Stephen West

A Hat Named Hofsos

My Sister Knits has a hat sample that you’re going to want to take a look at!  Stephen West designed this hat in 2013 and it’s a pattern that will never go out of style due to its unique construction.My Sister Knits, Fort Collins Co, local yarn shop, Brooklyn Tweed Loft, wabarna pom pomsThe Hofsos Hat is made with two strands of Loft held double throughout.  Part of the cleverness of this pattern is that the two strands create a marled look; another part of the cleverness is that three colors are used.  Imagine the colors identified as color 1, color 2 and color 3.  Sometimes colors 1 and 2 are held together.  Sometimes colors 2 and 3 are held together.  Sometimes colors 1 and 3 are held together.  At other times, two strands of the same color are held together.  So clever!My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Loft, woolen spun yarn, Brooklyn TweedA look at the project page on Ravelry shows that 251 hats have been made and posted which is a sign of a well written pattern!  The project pages are a helpful place to look for color inspiration and to see how other knitters liked the pattern.  Watch for the smiley face emojis as an indication of how well the pattern is liked.  The other thing to watch for are the life-ring emojis as they show notes that others found helpful. Stephen West writes patterns that are clear, concise, and easy to follow.  His patterns can be trusted!  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish this hat; it looks much more complicated than it is!  Nothing about it is difficult and we are happy to help you with anything you aren’t sure of.  Always look at the ‘Abbreviations’ list to see what stitches are required when choosing a pattern.  The M1L is the only stitch that might be off-putting but Stephen explains  how to do it and we've added an instructional link also.My Sister Knits, Colorado, lys, marled yarn, Stephen West, If you’re going to stretch yourself a bit with this hat, or any pattern, we suggest you work on it in the shop when you can, especially during Fearless Knitting help times!  Those are Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 - 1pm.  That way, we’re only steps away and can get you over a rough patch in moments.  The name of this hat, Hofsos, is the name of a tiny, sleepy fishing village in Iceland which is known for its magnificent thermal pools.We invite you to come into the shop to examine this hat!