Shibui Knits at Interweave Yarn Fest!

Shibui Knits, the epitome of elegant yarn, will be featured in My Sister Knits’ booth at Interweave Yarn Fest this weekend, March 28th - 30th!

Sandy Barnes of Shibui Knits will be at our booth along with the entire Spring 19 collection which you are welcome to try on!  She will be happy to discuss all things Shibui and help you choose the best yarn for your intended project. 

Ritual Dyes Yarn

My Sister Knits has the good luck to be one of only five yarn shops to carry Ritual Dyes yarn!  This is a brand new line of yarn from Rachel Bratcher of Portland, Oregon.Rachel has developed two yarn lines that are quite diverse.  One is completely from the United States and dyed with natural plant dyes, producing gorgeous soft colorways.  The other is sourced outside of the United States but is dyed in-house, producing deeply saturated and ever-so-subtly speckled colorways.

My Sister Knits' Holiday Wish for You

Chances are you are busy with the myriad activities that this time of year brings.  And chances are you might be wondering how your holiday celebrations are going to come together with everything that needs to be done.  We hope that you can pause for a moment and consider our wish for you.Our wish for you is a quiet hour to yourself.  A completely peaceful hour!  We suggest deciding ahead of time how you'd like to spend it; then take a few minutes to set it up.  Only you know what brings you peace....perhaps soaking in a bath with music, a candle, and beverage of choice; curled up in a cozy spot with a good book; knitting in a quiet corner of a coffee shop in the middle of errands; or a stroll outside after dark to see Christmas lights.Whatever it is, give yourself over to it completely and savor the experience.  No worrying or fretting allowed for one hour!  If you also remember to do some deep breathing now and then, it will enhance your hour of peacefulness.No matter how unlikely this prospect sounds, we strongly encourage you to try it.  We are sure you will come away from your hour happier, more relaxed, and better able to handle the inevitable stress of the holidays.  You might even want to carve out another hour!Take care of yourself and give yourself the gift of a tiny bit of relaxation.  You'll be glad you did!  Some of us have done this and we highly recommend it! 

Last Minute Gifts at My Sister Knits!

Christmas is getting closer and My Sister Knits has some last minute gift ideas for you! We hope these will complete your holiday shopping.  They could be for someone special or perhaps tucked under the tree as a festive treat for you!

Six and Seven Fiber

This lovely yarn comes to us from Rachel Lundstrom in Lakewood, CO!If you are an Anne of Green Gables fan, you're going to want to check out the Anne of Green Gables 10-skein Mini Set! This set has a printed pattern with it designed by Joanna Johnson, a Colorado native. It is dyed on Rachels' Milo base, a 75% Merino wool/25% nylon fingering weight. Imagine the fun of knitting with colorways with names such as Lake of Shining Waters or Puffed Sleeves!My Sister KnitsOn the other hand, if you're a Harry Potter fan, you're going to want to see the Harry Potter 10-skein Mini Set, again on the Milo base.  This comes with names such as To The Library and Emotional Range of a Teaspoon!My Sister Knits EventsWe also have Rachel's Alfalfa, another fingering weight yarn that consists of 80% Merino wool, 10% Cashmere goat and 10% nylon.To round out our collection, we have her Soybean which is a 100% DK weight yarn.

Ritual Dyes

This yarn comes to us from another Rachel, Rachel Bratcher who lives in Portland, Oregon.FAE is an ethereal 70% mohair/30% silk lace weight bit of fluff with shine!My Sister Knits BlogMaiden is an 80% Merino wool/20% Nylon fingering weight yarn.My Sister Knits Local Yarn ShopPriestess is a DK weight, 4 ply 100% Superwash Merino wool yarn.Local Yarn ShopRitual Dyes is where our Knitter's Backpacks come from; we have a new shipment with several colors available!  We also have Moon Pouches, cute little round canvas containers for your knitting accessories or keys, in an assortment of colors!


