Knitting Tools

Inidspensable New Knitting Tools!

Knitting tools make our knitting life easier and My Sister Knits has some that you are going to fall in love with!These are handmade by Katy Westcott, the designer and creative force behind Katrinkles.  Katrinkles is a childhood nickname given to Katy by her mother!  She came to the fiber arts from a career in the jewelry business.  With a degree in jewelry design, Katy feels that her knitting accessories are a natural extension of her love for jewelry.  She uses Alder wood from her home region of Rhode Island and the North East and laser etches her designs onto her products.Knitting toolsWith these tools you have information right at hand!  You can use the ball chain loop to hang them from your project bag or tuck them into your notions bag.  How many times have you wondered exactly how to Make 1 Left or Make 1 Right?  Or precisely how to do a Wrap and Turn short row?  These beauties will save you!Knitting tools and accessoriesIf you find more than one needle in your project bag, this needle gauge is precisely what you need nearby to determine its size.  Most of us use the Kitchener stitch so seldom that we have to relearn it each time.  Imagine having this handy tool to use!  With the chain loop, it  won't get lost!My Sister KnitsPatterns using the Brioche stitch are plentiful right now.  Like Kitchener, many of us need to brush up on our Brioche skills every time we use this captivatingly squishy stitch.  Katy's Brioche accessories are invaluable in relieving Brioche-induced stress!When you need a gift for a fellow knitter, any of these would be well received and you probably want to start a collection for yourself!  My Sister Knits is happy to provide you with knitting tools and accessories to make your knitting life more relaxing and fun!