Knitting is Love Made Visible

Knitting is Love Made Visible

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”

“Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises.”

Elizabeth Zimmerman, the beloved mother of ‘modern’ knitting, was a wise woman.  She understood that knitting is so much more than just following a pattern and creating something. The reasons we knit are many and varied.  

Get It While It Lasts!

Get It While It Lasts!

North Light Fibers is discontinuing their worsted weight Water Street and Atlantic yarns.  Never fear, the DKs will still be available! 

If you’ve been wanting some of this luscious yarn now is the time to get it before it’s all gone!  

Samples Galore!

Samples Galore!

Samples abound at My Sister Knits!  Our samples are meant to be taken down, tried on, turned inside out, examined, and in general, used!  

We have several new ones that we’re going to highlight in this post.  We encourage you to come in and fondle them to your heart’s content!

An Invitation to Make a Hat Day!

An Invitation to Make a Hat Day!

National Make a Hat Day is an unofficial holiday that occurs every September 15th.  We don’t know who started it or when it began but it’s a great way to kick off your fall knitting!

It’s becoming a tradition at My Sister Knits to celebrate Make a Hat Day!  Since September 15th is a Sunday this year, we shall have our party on Saturday, September 14th from 10 until 4.

Focus On: The Farmer's Daughter Fibers Yarn

Those of you who have been asking will be thrilled to know that we have received a shipment of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers yarn!  We’ve been anxiously awaiting this delivery of Craggy Tweed DK, Squish Worsted, and Juicy DK. We are fortunate to be one of only two yarn shops in Colorado to carry this delectable yarn.

This yarn comes to us from Candice English in Great Falls, Montana.  Montana is in Candice’s blood! Her mother was born and raised on the Blackfeet Reservation which is east of Glacier National Park and just south of Alberta, Canada.  

Squish Worsted

Squish Worsted

Her father’s family was from northeastern Montana, a region that symbolizes the state with rolling prairies, wheat fields, cattle herds, and mountains in the distance. Her paternal grandmother was known for her love and artistry in traditional fiber arts, including knitting.  Luckily, this passion was passed down to her granddaughters!  

As Candice says, “Rich American roots, traditions, strength, and family ways drive us  It embodies all aspects of what we do.”

Juicy DK

Juicy DK

Through their Sisters United Initiative, The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers is dedicated to making monthly contributions to local and national programs that support Native women, youth, and communities. A list of the organizations who have benefited from their contributions is on their website.

Squish Worsted and Juicy DK yarn are 100% Superwash Merino.  Merino is known as a fine, soft wool with elasticity and suppleness and is excellent for next-to-skin wear!


Craggy Tweed DK is 85% Superwash Merino and 15% Nep which is small knots of fiber intentionally embedded in the yarn. 

Candice is an incredibly talented dyer.  Her yarns are either tonal or speckled. Every speckled yarn has more than one tonal to pair it with so that has a tendency to cause decisions to be difficult!  On the flip side, it is so nice to have tonals and speckles from the same dyer!

We’re excited for you to see these yarn colorways for yourself!  Fair warning, as soon as you pick one up, you’ll notice how squishy it is and it will be hard to put down! 

It's Yarn Crawl Time!

Every July brings us the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl!  This year the dates are Saturday July 27th through Sunday August 11th.

hot august knits logo.JPG

Eight shops are participating this year.  They cover a good portion of the Front Range, from as far south as Longmont, north to Cheyenne and Laramie, and as far west as Estes Park.  And there are four shops in Fort Collins!

The yarn crawl is such a fun opportunity to explore our region and see what all of the yarn shops have to offer.  Each has its own personality! 

There are perks to joining the yarn crawl crowd.  Each shop has a free pattern, you meet other knitters from the area, you can enter drawings for prizes, and there’s a party atmosphere in each yarn shop!


You’ll want to go to the Passport page of the Hot August Knits’ website and print out a Passport before  starting your tour. Have it stamped at each shop you go to.  If you get to all eight yarn shops, turn your fully stamped Passport in at the last shop you visit.  No purchase is necessary to participate in this drawing. It will then be entered into a drawing for one of eight grand prize baskets.  Each yarn shop will have one of these baskets on display. They all are a bit different so be sure to check them out on your journey!

You can also look at this map to get an idea of where the shops are located.

My Sister Knits has some special events planned for the yarn crawl! First of all, we will open at 9am on the first day, Saturday July 27th.  Next, we will have a daily drawing for a gift that will be posted each morning.   A purchase will enter you into this drawing. At the end of the yarn crawl, we will have a drawing for a $50 gift certificate.  No purchase is necessary for this.  Be sure to get a ticket at the shop and enter!

We have a pop-up shop planned to celebrate the middle weekend of the yarn crawl. Saturday August 3rd we will host Rachel from Lakewood, CO-based Six and Seven Fibers.  Rachel dyes, among other things, the Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables yarn collections!  She will be in the shop with her yarns from 10am until 1pm.


At My Sister Knits, we love meeting all of the ‘yarn crawlers’ and hearing your stories! Many people gather some friends and take two days to complete it.  It is an ideal opportunity to find new coffee shops and lunch spots in a different city! The yarn-bombed tree will help you know where the shop is!

We hope you can get in on the merriment that is the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl! If you have any questions, please call the shop at 970.407.1461

Announcing Coop Knits Yarn and Books

Announcing Coop Knits Yarn and Books

We have some Coop Knits yarn and books in the shop that you’re going to want to know about!

Rachel Coopey lives in the UK and designs socks, mittens, and hats but mostly socks. She lives and breathes socks, both designing them and knitting them. She loves them so much she created her own yarn that shows off her designs to the max!

Mindful Knitting: An Extraordinary Class!

My Sister Knits is offering our knitting community a class this summer that won’t be available anywhere else! This is a remarkable class that we are super excited about - Mindful Knitting!

We now have Julie Jensen on our teaching staff and she has a background that is of immense benefit to fiber folk. Julie is a learning professional for a global corporation and has been in corporate training for about 12 years. A few years ago she was certified as a Mindfulness Coach and has been training in the corporate world.


Julie realized that she could apply her Mindfulness training to her knitting and now all of us connected with My Sister Knits can take advantage of Julie’s deep knowledge by taking her Mindful Knitting class!

This is a three part class on Thursday evenings from 6 - 8. The dates are July 11th, 18th, and 25th.

The ultimate outcome of the class is to teach us to have a better sense of relaxation and peace when we knit/crochet. We will develop the mental space to focus on our knitting/crocheting and let go of the chaos in our brains. How often do you have thoughts rolling around in your head when you work with yarn? Do you plan when to go to the grocery store next? Or when you’re going to get the laundry done? Or do you ponder the answers to the world’s questions? Suddenly you’re brought back to reality when you find a mistake or have lost count.


Julie will teach us how to slow down (and therefore we will speed up because we won’t be making mistakes), how to be present with our knitting/crocheting, and we will develop a depth of joy and productivity with our projects that surpasses our current level.

We will become aware of a rhythm of counting with our projects, which is an intriguing concept!


Mindfulness is a discipline one has to learn and we will have small mindfulness exercises as homework each week to allow us to practice and benefit from Julie’s specialized knowledge. Each class session will build on the one before it and we will be well on our way to a mindfulness knitting practice by the end of the third session!

To sign up for this class online follow this link to our Classes section of the website. You can also sign up by calling the shop at 970.407.1461.