Super Duper Fun Yarn!

We have discovered a happy, fun, one-of-a-kind yarn!  It's Bulky weight Cast Away by Knit Collage; our present obsession is making Rosalita hats.  In addition, we have a wonderful time agonizing over which Wabarna pom pom to choose! The colors and the unusual texture are what first draw you to pick it up.  Upon closer inspection, you discover  more and more colors and the intricate thick and thin character of the yarn.  Some colorways are made up of 10 colors and no two skeins are exactly the same!As you continue to visually explore the yarn that is still in your hands, you might notice a subtle sparkly silver or gold fiber in it.  This is called Angelina and it is both light reflective and light refractive which makes it extraordinarily luminescent. These yarns are hand carded and hand spun in India.  Amy Small, owner, taught 15  women all of the aspects of creating her vision for her yarns including spinning on traditional wheels, hand carding, making the embellishments that are spun with the fibers, down to checking each skein for quality.  When you purchase this yarn, you are also directly helping Indian women make a living.If you prefer a plain yarn, choose one without the sparkly Angelina fiber.Amy has excellent pattern support; we'd love to help you choose the perfect project, whether a hat, mittens, scarf, cowl or even a poncho, knowing that the pattern was developed specifically for this yarn.Be sure to also check out our selection of Knit Collage's Jumbo weight Gypsy Garden; you just might find treasures such as teeny flowers, sequins, bits of lace or ribbon rosebuds spun into the yarn!