Join Our January Never Let Me Down Knit ALong!

We have the perfect project to give yourself a much needed pick-me-up for the beginning of the new year!  Kimberly's Never Let Me Down Cowl is our January KAL, beginning Tuesday evening January 9th and ending February 6th.  Kimberly will be in the shop during our community Knit Night on the 6th to get everyone started.My Sister Knits, Never Let Me Down cowl, Fort Collins, DK weight cowlA KAL is when a group of people work on the same project and there is usually a specific beginning and end date.  KALs are a lot of fun for several reasons!  The participants watch each other's projects develop, they offer support and encouragement to each other, and the use of different yarns is showcased.  It's also a great way to develop friendships!My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Anzula Cricket, cowl, Hedgehog FibresKimberly designed Never Let Me Down for her two best friends in high school.  Jennifer, Alex, and Kimberly were always there for each other and each helped the others make it through their teen years.Kimberly says, "This cowl is a great use for a zany yarn you like paired with your favorite neutral."My Sister Knits, Colorado, The Lemonade Shop yarn, Plucky Knitter, cowl, Never Let Me Down cowlNever Let Me Down calls for two skeins of DK weight yarn.  It has a twisted rib pattern; purl one, knit one through the back loop.  The unusual texture is created by pairing a DK weight yarn with size 15 needles.  The texture pops after it is aggressively blocked!This cowl is a quick knit made with an easy rib pattern; the best combination for 'social knitting'!  A colorful yarn is shown off to its best with this texture.My Sister Knits, Hue Loco yarns, Tosh Merino DK, madelinetosh, Colorado, cowl, DK weight yarnCome to the shop before January 9th to choose your yarn!  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to ohhh and ahhh over our selection of 'zany' yarns and to pair a neutral with it!   

Our Most Important Knitting Tool

You may be pondering about what is your most important knitting tool.  Most of us would come up with a variety of answers.  Knitting needles?  Gauge swatches? Patterns? A handy dandy fix it tool to grab dropped stitches?My Sister Knits, Colorado, knitting ergonomics, most important knitting toolAll of those are important but there is one tool we all have that we tend not to think of.  Our bodies.For if our bodies don't work right we can't knit.  Arms and hands get sore and tired.  Our necks get sore from looking down at our patterns.  Our bodies get stiff if we allow them to sit while we knit for hours.We all want to knit as long as possible and in order to do that we need to take care of our most important tool - ourselves!Carson Demers, a knitter, physical therapist, and ergonomist, has written a book entitled Knitting Comfortably, the Ergonomics of Handknitting.  This highly detailed book is full of essential information to keep our bodies in good shape for years to come.  Change starts with one step.  If you implement one thing that you can do to help your body, you will have taken the first step to knitting comfortably for years!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Fort Collins CO, knitting ergonomically, most important knitting toolOne of the basic tenets of the book is to make small changes before there's a need for them because small, almost unnoticeable problems become larger ones before we know it.

Knit on more than one project at a time

This is welcome news for those of us who have more than one project going at once!  This is actually good for your hands!  Carson suggests working on projects that use different yarn weights, different stitches, and different needle sizes to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Move more

It can be so hard to make yourself stop and get up to move when you're in the flow of your project!  Our bodies need movement so set a timer for every 20 to 30 minutes for a break.  This would be a great time to practice knitting standing up, get a glass of water, or do some stretches.  Possibly all three!  If a timer doesn't sound ideal you could set your break time to coincide with something to do with your pattern.  Are you doing a pattern that repeats itself?  Do you need to knit a certain amount of inches?  Decide on a spot in your knitting that takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to knit and make that your break time.

Protect your back

When we look down at our pattern or our stitches, we put pressure on our spinal discs.  To help avoid this, clip your pattern to a document reader.  You'll notice a difference almost right away!  Another thing to do is practice moving just your eyes, not your neck to look at your knitting.  The more you can do this, the easier it is on your back.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, ergonomic knitting, most important knitting toolWe've given you three ways to take care of your most important knitting tool!  They are among the multitude of ideas in Carson's book where he goes into the science of why these and others are important.  We'll give you more ideas in the coming months! 

Hannah Fettig's Home and Away Trunk Show is Here!

