New Year's Resolutions

I love to start a new year with great expectations and good intentions.  I often use the time to set goals for myself.  Many are new habits that I hope to make a more regular part of my life, such as an exercise routine, or better remembering to stay hydrated.  And others are skills that I hope to pick up or perhaps even master in the coming months.Last January I set the intention of learning to crochet.  2013 was going to be the year of the hook!  I signed up for several classes and cast on for a few projects.  While I was able to get working knowledge of the craft, I kept gravitating towards knitting needles as I started new projects, so crochet is still at the top of my list for 2014. bannersI hope that this year will inspire me to try more crochet projects, I know that as I get more practice, the awkwardness and uncertainty of trying something new will diminish and my confidence will grow.  I would like to make a rug of some kind, a yarn basket, and perhaps get comfortable with Tunisian crochet stitches.What kind of resolutions or intentions do you have for 2014?  I hope that if there are some new knitting skills you are eager to master, that we at the shop can help make that happen for you.  We have a very diverse class schedule for the beginning of the year that might include something that appeals to you.We also find that our Community Knit Night on Tuesday evenings from 5-8pm is a wonderfully supportive and nurturing group. Many a new knitter has found answers, suggestions, and other help from friendly neighbors around our work table.For some New Year's intentions, it can take a village to achieve success, and we are just the community that can lend a helping hand.  Let us know what you would like to accomplish in 2014 and we'll do what we can to help!

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

Just last week, Ysolda shared on her blog the exciting news that she has a new mystery knitalong for 2014.  This will be her very first mystery knitalong project, and we imagine that it will be stunning.  How can the designer who brought is Ishbel do anything less?We wanted to share the details with you, in case a fun shawl project is just what you are looking for now that your holiday knitting has been finished, blocked, and gifted.  © Ysolda Teague According to the Ravelry page dedicated to the pattern, there are 32 different possible shawls that can be created from her instructions.  Not just a mystery, but a choose your own adventure!“There are five clues, and every clue will come with two options either of which builds perfectly from whichever you choose previously. The result is 32 possible combinations – a really mysterious adventure. In addition, it has been designed to work equally well in a solid colour or in stripes of two colours and instructions for both options are included.”Clues will be delivered to your Ravelry mailbox on a weekly basis starting on January 13.  For those of you who aren’t eager to experience the suspense, the complete pattern will be available when the last clue is sent on February 10th.The pattern is one that you can purchase directly from the Ravelry page.  And FYI: when purchasing before the start date of January 13th you will not receive a pattern, the download is just an outline of the schedule, yardage and gauge.  But you will save yourself a few dollars as the price of the pattern will increase after the start date of the 13th.It looks as though you can start swatching with fingering weight yarn as soon as you like!  We hope that if this kind of challenge appeals to you, you will give this project a try.  We are eager to see your shawl as it progresses, and of course would love nothing more than to help you find the perfect yarn.

A holiday recipe worth sharing: Persimmon Pudding

Have you been confronted with persimmons in your produce department and wondered what on earth one does with them? © Mike’s table My family has a recipe that was gifted to us back in the 1960’s that has been a part of our holiday table ever since.  We love to turn persimmons into pudding.  And our recipe is as follows:1 cup persimmon pulp (1 very ripe medium persimmon) This can take weeks!  So you may want to find one at the market soon.1 tsp. cinnamon3/4 c sugar1/2 c milk3/4 tsp. vanilla1/4 tsp. almond extract1 c flour1 Tbsp. oil1/4 tsp. salt2 tsp. soda1/2 c chopped walnuts1.  Put persimmon pulp in Cuisinart or blender and blend briefly2.  Sift dry ingredients and mix everything together.3.  Steam in buttered double boiler about 2-1/2 to 3 hours.  You can also divide the batter into buttered half pint sized mason jars and steam them in a very large pot for the same amount of time.  Let it sit in pan (or jar) until cool.4.  Remove from pan and wrap in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate until ready to serve, and then warm before serving.  We often snipped a sprig of holly from a bush we had growing in the back yard and decorated the pudding as it was served.Hard Sauce:1-1/2 c confectioners’ sugar1-1/2 c butter3 Tbsp. whiskey or rumBlend in Cuisinart.  Spoon into a serving dish and refrigerate until ready to serve.  (removing the sauce from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before dessert is served will make it easier to scoop).Enjoy!All of us at My Sister Knits which you and yours a very happy and delicious Christmas.