My Sister KnitsPompom Issue 27: Winter 2018 is here!  Norah Gaughan is this issue's guest editor which lets us know that we will be treated to her mind-boggling cables; just look at the sweater on the cover!Local Yarn Shop Fort CollinsPompom's Knit How: Simple Knits, Tool & Tips is a book for the new knitter.  Chock full of tutorials, advice, and patterns, it's exactly what a beginning knitter needs!


My Sister Knits always has candles!  We have our favorites plus a new line.  Let us know what you think of them when you find them in the shop!  These fill homes with lovely scents of the season!

Make a Hat Day

One last reminder for Make a Hat Day this Saturday, December 15th from 11 - 4!  We hope to see you there! 

A Thanksgiving Wish


The year has turned its circle,The seasons come and go.The harvest is all gathered inAnd chilly north winds blow.Orchards have shared their treasures,The fields, their yellow grain.So open wide the doorway-Thanksgiving comes again!

 All of us at My Sister Knits wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you can spend at least a little of it knitting and thinking about the good things it has added to your life!

New at My Sister Knits: Shibui Knits Colors and Love+Leche Bars

Shibui Knits' Two New Colorways

My Sister Knits has the eagerly awaited sumptuous new Shibui Knits colorways!  Shibui Knits yarns and patterns are known for their elegance and classic sophistication.  Their yarns are unique in the way they are designed to be used singly or together, creating custom fabrics.One of the new Shibui Knits colorways is Dusk, a luscious deep lavender that makes you think of the light right before the sun sets.  Or our purple mountain majesties that we love in Colorado!Shibui KnitsThe other new colorway is Deep Water, a rich, soft blue.My Sister KnitsIt's so interesting to see the ways the different fibers take the dye!Look at the sheen of the ones with silk:  Silk Cloud, Lunar, and Staccato.Pebble has recycled silk and Echo has silk noil, which is the short fibers left over from spinning.  Both of those silks are rough and not shiny and, therefore, have a completely different look.Birch is merino only.  Drift is merino and cashmere.  Cima and Maai both have merino and alpaca.  We invite you to come in and see the differences in person!

Love + Leche Lotion Bars

These bars are made by hand in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Using only local beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil, and local organic calendula flowers, the bars have natural healing qualities.  Scented with plant based essential oils, they offer an immediate aromatherapy boost!Love and LecheTo use, hold the bar in your hands and rub onto your skin.  The heat from your hands will melt the natural oils which will quickly absorb into your skin and even your chapped lips!  It's quite difficult to decide whether to get the charming larger bar made with the sheep mold or the smaller, purse sized one with the bee.  Hmmm, maybe one of each is called for, especially as we head into winter!  We have a tester for you to try when you come to the shop!  

Ravelry: How to Create an Account

Ravelry is an essential tool for knitters!  When customers ask us "what is Ravelry?", it's hard to describe in a few words.  Basically it's a website for knitters and crocheters that fulfills all of our needs!It's where we go to look up patterns, find patterns for yarn that we have, see what others have done with certain patterns.It's also a place to find out about yarn.  You can look up a certain skein and find out what weight it is, how many yards are in it, and you can see projects that people have made with it.You can join forums and groups and you can ask questions about certain patterns or techniques in those places.  My Sister Knits has our own group!If you're an organized soul, you can enter all of your yarn into your own database so you'll know what you have at a glance.  You can also do this with patterns you like and think you might make someday.  Be careful or you might end up with 515 patterns like someone we know!  Perhaps she needs to cull!All of the patterns you buy from Ravelry go into your library and they will be available to you at any time.  If you buy a pattern at My Sister Knits, we will put it into your library for you!Ravelry is a place that inspires!Although it's free, you need an account to use this indispensable site.  Go to to get started.  You'll see this:  RavelryChoose 'join now' and you'll get this:How to use RavelryEnter your email address and click on 'Email me a signup link'.  Watch your inbox!Then you get to create your account!My Sister KnitsIt's as easy as that!Once you've joined, after you've logged in you'll get to the home page:Learn to Knit This is where your fun begins!  To learn how to use Ravelry, click on the 'help' button at the top or on one of the links in the 'helpful links' box.  The help button at the top will take you to a page where you can choose 'Getting Started'.  Near the top of that page you'll be able to click on a link to a 'handy video' and find other helpful information.Now you can take some time to explore this amazing site! Be sure to tell us about your adventures on Ravelry! 

