Relief Has Arrived!

Our most used and often neglected tool for making pretty stuff with yarn, is our hands. Just in are two new shipments from Bar-Maids and Windrift Hill. Both companies craft their products by hand for artisan results you can feel. Don't stop at just pampering your hands, these two companies each have lovely lines of bath and beauty products that will give you sweet relief. 

Windrift Hill is a small family run farm in Montana. They use milk from their herd of Nubian goats to craft a line of body products. (Pictured is a member of the herd, Stud Muffin.) Their goat's milk soap contains a minimum of one ounce of goat's milk and it won't leave soap film on your skin. Perfect for washing up before you sit down to knit. Also in are their body oil, body butter, and lip balm.

In addition to body products, Windrift Hill has a line of bath accessories. You will particularly love their woven Agave fiber wash cloths that gently exfoliate your skin. We also orderd a colorful assortment of crocheted wash cloths made by Windrifts Hill's resident granny!

Next up is Bar-Maids, with their line of Lo-Lo beauty products. Bar-Maids is based in Vancouver, Washington. They use only natural ingredients, eighty percent of them purchaced locally. We are particularly smitten with Lo-Lo's Face Pudding. With Emu oil as its stealth ingredient, it is rich in emollients without feeling greasy. You will love its less-than-there scent. Also in are Lo-Lo's Bars, O' For Feet Sake, and Lip Balm. 

Just so your yarn doesn't feel left out, we also got in a new shipment of Eucalan Wool Wash. Get on in here and check them out. Your hands (and knitting) will thank you for it.