Home and Away, Hannah Fettig’s collection from her book of the same title, is with us through December 21st!This collection consists of pieces with simple lines, nothing fancy!  They are wardrobe essentials meant for everyday use.  Hannah used Quince & Co’s yarn which is sourced and spun here in the U.S.  Their color palette is subdued and their yarns are durable yet soft, perfect for garments that will be worn over and over!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Hannah Fettig, sweater knitting, home and awayThere is a hat that can be made in 5 sizes with directions for Bulky, Worsted and DK weight yarn!Then there are the sweaters!  Cardigans, pullovers, and a vest!  The amazing thing about the sweaters is that each one can be constructed in two ways!  You may choose to make a top-down raglan sleeved sweater or a bottom-up seamed sweater with set in sleeves.  Hannah wrote patterns for all of us!My Sister Knits, Colorado, cardigans, sweater knitting, knitbot, home and awayThe sweaters and vest are designed with worsted, DK, and fingering weight yarn; again, something for everyone!The fits vary from the close fitting Lesley pullover to the loose and comfortable fit of cardigans Georgetown and Boothbay.  The Moto Jacket is short while Calligraphy is a long cardigan.Hannah put careful thought into this collection, designing for extensive knitting preferences!My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Hannah Fettig, Quince & Co yarn, home and awayWe also have copies of the Home & Away book.  It is filled with gorgeous photographs and well written patterns. There are also helpful articles on gauge, choosing a size, sweater construction, understanding a knitting pattern, substituting yarn, knitting in the round, button bands and buttonholes, and finishing! We encourage you to come into the shop to see these Home and Away samples for yourself.  It’s always fun to check out a trunk show with multiple designs by one designer.  It helps you to find designers you like!We also are happy to help you substitute yarns for any project.  It's easier than you think but there are few things to consider when substituting so please ask if you're unsure!

Upcoming Classes

Resolve to learn something new in 2018! We have so many interesting class offerings coming up, and we are so excited to share them with you.  Starting with learning to knit all the way to colorwork and lace, we have something for everyone on our January class schedule. 

Robin is teaching her wonderful Learn to Knit class in January on the 6th and 13th from 9-10:30am. She covers all of the basics of knitting and purling including casting on and binding off. This is a great class for a new knitter or to give as a gift! 

Have you wanted to learn how to knit socks? Karen has just the class for you. This beginning socks class on January 20, 27 and February 3 from 1-3pm will take you through each step necessary to complete a cuff down sock using the magic loop method. Karen is a fabulous socks teacher and will surely inspire you to become an avid sock knitter.

If you have been interested in experimenting with new techniques, join us for the Copenhagen Cowl on January 16 and 23 from 6-8pm. After knitting the ribbed portion of the cowl as homework, Kelly will take you through the mosaic colorwork and lace patterns of the cowl and you will finish the class with a beautiful, wearable cowl for the rest of the winter. 

Skogafjall is an incredible sweater pattern that we fell in love with the moment we saw it. The colorwork yoke is stunning - and great for an adventurous beginner! If you can knit and purl, then Amelia can teach you to knit this sweater which has the option to be turned into a cardigan if you are especially daring. Sign up for this class on January 20, 27 and February 10 from 9-11am and find yourself wrapped in a handmade sweater the rest of the season! 

We also have two classes for any level of knitter, fixing mistakes which is a great class for anyone looking to get better at reading their knitting (yes, you can read knitting) and finding (and then fixing) mistakes. Fixing Mistakes will be offered on January 17th from 5:30-7pm with Amelia, who will also be teaching Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs on January 25th from 5:30-7:30pm. Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs is great for any level of knitter who wants to learn new techniques!

Find a list with detailed descriptions of all of our class offerings and sign up here. We look forward to teaching you something new next year!

Wool and the Gang is Here!

My Sister Knits is happy to announce that we are now stocking Wool and the Gang yarns!  Coming to us from England, this yarn company focuses on do-it-yourself fashion!

Crazy Sexy Wool

Made with Peruvian wool, this is a Super Chunky weight ball of single ply softness!  Calling for size 15 - 50 US needles and a wpi of 2.5, this yarn knits up fast!  We have two hat samples in the shop that are darling with a Wabarna pom pom added!  This yarn was designed with beginners in mind because progress is seen immediately!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins Colorado, Wool and the Gang, Heal the Wool

Heal the Wool

Also from Peru, this yarn is recycled wool fiber.  It is a soft, chunky two ply Super Bulky weight that also can be knit with size 15 - 50 US needles and has a wpi of 5.  Wool and the Gang donates 30% of the yarn price to Friends of the Earth to help fight climate change.

A word about wpi....

You may have noticed that these two yarns have different weight classifications but the suggested needle size is the same.  Crazy Sexy Wool has a wpi of 2.5 while Heal the Wool has a wpi of 5.  The term 'wpi' means wraps per inch.  To determine the wpi of a yarn, it is wrapped carefully around a ruler, with each wrap touching the one before but not overlapping, for one inch.  The number of wraps helps to determine the weight of the yarn.  Taking into account the difference of wpis, Heal the Wool is the lighter weight of the two.My Sister Knits, Shiny Happy Cotton, knitted dishcloths, northern colorado

Shiny Happy Cotton

This aran/worsted weight pima cotton is also from Peru and rounds out our Wool and the Gang collection.  Items made with pima cotton are softer, denser, and more durable that those made with regular cotton.  Just feel our Fade Cowls and dishcloths that are on display!local yarn shop, Colorado, Wool and the Gang, My Sister KnitsProjects made with Wool and the Gang are perfect for quick Christmas gifts!  We have ideas for hats, cloths for dishes or faces, and cowls on display.  We invite you to come in and check them out!   