Mewesic Trunk Show from Green Mountain Spinnery

My Sister Knits is pleased to announce our latest trunk show!  This one features garments made from a specific yarn, Mewesic, from Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont.Mewesic is a 'dyed in the fleece' fiber.  Fleeces are dyed in bright, sometimes neon, colors.  Multiple colors are processed together to create Mewesic's tweedy colorways.  First, loose chunky handfuls of the individually dyed fleece colors go through a machine called a picker which breaks it all down into smaller pieces.  The fleece goes through the picker several times, blending the colors more each time, until the pieces are about the size of a finger.  Then they go into the carder for further blending.  The transformation from gaudy bright to soft tweed Mewesic is something to behold!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Green Mountain Spinnery, mewesic, local yarn shopThis trunk show will be with us through Friday, April 20th.  We have a diverse collection of garments from a variety of designers that showcase this yarn's stitch definition in texture, colorwork, stockinette and lace beautifully.For instance, we have Julie Hoover's Kirwin, Bristol Ivy's Svalbard, Karen Templer's Sloper, and Wintery Mix shawl, Windrow Cardigan, and The Stratton Cowl, all designed by Kate Salomon.  And there is more!My Sister Knits, Julie Hoover, Kirwin, Kate Salomon, Wintery Mix, Green Mountain Spinnery, local yarn shop, northern ColoradoKirwin is described as a poncho vest although Ann and Jenny are wondering if it might be marvelous as a spring-to-summer top when knit with less ease and a shorter collar.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, spring knitting, MewesicThese soft spring-like colorways have us impatient to choose a project and cast on!  We have all of the Mewesic colorways in stock and we encourage you to come in and see them while we still have the trunk show!

Get to know Robin

Robin is in the top row on the left!

We are lucky to have many fantastic teachers at My Sister Knits, and this month we are featuring Robin, our Learn to Knit Teacher! Robin has been knitting with us, baking for us and teaching us how to knit for years. Get to know her a bit by reading this interview!Year KnittingAbout 15 yearsHow did you learn to knit?I had a short lesson in college, and then didn't try again until Julie Luckasen taught my daughter how to knit at school. She started knitting and I got interested again.How did you get started at MSK?I live next door to Julie, and enjoyed spending time at MSK. As my knitting skills improved, Julie asked me to teach Beginning Knitting. I have really enjoyed it. I love meeting new knitters!What is your favorite thing to knit(Project and/or yarn)?I'm still in a cowl & shawl phase, but I have been in hat phases and sock phases, so I know something else will grab my attention eventually.Do you do other work besides teaching knitting?I work at the Lincoln Center full time. What do you like to do when you’re not knitting?I enjoy sewing, baking, cooking. I also serve on the Poudre Landmarks Foundation Board that cares for the Avery House, and work on the Historic Homes Tour every year.Tell us about your family.I have a husband and two grown children. Ken is a Technical Writer and also writes parody songs for the group The Mostlies. My son lives in Fort Collins and works for a property management company. My daughter lives in Detroit, Michigan and works as a finish carpenter. My son doesn't knit but my daughter does! Stella, the pitbull; Guiness and Marzipan the cats; round out the family.What’s your favorite thing about MSK?The warm welcoming atmosphere and the wonderful, always-changing yarns and accessories!If you were stranded somewhere other than home, where would you like to  be and what would you be knitting?I would love to be in a cozy cottage in the English countryside, knitting a complicated shawl or sweater, knowing I won't be interrupted!