Instant Gratification (part three)

We found a not so new technique that can create a beautiful infinity cowl in less than an hour.  We'd like to introduce you to arm knitting! arm knittingThis scarf was made holding 3 strands of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky together - $14.00 per skein.  We have several samples in the shop so that you can see how different yarn selections turn out.   One is made out of Tee Cakes by Hikoo holding 2 strands- $16.00 per skein, another is made with Spud and Chloe Outer holding 3 strands together - $19.80 per skein; and lastly, we have one made with Cascade Magnum holding 2 strands together - $21.00 per skein.If you'd like the benefit of a video tutorial.  Click on the link below and sit back with a cup of tea to learn how. Or you can pop into the shop and we can provide you with a quick demonstration.  It is as quick and easy to learn as it is to complete a cowl!Arm Knitting with Simply Maggie

Instant Gratification (part two)

Some last minute shop samples arrived this week, beautifully highlighting what fun knitting with bulky yarn can be.  A few local elves have created some wonderfully warm and woolly accessories that can be finished in an evening or two. trellisBlue Sky has published a gratifyingly quick scarf pattern that creates a snuggly warm scarf that anyone would want to wrap themselves up in.  The Trellis Scarf by Ellen Huber calls for four skeins of Blue Sky Bulky ($15.90 a skein, $64 for the project) plus the $9 pattern.  Somehow the tassels make the scarf more extravagant and appealing. Don't you agree? trellis 2Another fun bulky knit that calls for only a single skein is the Drop Stitch Cowl by Abi Gregorio.  This FREE pattern calls for any super bulky yarn.  This accommodating flexibility has inspired Ravelers to create it using all kinds of bulky yarns that we have in stock including Malabrigo Rasta, Cascade Magnum, Misti Alpaca Chunky,  Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky, and the Rowan Drift that Julie used to create our shop sample. bulky knitsRowan Drift is just $15 a skein.  We also used it to knit up this quick snuggly hat that looks equally appealing in Cascade Magnum which is priced at $21 a skein.  This is the Vermonter, another FREE pattern of Abi’s that is a breeze to knit.  I finished a small kiddo sized version of the hat (using size US 10 needles instead of the US 15 the pattern calls for) in an afternoon curled up in front of the TV watching Christmas movies.  Making a pompom while watching the Grinch is enough to put even Ebenezer Scrooge into a the holiday spirit. bulky yarnsWe hope that you can stop by this week; because these beautiful skeins of bulky yarns are going to disappear quickly as the need for last minute gifts bring other knitters like you into the shop to ensure that there is something hand knit under their tree.

Instant Gratification (part one)

There are a number of us at the shop who have all started thinking big.  It is the perfect time to start casting on with bulky yarns and larger needles for projects that knit up quickly.  We wanted to gather a collection of them for you to choose from, in case you have some last minute gifts make in the few days we have remaining before Christmas. loopy mango pillowBel knit up this beautiful bulky pillow with one of the bumps of Loopy Mango Big Loop Merino.  She used a single skein which costs $198.50.  Her free-form pattern consists of some simple instructions: Cast on 12 st with size 50 needles. Work for 10 inches in seed stitch, then switch to garter stitch (knit all stitches) to make a 20" square pillow.Seed Stitch instructions:Cast on an even number of sts.Row 1: * K1, p1; rep from * to end of row.Row 2: * P1, k1; rep from * to end of row.Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for pattern. loopyThe Loopy Mango yarn comes in beautiful neutrals of ivory, grey and black and this stunning pillow would be a very chic addition to any décor.Check back in later this week for some more bulky knit ideas.