Thanksgiving, 2017

"What if, today, we were thankful for everything?"  Charlie BrownMy Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Colorado, local yarn shop, Thanksgiving We at My Sister Knits want to wish everyone a thanks-filled Thanksgiving!  Our hearts are overflowing as we remind ourselves to be aware of both the large and small things we appreciate on a daily basis.  From good health in our families to the way an autumn leaf catches the sun and everything in between, we are thankful for the goodness in our lives! My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Thanksgiving We are also thankful for what knitting brings to us......a community of  supportive, encouraging people; beautiful yarn that we love, whether it's as soft as cashmere or a sturdy rustic one; a sense of wonder and excitement as we start a new project; and the list goes on and on!We hope that you are able to squeeze a bit of knitting into your day!My Sister Knits, shop local, yarn shop fort collins 

Make a Gift Day on Friday, December 1st!

Sunday, December 3rd is National Make a Gift Day!  Those of us who love working with yarn most often love making things for others. It’s heartwarming to think of the recipient as we create, pouring love into each stitch. My Sister Knits is celebrating Make a Gift Day on Friday, Dec. 1st from 10am until 5pm.  We had so much fun on Make a Hat Day in September that we are doing it again!  We will have breakfast pastries, we’ll order in lunch and we’ll celebrate our accomplishments with a glass of champagne at the end of the day!

 Marshmallow Mitts by Tin Can Knits, using YOTH Daughter.

 We have chosen several patterns that are quick to knit up, and beautiful as well, ranging from cowls to mitts and hats. Even if you can't sit and knit with us for long, come in on December 1st and pick up some patterns and yarn to get knit up before the holidays!

Fern Lace Cowl, knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

We look forward to helping you pick out a few quick knits on December 1st!

Sizzlingly Spectacular Sample Sale by Kate Salomon!

Last week we gave you the opportunity to help survivors of the sex trafficking trade by purchasing colorful handmade Kantha quilts.  This week we’re giving you the opportunity to help the Red Cross hurricane relief by purchasing handknits at our Sample Sale!My Sister Knits, Kale Salomon, Sample Sale, Fort Collins, handknit sweatersThose of you who have been long time customers of My Sister Knits may fondly remember Kate Salomon.  Those of you who don’t know her will have seen her beautifully knitted samples in the shop. A few years ago Kate moved to Vermont but her presence in the shop is still felt.  Right now we have at least three of her samples on display!  Ask about them the next time you are in the shop!Kate has accumulated a daunting amount of her own handknits. She’s decided that it would be fabulous if some of these found a new home where they are truly appreciated and worn, all while helping a good cause.My Sister Knits, local knit shop, local yarn shop, cowls, Colorado, stranded knittingToward that end, My Sister Knits is having a two-pronged Sample Sale of her handknits with the proceeds going to Red Cross hurricane relief.  Thursday, Nov. 16th from 4 - 6:30pm we will hold an Instagram auction!  Go to our Instagram, @mysisterknits, to bid on your favorite items!  We will notify winners that evening.My Sister Knits, knitted hats, northern Colorado, local yarn shopBut wait!  Before that, on Tuesday, Nov. 14th, those of us in or near Fort Collins will have a special opportunity to purchase these items in the shop from 5 - 7:30pm.  Most of these you will recognize and most have never been worn!Among the items Kate has given us are cowls, shawls, sweaters, hats, and even a blanket!  Think instant Christmas gifts!Join us for either of these events and know you are again helping those in need.  Plus, you get to have something you may have drooled over in the shop!

My Sister Knits' Kantha Quilt Event Nov. 7th!

My Sister Knit's Kantha (pronounced KAHN-taa) Quilt Event on Tuesday, Nov. 7th from 5 - 7pm will be a feast for your eyes!  These colorful quilts are one of a kind and make you happy when you see them!Kantha Quilts are hand made in India from recycled cotton saris.  The saris are layered and sewn together in the Kantha style.  They are reversible and usually one side is quite different from the other.These quilts have been made in rural India for centuries and are traditionally used to honor and welcome guests.  The color and patterns vary as each one is a unique handmade item of cultural art.Not only useful as light blankets, they look beautiful folded and stacked, draped over a sofa, as tablecloths or runners,  made into pillow covers, or to dress up accent pieces.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Fort Collins, Kantha, Kantha QuiltsWe are having a pop-up shop with these quilts on Tuesday, Nov. 7th from 5 - 7pm.  The quilts vary in size and we even have some zippered bags made from them!These particular quilts were made by women in India who have been rescued from the sex trafficking trade.  Making and selling these traditional quilts goes a long way toward creating financial independence for the women.  The sale of these pieces directly benefit the women who made them.local yarn shop, My Sister Knits, Kantha quilts, They come to us through a local non-profit, the U Count Campaign to fight human trafficking globally and domestically.  It is a team of dedicated volunteers whose passion is to raise awareness of this crime and to support the victims through the sale of the Kantha quilt products and private donations.More information can be found about their work locally here and internationally here.  We have Julie to thank for bringing us this opportunity to become aware of and directly help these victims of this unspeakable crime.Be sure to stop by the shop Tuesday evening to add some happiness to your home!

