We're Thankful for Knitting!

As we gather with our loved ones for Thanksgiving this week, we begin to think about the many things we are thankful for.As knitters, we can give thanks for a myriad of reasons.  Here are some that come to mind......knit-sign-for-vp-rtpKnitting brings together people of diverse backgrounds, political and religious views, age, and none of it matters.  All that's important to us is our common love of creating something beautiful out of yarn and needles.  Knitting enables us to know and like other knitters who we may think we have nothing in common with.group-knitting-rtpKnitting allows us to develop and express our creativity.  We don't need to buy the exact same color and type of yarn a pattern suggests.  We can branch out and use what appeals to us, what we think is gorgeous.loft-skeins-rtp-use-this-oneWe have the satisfaction of creating beautiful items.  We can look at a finished project, know that we created a unique item, and take joy in it.20160915_130221Knitting creates confidence!  When we try a new stitch and master it, we are encouraged to try yet another one, and another until we are eager to try new things, knowing that we can be successful.jonathans-hands-rtpWe can be thankful for the health benefits knitting brings us.  It's good for our brains!  Knitting helps keep our neural pathways functioning, eases depression, and aids in memory retention.It can lower blood pressure and heart rate and is calming.  It can help with arthiritis.  This article explores the benefits in more depth.final-amy-rtpSo, on Thanksgiving Day, feel free to bring your knitting out in public, among people who love you, and extol the benefits of creating with string and sticks!