Have you noticed the craft magazines coming out of the UK?

They are gorgeous!  Julie is a subscriber of Mollie Makes.  We all get excited when the new issue arrives in the mail.  The pages are brimming with beautiful photos and fun designer profiles of folks in the UK that are filling their lives with their craft in beautiful and inspiring ways.  The magazine is worth checking out (we have this month’s copy in the shop) and the site is worth visiting. You may find yourself wanting to sign up for their newsletter for great craft ideas delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. 

For those of you with ipads, you have access to Gathered, a weekly virtual craft magazine that is a spin off of Mollie Makes.  You’ll have to decide if an online magazine is as much fun to flip through as a paper verison.  It reminds me of one of my other favorite online magazines: Twist Collective.  This publication is more strictly knitting based and a quick virtual spin through their archives will probably add to your Ravelry project queue.  But I digress.

Selvedge is another stunner of a magazine.  This bi-monthly magazine always suprises me with its weight--literally.  It is printed on very heavy stock and the resulting quality of the images in the magazine are extraordinary.  The content is carefully curated so that each issue stands as an almost independant omage to a particular idea, concept or tradition.  I find flipping through these issues is more of a research project than a casual browse.

I’ve been recently introduced to The Simple Things.  This is another UK based crafty magazine that purports to extol “living and loving the simple life”. They identify their readers as the following kind of folks:

It’s for people who want to downshift and backpedal, who want to make the most of their homes, who want to grow their own vegetables however small their garden, whose love of food is in the preparing and sharing and who are as happy to revamp and upcycle as to buy new.

Their fun sampler gives you a sneek peak at the magazine’s content and style.  We also have a copy of their February issue in the shop for you to flip through if you’d like to.

There are some great new ( or just new to you) DIY publications out there that may make your visit to the local newstand a lengthier one. I hope that you'll have some fun browsing; and let us know when you find something that we should check out.