Grab This Chance to Learn From the Best, Elizabeth Doherty!

Rarely do we get teachers and designers of Elizabeth Doherty's caliber to teach in Fort Collins.   We are incredibly lucky to have the experience of learning from her the weekend of November 4th and 5th! There are three classes available; Warming Up to Linen, Tailored Pockets for Any Sweater, and Top-Down Set-In Sleeves.Just a few weeks ago I had the unforgettable opportunity to take her Top-Down Set-In Sleeve class and it changed the way I will knit sweaters forever!  I've only made cardigans and I now have the skills to make a pullover!  That fits!  My cardigans always fall off my shoulders.  The armholes are too big which results in extra fabric under my arms.  Elizabeth taught how to fix those problems and I am over the  moon about that!  I can't wait to cast on a sweater using my new knowledge!My Sister Knits, Elizabeth Doherty, sweater knitting, Fort Collins, set-in sleeves, knitting classes, knitting designersElizabeth's class walks us through her ideas about how to create a classic fit that flatters.  Her top down patterns allow us to try on our sweaters as we go.  Her class covers both the techniques and the math involved in modifying other patterns for a better fit.  She measures each student!  Having those numbers gives us the tools we need to improve the fit of any sweater pattern!Sweaters with shoulder seams and set-in sleeves provide a better fit than other styles due to their structure.  Unfortunately, that usually includes sleeve and side seams which are intimidating.  Thanks to Elizabeth's class, I will never have to sew a side seam or set in a sleeve again and neither will you!  She teaches exactly how to pick up armhole stitches and knit the sleeves top-down.  In any sweater!Trying on her samples is a voyage of discovery!   Patterns that you might not have thought would work for your figure are as flattering as they are comfortably wearable.  I was happily surprised by several of them!Elizabeth has an engineer's mind and approaches knitting in a unique way.  She notices problems, figures out how to solve them, and the rest of us benefit!  She has some surprising tips and tricks to improve stitch consistency and prevent 'rowing out'.  I have always had a problem with a hole at the underarm when joining a sleeve.  No matter how many people I asked or how much research I did, I could not find a way to eliminate it.  Elizabeth has a marvelously simple way to avoid the gap entirely!This class is essential for any sweater knitter whether you're planning your first one or your tenth!  Not only will you have a valuable learning experience, you will have fun doing it!  Plus, Elizabeth will tell us her secret to life!Knowing how much I learned from this class, I can't wait for the other two she's teaching! Take advantage of this fantastic chance to learn from one of the best right in our own back yard!  Call the shop now to secure a spot in one or all of Elizabeth's classes!  970.407.1461

Beauteous Black Elephant Yarn has Arrived!

Our highly anticipated shipment of Black Elephant yarn has arrived!  We love the colorways of  the superwash DK and Sock weight yarns and exclaimed over each one as it was pulled out of the shipping box!My Sister Knits, Black Elephant Yarn, Fort Collins, DK weight yarn, speckled yarn Black Elephant yarns are hand dyed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.  Ten years ago Petra Schwarcz moved to England from Slovakia.  She learned to knit as a child but wasn't serious about it until she arrived in Sheffield which is colder than Slovakia!  She wanted hand knits to keep her warm and cozy.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, fingering weight yarn, sock weight yarn, Black Elephant yarn Petra found that there were no video tutorials in the Slovakian language so she had to relearn how to knit in English.  Imagine!  It occurred to her that maybe there were other Slovakian knitters who would like some video tutorials in their own language.  She started a blog and posted some!  She was bowled over by amount of knitters who appreciated them and clamored for more!Soon after, she discovered hand dyed yarn.  That was the beginning of her fascination with fibers of all sorts; wool, alpaca, angora, cashmere, silk, she wanted it all!My Sister Knits, Colorado, sock knitting, speckled yarn,  Of course the name Black Elephant has a story behind it!  One Christmas her mother gave her a special notebook to be used for her knitting ideas.  There was a darling little elephant on the front cover.  Petra's last name means black in German and some of her friends used that as a nickname for her.  She put those two names together for her company.Black elephants do exist and, according to Hindu thinking, elephants are revered as symbols of good luck and good fortune so Petra's choice is excellent!Come into the shop to see this whimsically colored yarn in person! We have many more colorways than are shown in these photos. When you hold it in your hand, think about Petra and her story and know that this is a special yarn indeed. 

