We Have Your Solution!

We know that everyone's  level of activity jumps up a notch this time of year.  You want to knit something for a deserving someone but you question if you have the time to find and make that special gift.Searching out the ideal pattern and distinct, uncommon yarn can seem overwhelming; however, we have a solution!photo-of-kit-rtpThe Swan's Island Aurora kit is just what you need!maroon-swans-island-kit-rtpThis kit comes with three skeins of yarn and makes three accessories:  a slouchy hat, a cozy cowl, and fingerless mitts.  It comes in three colorways so you just have a little decision there!blue-swans-island-kit-rtpSwan's Island Ikat yarns are hand tied before being dyed, creating eye-catching texture that shows off beautifully in stockinette.black-swans-island-kit-rtpThese kits use Ikat Firefly.   The Firefly yarns have bold white resist marks that bring to mind fireflies shimmering against a night sky.  Or, to our minds, snow falling against a night sky!  What a splendid gift apropos of Colorado!These three items are mostly stockinette and can be finished in time to put under the tree.  Your gift making predicament is resolved!