What or who is inspiring me this week? Danielle!

I joined the crochet workshop that Danielle is leading and got started on my very first Granny Square.  She was very patient with us and worked with me individually to ensure that after about 6 tries, my first few rows formed a square instead of a flower.  And now I am off and running. (Thank you Danielle!!)

She shared with us three of her current favorite blogs that focus on crochet; and I thought that I would pass them on to you!  She topped her list with Cozy Things.  This wonderful blog is chock full of beautiful project ideas. 

© Erika Knight

And this week is featuring a stunner that I’d like to hook into: Erika Knight’s Fingerless mittens from her book Simple Crocheting (that we happen to have in the shop right now).  The photos in this book are gorgeous.  She has styled virtually all of her projects in luscious neutrals and each of them is something that calls to be created.

Next on Danielle’s list is Bunny Mummy.  This bright and sunny blog is a breath of fresh Spring air.  She offers oodles of charming photos of her country life that makes even mud season look appealing. Running along the right side of the page is a rich index of how to tutorials and project ideas.  This list could keep you happily busy for ages.

Last but not least is Attic 24, another UK based blog that just celebrated its 5th birthday.  The blog's authoress Lucy has five full years of posts that you may want to scroll through some rainy day that are filled with beautiful photos, fun crafting ideas (that are not yarn centric) and tales of her travels with her little family. She also has a wonderful list of other blogs that she enjoys that runs down the left margin of the page.  This list could keep me surfing for days.

© Attic 24

These Spring flowers are just some of the things she’s been hooking into this month.  Trust me, you’ll want to see what else she is working on. 

I hope that you have as much fun as I have looking through Danielle's list of favorites.  I also hope that you'll join us next Tuesday evening when she is offering a tutorial on making crochet rugs!  It will be a fun evening where you'll learn the basic stitches and get started making a rug like the one our little shop dog Molly loves to rearrange on a dily basis.  Call the shop for details and to get signed up. The class limit is just 10 but there are a few spaces still available.