Process vs. product

Many will argue that there are two approaches to our craft: there are those that focus on the process of knitting and those who are motivated by the finished product.Those who embrace the process find joy and pleasure in the quiet moments formed by the repetition of each stitch and row.  Translating patterns and charts into complex textures, and seeing the sequence of identical loops transform into a cohesive fabric can be magical.Product knitters get their kicks by casting off and weaving in ends.  Knowing that these garments and accessories will be worn, loved, admired and occasionally lost keeps product loving knitters casting on again and again.You may find that you identify with one or the other of the two knitting "types" but we'd like you to consider embracing a bit of both philosophies for a more holistic approach to your knitting in 2016.  And Kate Salomon is headed our way to help you do just that.Kate_LGKate is returning to Fort Collins later this month for a week of workshops and classes.  She is eager to share her passion for our craft with you.  She will be teaching a sequence of Fearless Knitting workshops that will pass along her knitting experience so that her insights can prevent your future mistakes.She plans to help us unravel the intricacies of yarn selection and provide us with information that will ensure more successful yarn substitutions.  She will guide us through the Ravelry databases and show us how to best use this resource to find the perfect pattern every time.  And she will help us get accurate body measurements that can be used to ensure that future projects can be accurately modified for a personalized fit.And you can use her private tutorial sessions to get started on a new ambitious project or cover a specific skill, tip or trick that you'd like some one on one help with.With her support, we hope to approach new projects with a greater sense of play, enjoy the experience, and be confident that the finished result will not disappoint.  When every aspect of knitting is a pleasure, we'll be both process and product knitters.Her classes are filling quickly and her private tutorial hours are limited, so we hope that you'll call the shop today to get signed up - 970-407-1461.