Free and fab

The Simple Collection published in June of this year by tincanknits includes 8 free patterns that are all wonderfully knittable.  Dawn and Julie have already cast on for multiple versions of the Maize mittens and the Barley hat.  And these grain inspired patterns include a couple of basic sweaters, as well as a baby blanket and socks.  All of them are darling. © tincanknitsThis collection has been designed to be approachable to knitters of all skill levels.  With clear tutorials, the collection is perfect for newer knitters building skills and confidence; and also a treat for knitters who enjoy modern lines and simple details. Whether you are knitting your first scarf, cozy socks for your dad, or a sweater for your little man, the Simple Collection will teach you all you need to know to make modern seamless knits for the whole family!The patterns include sizing for everyone from newborns to large adults.  All the patterns were meant to be knit with worsted weight yarn, so are a quick knit for even the newest knitter.We have some wonderful worsted options in stock including Swans Island Merino and Eco Wash, Imperial Stock Ranch Columbia, Cascade 220 and Hikoo’s Kenzie.  Stop in when you can; and we can find you the perfect selection for the next Simple pattern you’d like to start.

Holiday Decorations from Marie Mayhew

Last month we posted about holiday decorating with wool.  In addition to the projects we previously discussed, we have some darling kits in the shop that will give you some fun holiday projects that can fill your home with holiday cheer.Marie Mayhew has some beautifully crafted, and fun to follow patterns that you will enjoy creating.  We have a terrific selection of her patterns in the shop as well as all the materials that you would need to create them.  And we are happy to help you get started. owls_02_medium2Last year my husband and I spent a few fun weekends making a dozen little bird ornaments to share with our friends and family.  He actually cast on and shared in the knitting!  You never know who might be inspired to hand craft some fun holiday gifts.  This pattern is the Felted Wooly Bird Ornaments - and it's available for $11.Some of our other favorites include:Felted Snowman - pattern available for $9Wooly Snowbaby - pattern available for $10Felted Wooly Gingerbread - pattern available for $5We also have her stunning stocking patterns:Crazy Quilt Holiday Stocking - pattern available for $9Felted Victorian Stocking - pattern available for $6We hope that you can stop into the shop while there is still ample time to get crafting for this year's holiday season!

New to the shop: Tea Cakes and Cobasi

The other two yarns that recently arrived from Hikoo are Tea Cakes, and Cobasi.HiKoo’s newest addition, Tee Cakes, is constructed using strips of re-purposed tee shirts.  The material is primarily cotton.  Tee Cakes feature 75 yards per cake, and there are between 225 and 300 grams per cake, depending on the width of the strips. Each cake is as individual as the t-shirt it was made from, and is $16. tea cakeJulie quickly crocheted a soft sided yarn bowl with a couple of colors of this “yarn”.  The FREE pattern for the Crochet Candy Basket is available in the shop.  And, this can be worked up in a single afternoon, making it a great candidate for a last minute handmade gift.Hikoo’s Cobasi is a great wool-free fingering weight sock yarn for sensitive folks. Knitters and the lucky people they knit for, have long clamored for a wool-free sock yarn, something that wouldn’t irritate or overheat.This yarn is a COtton, BAmboo and SIlk blend that also has a generous amount of elastic nylon for strength. It comes in 50 gram hanks and a wide range of colors, making it a perfect candidate for warm weather color work. Soft and machine washable, this will also be a go-to for hardy baby garments.  The skeins have 220 yards and are $7.50 each. cobasiThe color range is generous, and the pattern suggestions on Ravelry include everything from shawls and socks to baby clothes.  We hope that you'll have a chance to visit the shop so that you can get a chance to check out these new yarns while the selection is at its best.

