshine Yarns’ Merino Sport this August during our Anniversary week, we introduced you to the Contemporary hat pattern created by Veera Välimäki.  This beautiful slouch hat is just part of the material included in the pattern.  A matching cowl pattern is included giving you a stunning set to knit and gift! sunshine sport kitWe knit our shop sample up with a single skein of Dani’s beautiful yarn and we have a great selection of beautiful colors in stock for you to choose from.  You could also use another favorite of ours: Anzula Cricket.  Both yarn options are machine washable and wonderfully soft and luxurious to the touch.  You may want to knit more than one!

November Knits: Guernsey Triangle

Last week week we suggested the Fledgling Featherweight as a fun project for a kiddo knit that will add some sparkle to your holidays.  This week we’d like to offer a project suggestion that will add some soft luxurious sparkle for you. guernsey triangle 01Helen in Boulder knit up a version of Brooklyn Tweed’s Guernsey Triangle from their BT Winter 13 collection published at the beginning of the year. guernsey triangle 02This beautiful shawl was created by holding a strand of Anzula Nebula together with a strand of Shibui Silk Cloud.  The extra softness provided by the silk and mohair blend adds a gentle halo of fiber that is hard to resist snuggling into.We think that this shawl will be the perfect accessory to dress up your holiday finery, or will be a keepsake gift that will be treasured by those on your list who  love a touch of sparkle.  Stop on by this month to see the full selection of mouthwatering colors that are available in both yarns.

November Knits: Rosebud

Brooklyn Tweed is one of our favorite sources for beautiful patterns.  And Jared Flood, the designer behind the brand creates some of the best.  This beautiful cabled hat is no exception.  And we think that it would be a perfect choice for a holiday knit. rosebudThis is Rosebud. Katie knit this up with a skein of Swans Island Natural Colors Merino Worsted.  Each skein of this ultra soft organic merino 3 ply worsted yarn has 250 yards giving you more than enough to do either version of the pattern (slouch or beanie).We love this pattern because it combines  easy reverse stockinette and a chunky cable.  These elements provide for some visual interest as well as a not too tricky challenge for knitters eager to cast of for a project that will be both interesting and quick.We have some beautiful colors in the Swans Island Worsted, as well as some other suggestions if you'd prefer a superwash option.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

November Knits: Purl Bee Ombre Cowl

We have another fun kit to share with you inspired by the Purl Bee design team.  Earlier this fall, the folks at Purl Soho published a FREE pattern for the Ombre Cowl.  We all are hooked on the beautiful look of ombre knits; and this pattern is one of the best that we’ve seen among those available right now on Ravelry. ombrepurlThis pattern cunningly combines three different yarns and three different needles to create a gradual shifting of color and gauge that is as eye-catching as it is a pleasure to wear.  The DK weight base practically dissolves into a halo of lace that feathers the face with soft color.These cowls typically require a half skein of yarn.  We have kitted several colors up to pass that savings on to you, but if you select your own colors from our shelves you’ll have enough yarn to make two cowls, one for yourself and another for someone on your gift list. ombre cowl kitsThe kits that we have available range in price from $35 to $45 depending on the yarns selected.  We hope that you can stop by this month to see the colors we have available, and try on the samples we have in the shop.  We think that this cowl should be your must-knit project before the holidays.

November Knits: Purl Bee Lovely Ribbed Cowl

We occasionally come across a pattern that is such a pleasure to knit that we can’t stop with just one.  Theresa found just such a pattern last month, and has been hooked on the Purl Bee Lovely Ribbed Cowl.  She has been experimenting with several different yarns, and each version is worthy as a gift for any one at the top of your list.This simple ribbed cowl is a pleasure to work in the round requiring no counting after your cast on and first row.  I love projects that allow me to work without much thought, simply knitting what I see.  These are perfect for end of day knitting when you’re a bit tired, or distracted by a TV program.  We meet many knitters looking for simple things to keep their hands busy during sports games this time of year. purl ribbed cowlWe have a sample in the shop made from two skeins of Blue Sky Suri Merino, and another knit up with tosh merino DK.  She is currently working on a version of the cowl using a strand of Anzula Cricket held  together with a strand of Shibui Silk Cloud.  Wow.There is nothing we'd like better than to find a yarn for you to use for this project.  Finding fun colors is our favorite past time in the shop.  Stop on by this month to take a look a Theresa's beautiful cowls, and let's get you started on one of your own!

November Knits: The Man Hat

Gift knitting can be a tricky thing.  Stephanie Purl McPhee (aka the Yarn Harlot) has a wonderful blog and has published a number of very funny books in which she describes in detail the importance of knitting only for friends and loved ones who are “knit-worthy”.  These are people who can appreciate the time you’ve invested in creating the gift; and perhaps more importantly, can properly care for the gift, ensuring that it doesn’t become a felted lump of wool.Even among the knit-worthy on your holiday gift list, you may have a gentleman who is as finicky as my husband, and trying to find a pattern that he would want to wear can be close to impossible.  This hat is one that fits the bill. man hat This is Haven Leavitt’s Man Hat.  Dawn knit up our shop sample with a bit less than a single skein of Swans Island’s Natural Colors Merino Bulky.  This is one of our favorite organic yarn options, in part because the story of the yarn paints such a romantic picture:“This is a 100% organic merino wool dyed in a 1790’s farmhouse located in Maine using only natural dyes. The subtle variegations of tone are achieved by using time-honored traditions of natural dying. Small batches of skeins are dipped by hand into vats, with each distinctive lot being carefully crafted by our dyer. Since each batch is unique, the colors will vary slightly from lot to lot.”This FREE pattern is a great option for a manly gift idea.  It can be knit up in an afternoon for last minute additions to your gift list.  We have some beautiful colors of yarn for you to choose from.And for those of you eager to gift this to someone not likely to hand wash it, the hat looks great when knit up with Berocco Vintage Chunky.  This superwash option will make the hat machine washable, and at just $9 a skein it is an easy investment.Give us a call at the shop at 970-407-1461 and we can get several skeins on their way to you right away.

