Wind Down Wednesdays

Wind Down Wednesdays are a Welcome Event!

We want to get the word out about Wind Down Wednesdays!  They are the last Wednesday of every month from 4 - 7 and are without a doubt open to everyone!  Sometimes it can be hard to join a group for the first time.  We want you to know that you will be welcomed with big smiles and friendly conversation!Each month we take a field trip to an eating establishment, bring along our knitting or crocheting, and have a rollicking good time!My Sister Knits, Wind Down Wednesday, Fort Collins, social knittingIt's a welcome afternoon/evening get away from our normal routines.  We love going to different venues and exploring all that Fort Collins has to offer.There is no need to sign up, just come anytime you can between 4 and 7 and stay for as long as you want!We have the next four months planned out.My Sister Knits, Wind Down Wednesdays, Fort Collins, Colorado, local yarn shop

September 27th

We'll meet at Illegal Pete's, 320 Walnut Street in Old Town.  Fun fact - they have a Starving Artist Program that gives out of town bands a free meal while they are on tour.

October 25th

Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro is the spot, 200B Walnut Street, again in Old Town.  Fun fact - cricket is on the menu!  Evidently they are crunchy with a slight taste of soy nuts!

November 29th

The week after Thanksgiving will find us at The Colorado Room, 642 S. College near the intersection of College and Laurel on the east side of the street.  Fun fact - their tables and bar are handcrafted from beetle kill wood!

December 27th

We can relax after Christmas at Mugs Coffee Lounge, 261 S. College at the intersection of College and Olive St.  Fun fact - owner McCabe Callahan opened Mugs when he was finishing his last semester at CSU!The autumn months often find us busier than ever.  Our Wind Down Wednesdays are meant to be a time away from responsibilities when we can take a much needed mental mini vacation!We hope you can join us.Leave a comment below if you have a suggestion for a meeting spot!