New to the shop: Kenzie

We have three new yarns in the shop from Hikoo.  The first we’d like to introduce you to is Kenzie, a light worsted weight blend of 50% Wool, 25% Nylon (Polyamide), 10% Angora, 10% Alpaca.  Each skein is $10. kenzieThe merino, angora and alpaca all provide softness and body, the nylon lends strength, and silk noils contribute delicate texture and color accents, for a beautiful slightly nubby texture. This 3-ply yarn knits into a cohesive fabric that blooms when wet blocked. The angora haze is just fuzzy enough to lend a cozy feel, but not so fuzzy that it will obscure any stitch patterning.Unless of course you hold Kenzie together with Silk Cloud.  Julie knit up two quick hats on Sunday so that she could see how Kenzie works up.  She chose to make his and hers versions of Barley, a great FREE hat pattern from tincanknits.  This fun unisex pattern provides sizing options for the whole family from newborn to adult.  The hat on the left was created with Shibui Silk Cloud held together with Kenzie, the one on the right features Kenzie alone.  You'll need to stop by to feel these hats to really appreciate the snuggly difference. b hatWhile scrolling around Ravelry pages to see what other crafters knit up with Kenzie, I found two fun versions of Brooklyn Tweed’s Turn a Square hat.  Multicraftyguy from Minnesota just finished two hats using alternate color versions that clearly illustrate how much fun it can be to play with color.  They should be at the top of his project page, here.Another fun FREE pattern idea for Kenzie is Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl.  The simple construction and subtle purl ribs would beautifully highlight the tweedy rusticity of this yarn.We hope that you can stop by to check out our Barley hats, and the beautiful selection of bright Kenzie colors.  You are going to love the feel of this yarn.

Product Review: Knitter's Pride Karbonz needles

Knitter’s Pride Karbonz are revolutionary needles that combine the premium quality of carbon fiber with perfectly shaped nickel plated brass tips.  The space age Carbon Fiber is ideal for knitting needles on account of its high tensile strength, light weight and a surface that offers excellent control over the stitches.  The product line offers a range of sizes (US 000 – US 10) and types including fixed circulars, single pointed needles, double pointed needles, and interchangeable circular needle sets and tips.  We stock all but the single pointed needles at the shop.All of us shop girls gave these needles a test drive over the past couple of weeks and we were all thrilled with how they felt. We all loved the spectacular flex and tensile strength of the carbon fiber that has the warm feel of wood.  The nickel tips have a nice sharp point, and make for smooth stitch transition.These needles combine the best of wood and metal needles; and so those of that have a preference for one or the other all found that we liked the feel of these needles.  Amelia and I both found that the flexible cables worked well for our preference for the magic loop.For those of you interested in giving these needles a try, you may want to experiment with your next project that calls for circular needles or double points.  If you want to take advantage of the holiday season and treat yourself to an interchangeable set, we have several in stock for you to choose from. karbonzThe limited edition Box of Joy ( $150) comes in a very elegant, black wooden box with a laser-cut design of a tree in bloom. The Karbonz needles peer through the space where the design of the tree appears. The set includes:9 needle tips sizes US 4 to US 114 Cords (to make 24", 40" & 2 of 32")1 set of cord connectorsa complimentary Shawl Pin from the new Azure Charm rangeThe Deluxe kit ($ 125.99) includes:9 needle tips sizes US 2.5 to US 104 Cords (to make 24", 40" & 2 of 32")1 Set of size markers8 End caps4 Cord keysThe Starter Kit ( $73.25) includes:5 needle tips sizes US 2.5 to US 62 Cords (to make 24" & 32")1 Set of size markers4 End caps2 Cord keysThe Midi Kit ($ 67) includes:4 needle tips sizes US 7 to US 102 Cords (to make 24" & 32")1 Set of size markers4 End caps2 Cord keysMany of us have established knitting habits and preferences; and I never thought that I would be interested in knitting with anything but Addi needles.  Trying something new was a refreshing change, and showed me that even this "old dog" could learn a new trick or two.We hope that you will consider experimenting a little; either with a new tool, a new technique, or a new color that is outside of your box.  You'll probably be very pleased with the results! 

