Super Bulky Weight

Joyful Knit Collage Yarn!

Knit Collage is fascinating yarn to create with!  This super bulky yarn is so much fun that you have to keep going to see what the next row reveals, and the next, and the next!  Fortunately it works up quickly so you don't have to wait long to gaze in delight at your finished project!My Sister Knits, Knit Collage, super bulky yarn, Fort Collins, local yarn shopAmy Small, owner, has taught a handful of women in Punjab, India how to craft her yarn designs on traditional spinning wheels.  A few others create embellishments to add to the yarn.  Each skein is a treasure of uniqueness due to the exceptional amount of hands-on work involved!My Sister Knits, knit collage, northern colorado, local yarn shop, super bulky yarnSome of the colorways have over 10 different colors of fiber to create their spectacular look!  Amy suggests that when you knit with a yarn with embellishments, you should gently push the embellishment to the front of your work after you've finished the stitch. She also suggests lightly blocking them so they aren't soaking wet to avoid lengthy drying time.My Sister Knits, Wabarna pom poms, knit collage cast away yarn, Knit Collage has patterns that showcase the details of their yarn perfectly.  The hat above, worked on size 13 and 15 needles, is the Rosalita Hat designed by Cheryl Kubat. Wabarna pom poms seem as if they're made specifically for this hat!My Sister Knits, fort collins colorado, knit collage yarn, super bulky, knitting project bags, lys, shop local, shop fort collinsThese mittens are Susan B. Anderson's Christmas Mitten Story worked on a size 10.5 needle.  How fun to wear on a dreary day!You will have noticed the My Sister Knits bags in the photos!  We now have a collection of our own bags, beautifully hand made with great attention to detail, by local artisan Jennica Force.  Be sure to check out the zippers!We invite you to our little corner of the world to peruse our Knit Collage yarns and choose a bag that calls to you!  See you soon! 

Wool and the Gang is Here!

My Sister Knits is happy to announce that we are now stocking Wool and the Gang yarns!  Coming to us from England, this yarn company focuses on do-it-yourself fashion!

Crazy Sexy Wool

Made with Peruvian wool, this is a Super Chunky weight ball of single ply softness!  Calling for size 15 - 50 US needles and a wpi of 2.5, this yarn knits up fast!  We have two hat samples in the shop that are darling with a Wabarna pom pom added!  This yarn was designed with beginners in mind because progress is seen immediately!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins Colorado, Wool and the Gang, Heal the Wool

Heal the Wool

Also from Peru, this yarn is recycled wool fiber.  It is a soft, chunky two ply Super Bulky weight that also can be knit with size 15 - 50 US needles and has a wpi of 5.  Wool and the Gang donates 30% of the yarn price to Friends of the Earth to help fight climate change.

A word about wpi....

You may have noticed that these two yarns have different weight classifications but the suggested needle size is the same.  Crazy Sexy Wool has a wpi of 2.5 while Heal the Wool has a wpi of 5.  The term 'wpi' means wraps per inch.  To determine the wpi of a yarn, it is wrapped carefully around a ruler, with each wrap touching the one before but not overlapping, for one inch.  The number of wraps helps to determine the weight of the yarn.  Taking into account the difference of wpis, Heal the Wool is the lighter weight of the two.My Sister Knits, Shiny Happy Cotton, knitted dishcloths, northern colorado

Shiny Happy Cotton

This aran/worsted weight pima cotton is also from Peru and rounds out our Wool and the Gang collection.  Items made with pima cotton are softer, denser, and more durable that those made with regular cotton.  Just feel our Fade Cowls and dishcloths that are on display!local yarn shop, Colorado, Wool and the Gang, My Sister KnitsProjects made with Wool and the Gang are perfect for quick Christmas gifts!  We have ideas for hats, cloths for dishes or faces, and cowls on display.  We invite you to come in and check them out!