Upcoming Classes

Resolve to learn something new in 2018! We have so many interesting class offerings coming up, and we are so excited to share them with you.  Starting with learning to knit all the way to colorwork and lace, we have something for everyone on our January class schedule. 

Robin is teaching her wonderful Learn to Knit class in January on the 6th and 13th from 9-10:30am. She covers all of the basics of knitting and purling including casting on and binding off. This is a great class for a new knitter or to give as a gift! 

Have you wanted to learn how to knit socks? Karen has just the class for you. This beginning socks class on January 20, 27 and February 3 from 1-3pm will take you through each step necessary to complete a cuff down sock using the magic loop method. Karen is a fabulous socks teacher and will surely inspire you to become an avid sock knitter.

If you have been interested in experimenting with new techniques, join us for the Copenhagen Cowl on January 16 and 23 from 6-8pm. After knitting the ribbed portion of the cowl as homework, Kelly will take you through the mosaic colorwork and lace patterns of the cowl and you will finish the class with a beautiful, wearable cowl for the rest of the winter. 

Skogafjall is an incredible sweater pattern that we fell in love with the moment we saw it. The colorwork yoke is stunning - and great for an adventurous beginner! If you can knit and purl, then Amelia can teach you to knit this sweater which has the option to be turned into a cardigan if you are especially daring. Sign up for this class on January 20, 27 and February 10 from 9-11am and find yourself wrapped in a handmade sweater the rest of the season! 

We also have two classes for any level of knitter, fixing mistakes which is a great class for anyone looking to get better at reading their knitting (yes, you can read knitting) and finding (and then fixing) mistakes. Fixing Mistakes will be offered on January 17th from 5:30-7pm with Amelia, who will also be teaching Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs on January 25th from 5:30-7:30pm. Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs is great for any level of knitter who wants to learn new techniques!

Find a list with detailed descriptions of all of our class offerings and sign up here. We look forward to teaching you something new next year!

Make a Gift Day on Friday, December 1st!

Sunday, December 3rd is National Make a Gift Day!  Those of us who love working with yarn most often love making things for others. It’s heartwarming to think of the recipient as we create, pouring love into each stitch. My Sister Knits is celebrating Make a Gift Day on Friday, Dec. 1st from 10am until 5pm.  We had so much fun on Make a Hat Day in September that we are doing it again!  We will have breakfast pastries, we’ll order in lunch and we’ll celebrate our accomplishments with a glass of champagne at the end of the day!

 Marshmallow Mitts by Tin Can Knits, using YOTH Daughter.

 We have chosen several patterns that are quick to knit up, and beautiful as well, ranging from cowls to mitts and hats. Even if you can't sit and knit with us for long, come in on December 1st and pick up some patterns and yarn to get knit up before the holidays!

Fern Lace Cowl, knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

We look forward to helping you pick out a few quick knits on December 1st!

My Sister Knits' Kantha Quilt Event Nov. 7th!