November Knits: Fledgling Featherweight

Who doesn’t like a little sparkle around the holidays?  We think that holiday knits are the perfect projects for Anzula Nebula.  And just about any little princess on your gift list would fall in love with a special sweater knit up with this. 10013276694_8928ac8f90_z

This new addition to the Anzula collection combines the wonderful softness of their carefully selected Merino with a touch of fun sparkle.  Each 115 gram skein has a generous 400 yards of fingering weight yarn. fledgling_medium2We love the way that our samples are knitting up with this yarn.  This is Hannah Fettig’s Fledgling Featherweight.  This darling cardigan was a quick knit for Julie, and it used up just a single skein of yarn.  We have an amazing spectrum of colors for you to choose from, so that you can make a very special sweater that will be the hit of every holiday party this season.We hope that you can stop in soon to check this out.

November Knits: Shibui Cliff Hat

The Shibui Mixology event that we held at the shop last week was fun as well as inspiring.  Sandy Barnes got all of us excited about multi-strand knitting and we hope that some of the new Shibui patterns will get you as interested in casting on as we are. pebble 02Today we want to introduce you to the Cliff Hat, a FREE pattern recently designed by Shellie Anderson.  She has created a beautiful collection of patterns that all use Shibui’s newest lace weight yarn: Pebble.  This yarn is made with a nubby textured and yet beautifully soft blend of 48% recycled Silk, 36% Merino, and 16% Cashmere.  “Separate plies of each fiber retain their distinctive characteristics, but blend into a beautifully cohesive yarn flecked with complex tonal colors.”And those tonal colors look terrific in the stunning color work of this pattern.  We love the warm Autumn richness of the sample we have in the shop, but we've also helped customers play with the blues and greys available in our selection.  We've even had someone chose stunning blues and greens from the selection of colors we have available in Staccato.  (This fingering weight silk and wool blend can be substituted for the pattern as it calls for the lace weight pebble to be held double through out.)We think this beautiful hat could be a stunning holiday gift. We hope that you can stop into the shop to see the sample, take a peak at the pattern, and all the breathtaking Shibui colors that you could play with.

November Knits: Colorblock Handwarmers

We have been thinking about holiday knits at the shop since May.  Not that we had the discipline to cast on ourselves for gifts that early in the year, but we wanted to be prepared with some great gift ideas for those of you out there that do like to starting your holiday knitting early.For the rest of us, the clock may start ticking this month.  With the deadline looming just a few weeks away, we thought we’d share some of favorite patterns with you in the hopes that you might find some inspiration. image_medium2One of the most popular kits we created this year at My Sister Knits is the Purl Bee Colorblock Handwarmers.  We were inspired by the stunning color array that Dani of Sunshine yarns delivered to us this August, and we created four beautiful color schemes that flew off our shelves. IMG_1493_edited-1We have recreated a limited supply of these $35 kits for your holiday knitting, featuring four mini skeins of Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock Yarn. The kits make a terrific gift for a knitter, or can be knit up in a weekend for a friend on your list that would appreciate a hand made gift.  (The handwarmers will be machine washable when knit up with this yarn so you can be sure that they will be a useful and an easy to care for gift.)Give us a call at 970-407-1461 so that we can set aside a kit for you, or ship it to you for FREE.  These are sure to be even more popular as holiday gifts, and our limited supply won't last long.

Christmas in November: Rikke Hat

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us again.  We have all kinds of great project ideas for fun holiday gifts that will be a pleasure to knit.  Keep your eyes on this blog as starting on November first, we'll be publishing a new project every day for twelve days of holiday knitting: November Knits. rikke2This month's project is Rikke, a casual slouch hat designed by Sarah Young.  This garter stitch hat is a quick knit and a perfect gift for just about everyone on your list.  It can be knit up with a single skein of madelinetosh Merino DK.  We have a stunning selection of colors in stock right now, and the pattern is a FREE ravelry download!  If you'd prefer to pick up a copy in the shop, the pattern and yarn is just $24. rikke1For those of you that haven't tried knitting hats, we have an introductory class designed just for you.  Join Julie C. for two sessions in which you will learn pattern reading, working in the round, a fun technique that can help you knit garter stitch in the round, and shaping.During your first evening, you’ll walk through the pattern and get cast on for your hat.  You’ll have some homework to do, because during the second class, you’ll learn shaping techniques and how to decrease within pattern.  Time permitting, you’ll finish your hat and have a beautiful slouchy accessory to wear home!Call us as soon as possible to register! 970-407-1461.