Downton Abbey at My Sister Knits

January 5th is a date marked on many calendars.  That evening on PBS, the Downton Abbey saga continues with the premier of Season 4.  This eagerly awaited program has inspired some wonderful creativity in the fiber world, and we are pleased to announce that we have a new arrival at the shop that you are going to want to work with. downtonAmy Lee Serradell of Portland Oregon is the creative genius behind Canon Hand Dyes.  She is hand dying a delicious fingering weight yarn that is a wonderful 2 ply pebbled twist of 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon.These skeins are all named after our favorite characters on the hit show.  Each skein is 395 yards and costs $29.  We had a lot of fun when these skeins arrived deciding which color best suited the character they are named after. downton 02She has also created beautiful stitch markers to accompany these skeins.  These are available for $13.A little gift bag including a skein of this yarn and stitch markers to match might be the perfect gift for the Downton Abbey fan that is on your holiday gift list this year.  Give us a call at the shop at 970-407-1461 to reserve yours soon.  Our limited supply of these fun gifts are sure to be snapped up quickly.

We've opened our Winter class registration

We are thrilled to be offering a great new selection of classes this January through March that can offer you some fun new challenges, introduce you to some very talented local knitters, and provide you with a chance to learn our most requested techniques.We are trying something new for 2014, with an exciting new selection of Skills Clinics that have been designed to give you quick hands-on practice of a large variety of methods that can take you from the start of a project all the way through to the end.  These include cast-ons, continental knitting, steeking, seaming, blocking, cast-offs, as well as project photography and Ravelry instruction. And that’s not all.  Check out the Classes page on our website for all the details. These workshops are designed to build on each other, and can be taken in sequence for comprehensive learning.  You'll gain a great deal of practical knitting experience from what we have lined up for you.Signing up for more than one of our new Skills Clinics can offer you some savings.  Sign up and pre-pay for 2 classes and get 10% off the class fees. Sign up and pre-pay for three or more, and receive a 20% discount off the class fees.  You’ll want to give us a call at the shop to sign up early as our class sizes will remain intimate to ensure the best learning environment.For those of you who have come to love working with Vic England, she'll be offering two great project-based classes this Winter.  These will give you a chance to try a knit skirt and top-down socks.  We'll continue to offer our Learn to Knit class and Fixing Mistakes class once a month, so that those of you brand new to the craft have a chance to get started without delay.  And as always, we can offer help and advice any time the shop is open; and one-on-one instruction is available at $35 an hour for private tutorial sessions that can ensure our undivided attention.If you are interested in participating in any of the classes, call the shop at 970-407-1461 to register. Registration for classes closes a calendar week before the class, so call early to ensure you secure your spot.  We hope that we'll be seeing you around our work table this Winter.   We love to see what you're working on and hope that we can help!