My Sister Knit's Kantha (pronounced KAHN-taa) Quilt Event on Tuesday, Nov. 7th from 5 - 7pm will be a feast for your eyes!  These colorful quilts are one of a kind and make you happy when you see them!Kantha Quilts are hand made in India from recycled cotton saris.  The saris are layered and sewn together in the Kantha style.  They are reversible and usually one side is quite different from the other.These quilts have been made in rural India for centuries and are traditionally used to honor and welcome guests.  The color and patterns vary as each one is a unique handmade item of cultural art.Not only useful as light blankets, they look beautiful folded and stacked, draped over a sofa, as tablecloths or runners,  made into pillow covers, or to dress up accent pieces.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Fort Collins, Kantha, Kantha QuiltsWe are having a pop-up shop with these quilts on Tuesday, Nov. 7th from 5 - 7pm.  The quilts vary in size and we even have some zippered bags made from them!These particular quilts were made by women in India who have been rescued from the sex trafficking trade.  Making and selling these traditional quilts goes a long way toward creating financial independence for the women.  The sale of these pieces directly benefit the women who made them.local yarn shop, My Sister Knits, Kantha quilts, They come to us through a local non-profit, the U Count Campaign to fight human trafficking globally and domestically.  It is a team of dedicated volunteers whose passion is to raise awareness of this crime and to support the victims through the sale of the Kantha quilt products and private donations.More information can be found about their work locally here and internationally here.  We have Julie to thank for bringing us this opportunity to become aware of and directly help these victims of this unspeakable crime.Be sure to stop by the shop Tuesday evening to add some happiness to your home!

Beauteous Black Elephant Yarn has Arrived!

Our highly anticipated shipment of Black Elephant yarn has arrived!  We love the colorways of  the superwash DK and Sock weight yarns and exclaimed over each one as it was pulled out of the shipping box!My Sister Knits, Black Elephant Yarn, Fort Collins, DK weight yarn, speckled yarn Black Elephant yarns are hand dyed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.  Ten years ago Petra Schwarcz moved to England from Slovakia.  She learned to knit as a child but wasn't serious about it until she arrived in Sheffield which is colder than Slovakia!  She wanted hand knits to keep her warm and cozy.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, fingering weight yarn, sock weight yarn, Black Elephant yarn Petra found that there were no video tutorials in the Slovakian language so she had to relearn how to knit in English.  Imagine!  It occurred to her that maybe there were other Slovakian knitters who would like some video tutorials in their own language.  She started a blog and posted some!  She was bowled over by amount of knitters who appreciated them and clamored for more!Soon after, she discovered hand dyed yarn.  That was the beginning of her fascination with fibers of all sorts; wool, alpaca, angora, cashmere, silk, she wanted it all!My Sister Knits, Colorado, sock knitting, speckled yarn,  Of course the name Black Elephant has a story behind it!  One Christmas her mother gave her a special notebook to be used for her knitting ideas.  There was a darling little elephant on the front cover.  Petra's last name means black in German and some of her friends used that as a nickname for her.  She put those two names together for her company.Black elephants do exist and, according to Hindu thinking, elephants are revered as symbols of good luck and good fortune so Petra's choice is excellent!Come into the shop to see this whimsically colored yarn in person! We have many more colorways than are shown in these photos. When you hold it in your hand, think about Petra and her story and know that this is a special yarn indeed. 

Come to our Plucky Knitter Party August 29th!

"And just what is a Plucky Knitter Party?", you ask.  Sarah, founder and owner of The Plucky Knitter, is traveling through Colorado and will visit My Sister Knits on Tuesday evening, August 29th!  We will have Sarah, light refreshments and beautiful luxury yarn from 5 - 7pm!Plucky Knitter Party, My Sister Knits, Plucky Knitter yarn, Fort Collins, yarnSarah is bringing about 100 skeins of exclusive yarn and it's a mystery what she'll have with her!  Will it be some of her merino/cashmere blends?  Or perhaps some merino/silk/camel blends?  How about some 100% cashmere?  Maybe some of her merino/cashmere/alpaca blends?  The possibilities are many and we can hardly stand the suspense!Plucky Knitter, My Sister Knits, Northern Colorado, yarn, merino yarn

What makes The Plucky Knitter yarn so special?

This scrumptious yarn is made to Sarah's exacting specifications.  She has high personal standards of excellence, responsibility  and ethical practices that she strongly upholds.  As a result, she works closely with her mills, combining her love for luxury and creativity to create the finest quality yarns.  She loves to constantly play with different blends of yarns to create new bases!Each skein is hand dyed, with colors that have been tested on the different bases to be sure they come alive!Plucky Knitter yarn, Fort Collins local yarn shop, Colorado, My Sister Knits

Where can The Plucky Knitter yarn be purchased?