How to Prepare for Knitting a Dream Project!

Today we're going to tell the story of Sally.  Sally is a newish knitter who is totally smitten with all things knitterly.  She loves to sniff and squish yarn, she has her own Ravelry account, she took our Learn to Knit class, and is eager to learn new skills.The other day Sally came into the shop and she saw our Ondawa sample. She was awed by the intricate cables and the textural beauty of this sweater.  She said to herself, "Oh my, if only I could create something this beautiful but I don't even know how to cable!".My Sister Knits, Ondawa, Brooklyn Tweed, Fort Collins, knitting cables, sweater knittingOndawa is Sally's 'later' project.  For now, she needs to start with a something  smaller and simpler, take a class, and come in for Fearless Knitting help to perfect her cabling skills.  She may even look to her favorite online resources for technique tutorials when she can't make it into My Sister Knits.  In addition, Tuesday Knit Nights will provide her with an encouraging group of knitters who will be cheering her on every step of the way.Sally will start with an easy cabling pattern such as the Pollen Hat.  By the time she's finished she'll be cabling with ease, full of confidence in her ability to learn, and her 'later' project will be closer to reality.Pollen Hat, Andrea Mowry, Drea Renee Knits, My Sister Knits, northern ColoradoThe next step on Sally's journey to Ondawa needs to be a bit more complex.  She spied our Cranberry Capelet sample, tried it on, and fell in love with the cable columns that can run either up and down the side or the front.  It depends on how you want to wear it!This is a perfect mid-level project for several reasons:  like Pollen, it's made with worsted weight yarn which will make it easier to see what she's doing and the whole project go faster, it has cables over a larger number of stitches, and there are two easy-to-follow charts that will prepare her for the ones in Ondawa.My Sister Knits, Blue Sky Fibers, Woolstok, Cranberry Capelet, Thea Colman, Baby Cocktails, Colorado, My Sister KnitsWhen Sally finishes her Cranberry Capelet she'll be ready to start her dream sweater!  Her passion for Ondawa and her belief in herself allow her to develop the needed skills quicker than otherwise.  She also knows that there is help and a community of support at the shop.Sally will have prepared herself to make something that wasn't possible in the beginning.  She'll realize it's an amazing feeling to attempt such a feat!Do you have a 'later' project that you dream about?  We'll be delighted to help you find projects like Sally's that will prepare you to create it!

Elizabeth Doherty is Teaching at My Sister Knits!

Elizabeth Doherty is coming to teach at My Sister Knits!  We are not only thrilled but honored to have her!Elizabeth Doherty, My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, ColoradoElizabeth's designs have been published by Quince & Company, Brooklyn Tweed, and Twist Collective.  Her book, Top down: reimagining set-in sleeve design, has become a go-to reference on knitters' bookshelves.  To have a teacher of Elizabeth's caliber come to Fort Collins is a special event indeed!

Top-Down Set-In Sleeves, Sunday Nov. 5th, 10am - 6pm

My Sister Knits, sweater knitting, set in sleeve knitting, knitting classesElizabeth has developed an innovative method for knitting top down sweaters with set-in sleeves!  Simply put, sweaters need to fit our shoulders.  In order to do that, the armholes need to be shaped so that there is the correct amount of fabric across both the back and the front.  This will allow your sweater to stay put on your body, not look sloppy or fall off your shoulders. Elizabeth will teach us how to do it!We will learn everything we need to know about making a sweater that fits in the shoulders and armholes using our own measurements!  This will transform our sweater knitting into a thing of pleasure.  Never again will it be an experience of fret and worry about the fit!Read more about Elizabeth's set-in sleeves and the class details.

Warming Up to Linen, Saturday, Nov. 4th, 10am - 1pm

Elizabeth Doherty, bluebeestudio, My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, knitting with linenElizabeth will show us the wonders of knitting with linen!  This oft-neglected fiber creates garments with absolutely gorgeous drape that become softer and more supple with washing and wearing.  Linen is meant to go through the washer and dryer!  We will learn helpful techniques for working with a non-elastic plant-based yarn, from how to make our stitches look beautiful to weaving in ends.  If you've been hesitant to give linen a try, this is the class for you!  We'll become confident and eager to knit with this ages-old fiber!Read more about linen and the class details.

