Summer knits in lighter fibers

We recently received some new colors of Louet Euroflax sport weight linen.  This is a beautiful summer weight fiber to work with that creates a finished fabric that is soft with a beautiful drape.  We got to chatting about our love of linen around the farm table in the shop, and quickly realized that all of us have used this yarn at some point or another. We all agree that it is perfectly suited to home knits: towels, runners, even curtains!

Dawn finished the Bubbly Curtain from the Mason Dixon gals and has promised to bring them into the shop so that we could take a peek at them.  I worked on Jenny’s Tansu Table Runner last fall, and finished a beautiful version just before Thanksgiving.  Talking of these projects got us thinking about what we’d like to start next.

© Purl Bee

Julie is interested in casting on for the Knit Tote from Purl Bee’s blog.  This classic pattern calls for two skeins, and will create a beautiful market bag just in time for the Farmer’s Market season.

Linen is versatile, and can have beautiful results in clothes and accessories.  I have had the Memories of Ukraine from the Natural Knitter in my Ravelry queue for ages; and would love to cast on this summer.  Picking the color should prove to be the hardest part of getting started.

We're not the only folks interested in linen.  Knitbot's Hannah Fettig has just published a collection of patterns: Knitbot Linen.  These 6 patterns are classic, simple, and look very knitable.

Linen can be a bit of a bear to work with.  It doesn’t have the give that wool does, and so I find it to be a bit stiff on the needles and hard on my hands.  However, I just love the look of the finished projects once they have gone through the wash and transformed.  Since I like to vary my projects, having a tough knit like linen in the project basket means that I can pick it up when I am in the mood, and then put it down for another time when my hands let me know I am done for the day.  By the end of the summer, I should have my sweater finished and boy will I be eager to dive into projects that I can create with wool.

Stop on by and check out the beautiful colors we have in stock and let’s bounce around some ideas. Linen is a perfect choice for summer knits for the home or your closet.