Mewesic Trunk Show from Green Mountain Spinnery

My Sister Knits is pleased to announce our latest trunk show!  This one features garments made from a specific yarn, Mewesic, from Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont.Mewesic is a 'dyed in the fleece' fiber.  Fleeces are dyed in bright, sometimes neon, colors.  Multiple colors are processed together to create Mewesic's tweedy colorways.  First, loose chunky handfuls of the individually dyed fleece colors go through a machine called a picker which breaks it all down into smaller pieces.  The fleece goes through the picker several times, blending the colors more each time, until the pieces are about the size of a finger.  Then they go into the carder for further blending.  The transformation from gaudy bright to soft tweed Mewesic is something to behold!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Green Mountain Spinnery, mewesic, local yarn shopThis trunk show will be with us through Friday, April 20th.  We have a diverse collection of garments from a variety of designers that showcase this yarn's stitch definition in texture, colorwork, stockinette and lace beautifully.For instance, we have Julie Hoover's Kirwin, Bristol Ivy's Svalbard, Karen Templer's Sloper, and Wintery Mix shawl, Windrow Cardigan, and The Stratton Cowl, all designed by Kate Salomon.  And there is more!My Sister Knits, Julie Hoover, Kirwin, Kate Salomon, Wintery Mix, Green Mountain Spinnery, local yarn shop, northern ColoradoKirwin is described as a poncho vest although Ann and Jenny are wondering if it might be marvelous as a spring-to-summer top when knit with less ease and a shorter collar.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, spring knitting, MewesicThese soft spring-like colorways have us impatient to choose a project and cast on!  We have all of the Mewesic colorways in stock and we encourage you to come in and see them while we still have the trunk show!