Tailored Pockets for Any Sweater, Saturday, Nov. 4th, 2pm - 5pm

My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, sweater knitting, adding pockets to a sweater, knitting classesWhen Elizabeth's friend Barb asked her to write pocket directions for the Copperplate cardigan, Elizabeth loved the  outcome!  She decided she wanted pockets in everything!  The beauty of free-hanging pockets is that they allow the front of the sweater to hang naturally without stretching out of shape.  Knit in a denser gauge with lighter weight yarn, these pockets don't add bulk and will stand up to use.  How fun to know how to put pockets in any sweater!Read more about the pockets and the class details.Call us at 970.407.1461 to reserve a spot in any or all of these classes.  They are an incredible, not-to-be-missed opportunity to develop new skills by a renowned designer and teacher! 



Let's Get Lost Shawl is our October Knit Along!

My Sister Knits is having another Knit Along!  Are you reluctant to join one because you just aren't sure exactly what one is or what might be expected of you?  Are you afraid you might not be able to keep up?Never fear; we are here to put your concerns to rest and answer your questions!  Plus, we hope to convince you to join our October Knit Along for the Let's Get Lost shawl!My Sister Knits, Colorado, Northern Colorado, Quince & Co, Sparrow, linen yarnA Knit Along is a treasured knitting tradition where people knit together towards a common goal which in this case is to make the Let's Get Lost shawl designed by Veronika Jobe of YOTH.  A KAL, as they are commonly referred to, is also a supportive place to develop new knitting skills.  It's a fun way to connect with a community of knitters with no pressure at all!  Come when you can and work at your own pace!Let's Get Lost has a fascinating construction.  It consists of two sections knit from side to side; a striped section and a mesh section.  The striped section is knit with a needle two sizes smaller than the mesh section!  We will enthusiastically and wholeheartedly guide anyone through the simple stitch patterns!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, KAL, Rosy Green Wool, Heb Merino fine, manx merino fineThis is a flexible pattern that has marvelous results and can be worked in a variety of yarns.  However, since it was designed using YOTH Yarns, we are offering a 20% discount on all YOTH yarns during October!My Sister Knits, YOTH yarns, Fort Collins, KAL, Knit Along, Tot le Matin yarnJulie will kick off this KAL on Tuesday, October 3rd at 6pm, during our Tuesday evening community Knit Night.  The official end is Tuesday, November 7th.  By posting your finished shawl on Ravelry by November 3rd, you will be entered into a drawing to win a coveted Jesabelle B Walk and Knit project bag!My Sister Knits, jesabell b bags, fort collinsThese handmade bags use classic fabrics such as denim, stripes, and linen and have an ingenious design that hangs perfectly from your arm while you knit.  We will demonstrate how to post a project on Ravelry at 7pm on October 3rd.  We encourage you to bring your portable devices and post your project right then and there!We invite you to join us for this fun, lighthearted, sociable knitting event!  You can join us in person on Tuesday evenings between October 3rd and November 3rd or you can join us in spirit!  Either way you can enter the drawing when you finish by November 3rd.

Wind Down Wednesdays are a Welcome Event!

We want to get the word out about Wind Down Wednesdays!  They are the last Wednesday of every month from 4 - 7 and are without a doubt open to everyone!  Sometimes it can be hard to join a group for the first time.  We want you to know that you will be welcomed with big smiles and friendly conversation!Each month we take a field trip to an eating establishment, bring along our knitting or crocheting, and have a rollicking good time!My Sister Knits, Wind Down Wednesday, Fort Collins, social knittingIt's a welcome afternoon/evening get away from our normal routines.  We love going to different venues and exploring all that Fort Collins has to offer.There is no need to sign up, just come anytime you can between 4 and 7 and stay for as long as you want!We have the next four months planned out.My Sister Knits, Wind Down Wednesdays, Fort Collins, Colorado, local yarn shop

September 27th

We'll meet at Illegal Pete's, 320 Walnut Street in Old Town.  Fun fact - they have a Starving Artist Program that gives out of town bands a free meal while they are on tour.

October 25th

Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro is the spot, 200B Walnut Street, again in Old Town.  Fun fact - cricket is on the menu!  Evidently they are crunchy with a slight taste of soy nuts!

November 29th

The week after Thanksgiving will find us at The Colorado Room, 642 S. College near the intersection of College and Laurel on the east side of the street.  Fun fact - their tables and bar are handcrafted from beetle kill wood!

December 27th

We can relax after Christmas at Mugs Coffee Lounge, 261 S. College at the intersection of College and Olive St.  Fun fact - owner McCabe Callahan opened Mugs when he was finishing his last semester at CSU!The autumn months often find us busier than ever.  Our Wind Down Wednesdays are meant to be a time away from responsibilities when we can take a much needed mental mini vacation!We hope you can join us.Leave a comment below if you have a suggestion for a meeting spot!  

