An Excellent Poncho!

Every now and then a project comes along that everyone falls in love with.  It usually is one that looks good on all body types, is easy to knit, and uses a lovely yarn.diana-in-shelteredWe have just such a project in the shop!   It's an intriguingly designed poncho by Andrea Mowry, Sheltered.There's a design choice to be made with this poncho:  hood or cowl neck?  Directions are given for both and that decision can be made at the very end of this project!sheltered-rtpWe highly suggest knitting and blocking a 4" - 6" gauge swatch to ensure your desired fit.  Once that is done and your needle size selected, it's time to cast on!  This poncho is knit in two pieces with just a little bit of mattress stitch at the shoulders.You begin with the lower back, starting with a section of short rows to shape the bottom edge.  Jenny is going to use the Shadow Short Row method which is explained in detail in this tutorial from Cocoknits.  If you aren't comfortable with short rows or mattress stitch, please let us help you.  Jenny is here exclusively to help with your knitting questions from noon until 1 pm on Thursdays and Saturdays.  However, we all are happy to help as time permits during the day!close-up-of-sheltered-rtpThis is a well written pattern that is easy to follow.  The texture on the top of the front and back is made by knitting through the back loop (ktbl).  Andrea has us slipping the first stitch of every row which makes picking up stitches for the hem a breeze.buttons-rtpQuite a few of us have decided that we'd like our sides held closed and are pondering whether to tack them down as suggested in the pattern, use big decorative buttons, or use our Jul Leather Pedestal Button closures that screw on and can be moved from garment to garment.jul-closures-rtpWe'd love you to come in and try on this poncho; you may be as captivated with it as we are!