Ravelry: How to Create an Account

Ravelry is an essential tool for knitters!  When customers ask us "what is Ravelry?", it's hard to describe in a few words.  Basically it's a website for knitters and crocheters that fulfills all of our needs!It's where we go to look up patterns, find patterns for yarn that we have, see what others have done with certain patterns.It's also a place to find out about yarn.  You can look up a certain skein and find out what weight it is, how many yards are in it, and you can see projects that people have made with it.You can join forums and groups and you can ask questions about certain patterns or techniques in those places.  My Sister Knits has our own group!If you're an organized soul, you can enter all of your yarn into your own database so you'll know what you have at a glance.  You can also do this with patterns you like and think you might make someday.  Be careful or you might end up with 515 patterns like someone we know!  Perhaps she needs to cull!All of the patterns you buy from Ravelry go into your library and they will be available to you at any time.  If you buy a pattern at My Sister Knits, we will put it into your library for you!Ravelry is a place that inspires!Although it's free, you need an account to use this indispensable site.  Go to Ravelry.com to get started.  You'll see this:  RavelryChoose 'join now' and you'll get this:How to use RavelryEnter your email address and click on 'Email me a signup link'.  Watch your inbox!Then you get to create your account!My Sister KnitsIt's as easy as that!Once you've joined, after you've logged in you'll get to the home page:Learn to Knit This is where your fun begins!  To learn how to use Ravelry, click on the 'help' button at the top or on one of the links in the 'helpful links' box.  The help button at the top will take you to a page where you can choose 'Getting Started'.  Near the top of that page you'll be able to click on a link to a 'handy video' and find other helpful information.Now you can take some time to explore this amazing site! Be sure to tell us about your adventures on Ravelry!