Speckled Yarn and Plainer Yarn; How to Pair Them Successfully

We all have it - one skein of speckled yarn that caught our eye and we just had to make it our own immediately!  It's absolutely perfect!  The delicate base color is dappled with our favorite bolder colors and the whole skein makes us cheerful just looking at it.The problem is what to make with that one skein?  My Sister Knits has the answer for you; make a two-colored shawl!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, fingering weight shawls, These are three of several two-colored shawls on display in the shop.  They are all splendid patterns to showcase a speckled yarn!"Wait a minute", you say.  "How do I choose a yarn that will go with my dear beloved speckled skein?"  Once again, My Sister Knits comes to the rescue!  Armed with the information below you will become a master at selecting two yarns that play nicely together.Matching the yarn brands is not necessary!First, choose a yarn that is the same weight.  Fingerings go with fingerings, DKs go with DKs, you get the picture!Second, match the plies.  If yours is a single ply, pair it up with another single ply.  If it's plied, pair it with a plied yarn.Third, compare the drape of your beauty and pair it with a skein that has about the same.To do this, hold your speckled skein and the one you're considering in each hand to see what their 'flop factor' is.  The more flop, the drapier the yarn.  It's fun to go around the shop and test yarns, try it!Once you've found a yarn with the weight, ply, and drape that goes well with yours, it's time to choose a color!In the photo above we've paired yarns as examples.  Some are the same yarn line, some aren't.  The top left pair is a skein from tot le matin with one from madelinetosh.  That black has a hint of blue that is gorgeous!  The speckled yarn on the top right is hue loco paired with a tonal from hazel knits.  Look at how those greens match!The middle shelf shows how a speckled yarn can pair well with more than one color.  The speckled and the green are both Hedgehog Fibres while the orange is madelinetosh.The bottom two are both madelinetosh.Bring your speckled darling to the shop and have some fun choosing a playmate for it and an ideal pattern!  There are always plenty of people at the shop to help you with choosing if you so desire!  Staff and customers alike love to chime in on the yarn selection process when asked!We hope to see you and your precious speckled beauty soon!

An Invitation to MSK's Make a Hat Day Party Friday, Sept. 15th!

Friday, September 15th is Make a Hat Day and My Sister Knits is going to have some fun with it!  This is a merry way to kick off our fall knitting projects!My Sister Knits, Make a Hat Day, Wabarna, Fort Collins, knitted hatJenny will be at My Sister Knits all day hosting our Make a Hat Day party!  We invite you to come to the shop and knit a hat for the entire day or as long as your schedule allows.It will be a fun, rare day to focus entirely on knitting with no distractions! We'll have coffee and mid-morning treats.  Later we will have the option of ordering in lunch and of course there will be chocolate for our mid-afternoon break!  We'll finish up the day with a toast to our progress!Fort Collins, My Sister Knits, Make a Hat Day, Wabarna pompomsIf you've never knit a hat before, Jenny will be there to guide you through the process.  The only requirements are knowing how to knit and purl.  If you'd like to try a new technique on your hat, she will guide you through that also.  She'll gladly be your 'safety net' for your hat project on that day!My Sister Knits has a variety of patterns and samples made with Aran and Bulky weight yarns that will knit up quickly.  We've thoughtfully chosen patterns that require only simple stitches and cast ons.  However, you might find yourself falling in love with a hat knit in a lighter weight yarn or with more design details.  This will take a bit longer to finish but you will still make good progress by joining us for the bulk of the day!My Sister Knits, Colorado, Make a Hat Day, local yarn shop, Fort Collins yarn shopYou are welcome to come to My Sister Knits Friday, Sept. 15th ready with your yarn and pattern.  Alternatively, you may come that morning, choose your pattern and your yarn, and then get started!This coming Saturday, Sept. 9th, would be a perfect time to come in and choose your yarn!  Sandy Barnes from Shibui will be in the shop all day and will be happy to help you choose a Shibui combination that would make a luxurious hat!We hope you can join us for this fun, unusual event; no sign up is needed!  

September 7th is an Important Day for Shibui Knits!

Thursday, September 7th, knitters everywhere will have a treat courtesy of Shibui Knits!  That's the day we can see (and purchase) their Fall/Winter 2017 patterns along with their new yarn Birch!Birch is a single ply extra fine merino sport weight with a softness that is close to cashmere, pure sumptuousness!  It can be used by itself or paired with any of the Shibui yarns to create a unique fabric.  Shibui yarns are meticulously chosen and dyed to work together, allowing you to create your own fabric!My Sister Knits, Northern Colorado, local yarn shop, Shibui, Shibui Knits, Shibui RainTheir newest collection of patterns consists of six garments and two accessories.  As always, these designs are modern, tailored, and guaranteed to become wardrobe staples!There is a garter stitch pullover, Fresco, with a loose fit and notched hem.  If you're more in the mood for a boxy short sleeved pullover with a high/low hem, look no further than Odessa!  Three of the sweaters have Dolman sleeves which are knit along with the body so there is no armhole seaming.   Just the thing for a quick knit with a loose fit that creates an ideal layering piece!Shibui, My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Shibui Knits, Shibui ReedThe two accessories are Athos, a really interesting cowl/scarf knit half with one color and half with another.  The construction is unusual and creates a versatile accessory.  Icon is a stunning wrap with wedges that use three colors.We at My Sister Knits love knitting Shibui patterns because they are well written, with complete instructions and links to tutorials!My Sister Knits, Shibui Drift, Shibui, Shibui Knits, Colorado

Saturday, September 9th, we have another treat, courtesy of Shibui!