This yarn is available from their Etsy shop or their blog.  When purchasing it online, it is ordered first and then it is dyed, so the wait is typically about 30 days.  In addition, a few yarn shops carry it and if you're lucky enough to attend a show where they are vendors you can snag some.  However, you can pick some up for yourself at My Sister Knits' Plucky Party!  That is why our Plucky Knitter Party is such a special occasion!Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 29th from 5 - 7pm and plan to attend our festive evening!

Use North Light Fibers in School Colors for Hats and Mitts!

  As My Sister Knits is located in a university town, we are always on the lookout for patterns that are begging to be knit with school colors!The time of year when we will be attending outdoor sporting events is fast approaching.  A hat and mitts are essential to carry in a bag or pocket and we've found designs that we love!First we found Tin Can Knits'  Paddle Mitts.North Light Fibers, school colors, My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, ColoradoThey are sized for all ages, from toddler to an adult large.  We used North Light Fibers' Water Street Worsted for our samples.  Once we made the first pair, we didn't want to change yarns!  Even though the pattern calls for DK weight yarn, this is a light worsted and it makes lovely warm mitts for those chilly hours outside.Next up was a hat in Colorado State University colors for little ones.  Tin Can Knits has classic, superbly written patterns for the whole family so we went looking for a hat that would work for all ages.We found the Easy Peasy hat!My Sister Knits, North Light Fibers, baby hat, Northern ColoradoThis hat has sizes baby through adult large.  The ear flaps are the cutest addition and just the thing to keep those little ears warm!  The stripes aren't in the pattern but they are easy to add.  We can show you how to do it!Last on the list of items we wanted was a feminine hat with just a bit of colorwork that would be easy enough for a first-timer to do.  We found one that is a perfect introduction to colorwork, the Sand and Sea HatNorth Light Fibers, colorwork hat, colorwork, My Sister Knits, ColoradoThis hat has a purled brim which looks like a rolled edge.  Then there are only 11 rows of colorwork, with just two colors per row and the rest is relaxing stockinette!We chose North Light Fibers' Water Street for our samples because we are in love with the heathery colorways, the 30% cashmere content, and the warmth and feel of the fabric it creates!  However, we did stray to Blue Sky Fibers' Woolstok to find the perfect green; it's handy that these two yarns can be used together!You want to have hats and mitts on hand when they're needed, so come in and get your school colors now!Leave a comment below on which colors you'll be choosing and which school they're for!

Ooh La! La!

Once upon a time there was a young woman in France; Normandy, to be exact. This young mother of three wanted to knit a pair of socks.  She searched high and low for the ideal color she had in mind.  Alas, it was nowhere to be found.The young woman, who has a background in textile design, decided to dye some yarn for herself.  Then she dyed more, and still some more.Since she loves to make her yarn early in the morning, she named it Tot le Matin (early in the morning!).Now our heroine has a profusion of yarn in both bold and gentle colors that she loves but she does not have time to knit the socks!Tot le Matin yarn is only available in three shops in the US and My Sister Knits is proud to be one of them!Plan to come in to see Lauriane's gorgeous colorways before they disappear as quickly as early morning peace turns into late morning bedlam!

The Perfect Beginner Lace Shawl!