Julie's new Favorite Thing

If you have stopped by the shop in the past several weeks you might have seen Julie modeling her new favorite cowl.  Kristin knit up a modified version of the Shibui Mix No. 20 pattern designed by Antonia Shankland. © Shibui Knits This luscious cowl is created by knitting with a strand of Shibui Cima and a strand of Shibui Silk Cloud held together throughout.  This combination brings the best of both yarns together to create an accessory with the warmth and drape of alpaca, the resiliency of wool, and the pop of silk.  The Mohair casts a soft halo of downy fiber that makes it a cowl that Julie can’t bear to be separated from for long.She loves encouraging folks to try it on, because it has just the right amount of warmth and comfort to make cool mornings and evenings feel comfortable instead of frigid. shibui cowl 02Kristin made a few modifications to the pattern as she made her cowl. She decided that she’d prefer a version that is half as wide and also half as large.  By working the pattern with her modifications, the cowl that Julie loves has less bulk, and uses 2 skeins fewer yarn than the pattern calls for.  So it knits up in half the time. shibui cowlWe have copies of the pattern in the shop, and we would be happy to provide you with the notes that detail Kristin’s changes.  We have also kitted up several POP colors so that you only need to purchase quarter skeins for the beautiful burst of color that you see on the edges.Your savings can continue if you can stop by the shop today or give us a call, because our store-wide 20% off sale continues until 5pm tonight.  Today's the day to treat yourself to one of Julie's favorite things!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that you are having a very happy holiday.  We are enjoying some time with our families today, and feeling grateful for all of our friends that we have met through the shop.To express our gratitude, and to share our excitement for the season, we are opening our doors a couple of hours early tomorrow; so that you can take advantage of the store wide savings of 20% off that we’ll be offering.  This discount can be applied to all our beautiful yarn, all our needles and notions, as well as our fun gift items such as bags, yarn bowls, and candles.  And additional savings are available!Bring an unopened package of children's clothing to the shop during these two days and we will offer you 30% off your entire purchase!All month long, we have been accepting donations of new unopened packages of children's underwear, socks, tights, leggings, underpants, t-shirts, even little sweat pants. (Ages 5 -12).  These items will be distributed to under-privileged elementary school children in the Fort Collins area.  Please bring what you can and support local kids that need our help.Our sale extends through 5pm on Saturday, but we imagine that you'll want the best selection, so you may want to plan on arriving early.  We can't wait to see you.

Our Shibui selection is a little bit richer

We received another new addition to our amazing Shibui selection last week: Shubui Baby Alpaca DK.  This is the softest, finest baby alpaca on the market.  It is a 3-ply DK-weight yarn that is perfect for next-to-skin garments for even the pickiest wearer.  Each skein has a generous 255 yards. shubui alpaca briWe have a beautiful color range of brights... shubui alpaca neuas well as some terrific neutrals that will complement any palette.We are thrilled to add this yarn to the other Shibui yarn offerings that we stock including: Silk Cloud, Linen, Staccato, Heichi, Pebble, and Cima.  This new addition is going to allow us to play with some of the Shibui Mix patterns for fun hats that have caught our eyes.  (A quick visit to the shop these days will clearly illustrate how much we have enjoyed knitting hats this month).Mix No. 6 designed by Kristin Spurkland is a great slouch hat that will be the softest hat you've ever encountered when you combine Baby Alpaca DK together with Silk Cloud.  And Mix No. 24 designed by Alexandra Tinsley with it's three pompoms is a real showstopper.We hope that you can stop by to see all of the samples we have in the shop that highlight some of  the many combinations of Shibui yarns.  Any one of them could get you excited about double or even triple stranding these stunning yarns to terrific effect! 

A simple hat, two ways

We have been having a lot of fun this fall experimenting with patterns and yarns; inspired in part by the Shibui mixology event that we hosted at the end of last month.  We have enjoyed seeing how different yarns and different yarn combinations can influence the look and feel of a project.  Two of the many hat samples we have in the shop right now illustrate how your yarn choice can make a difference.The Simple Pleasures hat was designed by the Purl Bee team.  The pattern has you using two strands of the lace yarn held together for the brim, and then substituting mohair lace for one of those strands for the body of the hat.  The two textures complement each other beautifully, and create a subtle color difference which makes the slouchy hat more interesting.  The two fine strands create a hat that is very light, and yet very warm. simple pleasures hats Julie made a version of this hat (on the left) last winter using SweetGeorgia Yarns’ CashSilk Lace and Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  The silk in the lace yarn used for the ribbed brim creates a soft sheen that makes a nice feminine touch.   On the right, is a version Helen knit up this fall using Shibui Pebble and Silk Cloud.  The nubby texture of the cashmere, fine merino, and recycled silk blend makes a tweedier brim that contrasts nicely with the soft fuzzy halo of the hat’s body.We have a number of other samples in the shop knit up with various yarn selections so that you can clearly see how yarn selection can impact your finished product.  We hope that you get a chance to stop by to see what we've been working on. and what we've learned from our experiments.  We'd love to help you find the perfect skein(s) for your next project.