Shibui's Sandy Barnes will be at My Sister Knits all day and she is bringing the collection!  You'll be able to see, try on, and squish everything!  We will have the collection for just two days before Sandy whisks it away Tuesday night.Plan to come in either Saturday, Sept. 9th or Tuesday, Sept. 12th to choose one of these simple, sophisticated, 3-season lovelies to make!Tell us your favorite Shibui pattern or yarn combination in the Comments below!  

Take our See You at Rhinebeck Cowl Colorwork Class!

The third weekend in October finds knitters flocking to The New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York.  'Rhinebeck', as it is fondly called, can be described as Knitters' Mecca!My Sister Knits, Rhinebeck, Cowl, Fort Collins, knitting classThere is a vast assortment of animals, fiber, items made with fiber, so many yarns, designers, meet-ups with knitters from all over the world, demonstrations of all types, and more!Visitors wear their hand knits with pride, whether it be hats, shawls, sweaters or anything in between.  Consequently, fiber lovers go up to complete strangers, touch their garments, exclaim over them, and no one minds!If a visit to Rhinebeck isn't in the cards for you this year but you'd like to join in the fun somehow, then we have just the thing!My Sister Knits, knitting classes, northern colorado, RhinebeckOur gifted colorwork teacher, Jeannie Giberson, has designed a stranded colorwork cowl called the See You at Rhinebeck Cowl.  Happily, My Sister Knits has a two session class, taught by Jeannie, to teach this easier-than-it-looks cowl that is just right for a beginning colorwork project!This class meets Saturdays September 16th and 23rd from 9:30 to 11:30.  No prior experience with colorwork is needed! This may be just the project to get you hooked on this fun knitting technique with a teacher whose passion is colorwork!  Read about more class details here.Finishing the See You at Rhinebeck Cowl by the third weekend in October is entirely doable!  You'll probably have time to make two!  As a result, you can wear it that weekend and feel as if you're joining in the fun even if you aren't at Rhinebeck.My Sister Knits, Colorado yarn shops, knitting classes, stranded colorwork classesThere are only 6 class spots available as it's important to Jeannie to give her students the individual attention they need.  Call the shop to register for this fun opportunity to learn a new skill at 970.407.1461!

Come to our Plucky Knitter Party August 29th!

"And just what is a Plucky Knitter Party?", you ask.  Sarah, founder and owner of The Plucky Knitter, is traveling through Colorado and will visit My Sister Knits on Tuesday evening, August 29th!  We will have Sarah, light refreshments and beautiful luxury yarn from 5 - 7pm!Plucky Knitter Party, My Sister Knits, Plucky Knitter yarn, Fort Collins, yarnSarah is bringing about 100 skeins of exclusive yarn and it's a mystery what she'll have with her!  Will it be some of her merino/cashmere blends?  Or perhaps some merino/silk/camel blends?  How about some 100% cashmere?  Maybe some of her merino/cashmere/alpaca blends?  The possibilities are many and we can hardly stand the suspense!Plucky Knitter, My Sister Knits, Northern Colorado, yarn, merino yarn

What makes The Plucky Knitter yarn so special?

This scrumptious yarn is made to Sarah's exacting specifications.  She has high personal standards of excellence, responsibility  and ethical practices that she strongly upholds.  As a result, she works closely with her mills, combining her love for luxury and creativity to create the finest quality yarns.  She loves to constantly play with different blends of yarns to create new bases!Each skein is hand dyed, with colors that have been tested on the different bases to be sure they come alive!Plucky Knitter yarn, Fort Collins local yarn shop, Colorado, My Sister Knits

Where can The Plucky Knitter yarn be purchased?

This yarn is available from their Etsy shop or their blog.  When purchasing it online, it is ordered first and then it is dyed, so the wait is typically about 30 days.  In addition, a few yarn shops carry it and if you're lucky enough to attend a show where they are vendors you can snag some.  However, you can pick some up for yourself at My Sister Knits' Plucky Party!  That is why our Plucky Knitter Party is such a special occasion!Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 29th from 5 - 7pm and plan to attend our festive evening!