most popular knitting books

Favorite Old and New Knitting Books!

It's so much fun to receive a shipment of new knitting books!  The act of opening up a new book and flipping through it fills our minds with possibilities and inspiration.We have two new books this week that are both beautiful!

Melanie Berg's Shawls

New Knitting BooksMelanie Berg designs gorgeous shawls!  This hot-off-the-press book is full of her favorites. There are several you may recognize and others are brand new.  These are modern shawls for everyone:  designs with more than one color, lace edging, cables, various shapes, and more! The knitting world has been buzzing about this book lately, impatiently waiting for its release.  Fortunately, we have several!

pompom Quarterly

Most popular knitting booksThis magazine from the UK can easily be considered a new knitting book with each edition!  There are always distinctive patterns designed around a theme.  In addition, there is a mix of recipes, articles, crafts, and art.  Pom Pom is known for its stunning photography; even the ads are beautiful!  The theme for this edition is the moon.  Each pattern's name has special meaning.  These sell out fast and are only available from stockists.We also have two of the most popular knitting books which have become classics!

Ann Budd's the knitter's handy book of Patterns

My Sister KnitsThis book is a boon to knitters of all experience levels!  Originally published in 2002, it has withstood the test of time and should be in every knitter's library.  More than a book of designs, this is also a reference book.  By following Ann's instructions and unique tables, you can make almost any type of garment with any weight of yarn.  You need to know your gauge and the size you want to make and that's it!  Also included are many details that you can add to personalize whatever it is that you're creating!

Vicki Square's The Knitter's Companion

Local Yarn ShopThis little book by Fort Collins' own Vicki Square should also be on every knitter's bookshelf!  It's even small enough to carry with you if you need to.  This gem has been around since 2006.  It's packed with tips and tutorials with photos and illustrations for each.  This book is fantastic for those techniques you need to look up each time you do them.  Maybe you need to remember how to start the mattress stitch seam or how to Kitchener.  Or maybe you're a newer knitter who needs reminding of increases and decreases.  It's all here!We invite you to sit at our community table and browse through these books, taking your time with them!