Holiday decorating with wool

Dawn and I spent some time last week putting up the shop’s holiday decorations, and as we untangled strands of Christmas lights it got us thinking about ideas we can share with you. ballsWe love the idea of placing a full wooden bowl of these beautiful nesting balls from Ten Good Sheep on the Thanksgiving table.  This unusual centerpiece will highlight your love for fun fiber and give your guests something to talk about.  After the leftovers have been stored, and the dishes washed, these nesting balls can be hung in trees around your garden giving your neighborhood song birds materials to line their nests.  Each ornament has a tag identifying the specific sheep the roving comes from. wreathesWe also love Churchmouse’s Wooly Wreath & Garland.  The staff started stitching like mad last December when this pattern was first published, and now the shop has a half dozen of these beautiful wreaths.  We knit up the shop versions with Fleece Artist’s Slubby Blue yarn; and last week we received a new shipment of skeins in a deep red, a rich green, and the classic natural color that looks so beautiful against a red door.The pattern includes instructions for two sizes, and we have the wreath forms in the shop, so you can get everything you need with one quick stop!  You may decide to knit up one of each size and hang them together for a full large wreath that will be the envy of your neighbors.

New to MSK

We have a new yarn at the shop that we think you are going to want to work with.  We asked a couple of our sample knitters to “test drive” a few skeins by knitting up a couple of lovely Brooklyn Tweed patterns.Rowan Tweed Aran is a 100% wool yarn that is deliciously soft.  It is the largest gauge member of the Rowan Tweed family that includes our fingering weight favorite: Fine Tweed.  The Aran version gets 17-19 stitches and 23-25 rows to 4 inches on US 7 - 8 needles.  Each 50 gram skein has 105 yards.  We think that it could be a great substitute for Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, for those of you looking for a tweedy yarn option to knit up these beautiful patterns. © BTknitsOne of our sample knitters knit up Michele Wang’s Broome.  This beret and mittens set was included in the BT Fall 11 collection.  She made a few pattern modifications based on the comments she found on other Ravelry pattern notes. By removing a couple of pattern repeats, she made the beret a more perfect fit for her lovely daughter. kirkwood 01This is Kirkwood, a scrumptious scarf designed by Julie Hover.  This pattern was part of the BT Winter 13 collection published last winter.  The simple cable pattern highlights the fun tweed of the yarn and makes for a rustic accessory that anyone would want to snuggle into.We have a beautiful spectrum of colors in stock of Rowan Aran Tweed for you to choose from.  We can also help you find the perfect Brooklyn Tweed pattern to knit.  We hope that you can stop by to check out these samples and see what else we have in the shop for you to choose from.

The Fringe Supply Co.

Julie found some great new artwork that you may want to use to decorate your crafting space.  If you haven't seen this on Pinterest yet, you will. © Fringe Supply Co.

It is the YARN PYRAMID, a slyly amusing and beautifully produced poster. As you can probably guess from the name, it's a riff on the classic Food Pyramid, and it was designed to evoke an old-school educational poster. The concept and design work are by Karen Templer, with illustrations by her friend Leigh Wells. And it's been printed by their friend Victoria Heifner of Milkfed Press on her hand-cranked letterpress — each shape and letterform pressed into elegant ecru Crane & Co cotton card stock.

• 16 x 20 inches• two-color letterpress print (black and pale grey-blue on ecru cotton)• $22 or $37 for one of the limited quantity that Julie is having dry mounted

Julie ordered a limited supply of these beautiful posters, and these are sure to fly out of the shop.  Give us a call at 970-407-1461 to make sure you don't miss your chance to own a bit of fiber art that requires no knitting.