Zoe has knit a stunning sample of Heidi Alander's Satakieli shawl using Tukuwool, our new yarn from Finland.  It's lightweight, airy and you hardly know you have it on!This shawl is terrific for someone looking for a beginning lace project because it's combined with restful garter stitch!  The lace pattern is made with yarn overs and a 'slip one stitch, knit 2 together and then pass the slipped stitch over and off the needle' combination (sl1-k2tog-psso).  That's it!  We'll be  happy to help you!Heidi's lace chart is large and easy to read.One way to make lace charts clearer is to color code each symbol with a separate color and then color in the chart.  It's the only way some of us can keep track of where we are without having all those black and white symbols run together!Another way to keep track on a lace chart is to put a piece of highlighter tape above the row you're working on.  Putting it above the row allows you to see what you've done and it's easy for your eyes to focus on the row just below the tape.  Fold each short edge under just a bit to make it easier to move the tape when you're done with a row.Use those two tricks together and chart reading is a breeze!A problem that crops up from time to time is when a designer misuses the word 'repeat'.  In this case, Heidi's instructions are to 'repeat rows 1- 18 once'.  That's exactly what Zoe did; she worked them once and then worked them again for a total of 36 rows.  Heidi actually meant to work those rows only once.  However, this was a lucky mistake because we like the shawl much better with twice the amount of lace!Kimberly, Zoe and Jenny had fun putting together some different color combinations using several brands of yarn.  All of these would make lovely shawls.  

Have You Found Our Half Price Sale Nook?

Upstairs at My Sister Knits, tucked into a cozy corner under the eaves, you will find an incredible little space full of a wide selection of notions, bags, and yarn, all half price! Right now there treasures such as ..........    You're going to want to check out this space every time you come into the shop; you never know what you might find!We have fun helping you find the perfect pattern for your yarn, no matter the size of your project, so please ask if you'd like some assistance.  We have the world of Ravelry at our fingertips and we love to play with it!


Definition of potpourri:  "a mixture or collection of seemingly unrelated items, an unusual assortment...."  vocabulary.comItem number one:Mothers' Day is special to us at My Sister Knits and we are going to celebrate in a big way! We hope you can join us!May 13th, the Saturday before Mothers' Day, you are invited to a tea party in the garden from 10am until 3pm.  There will be homemade treats, lemonade, and iced tea while you knit away in our charming little corner of the world. At 10:30, Kimberly will demonstrate how to make her bunting using the single crochet stitch.  We think this is just the cutest ever and it has so many possibilities! Also that day, we will have a drawing for one of Jerry Ertle's handmade yarn bowls that are pieces of functional art.  If you make a purchase on May 11th, 12th or 13th, you will be given a ticket to fill out with your name and phone number and those tickets will be entered in the drawing.  One ticket per customer, please!Adding to our celebration, select items will be 50% off on May 11th, 12th and 13th!To top everything off, $100 gift certificates will be $85 from May 11th to the 13th.Item number two:This is for those of you who joined us at Tasty Harmony to make Knitted Knockers.  The Women's Clinic granted us money for the yarn and we'd like to acknowledge that, along with the hope that they might do it again!  Their grant made it possible for us to give the yarn to you for free.  We will have pre-addressed, stamped Thank You notes at the shop for you to fill out.  It would be a kind gesture to send them one.Item number three:Wind Down Wednesdays continue the last Wednesday of every month at Tasty Harmony from 4pm - 7pm.  This month it will be May 31st.  This is a 'craft inclusive' time to get together with like-minded fiber enthusiasts to continue creating your current project.  It's also a great time to work on Knitted Knockers if you have some in progress!We hope to see you at our garden tea party May 13th and at Wind Down Wednesday May 31st!  

Ann Budd Workshops

thumbnail_Headshot from Susanna2_croppedAnn Budd is coming to My Sister Knits on March 25th! Ann has published many technique and pattern books on topics including sweaters, socks and accessories as well as a large library of individually sold patterns. Ann Budd is known for her technique classes and we are lucky to have her joining us for two workshops!Conquer-Kitchener-Stitch-274x206She will be teaching Many Forms of Kitchener from 9am-12pm and Matching Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs from 1-4pm. Each workshop is $80, and a full description and list of materials can be found on our class calendar.Matching-CO-and-BO-in-Rnds-768x1024There are limited spaces available in each class, so sign up today to reserve your seat!(970) 407-1461