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Do You Use a Knitting Planner?

Are you a person who uses a knitting planner of some sort to keep track of  the details of every project?  Or are you like me (Jenny) and intend to do all that but never quite get around to it?knitting plannerRavelry is the first place that comes to mind when keeping track of projects.  I dearly love Ravelry and don't know what I'd do without it.  However, I must admit that my project pages are sorely lacking.  The idea of posting a project before it's finished is not at all appealing to me.  Plus, usually I'm so eager to start something that the last thing I want to do is take the time to post it.  Hence my issues with project chaos!A few months ago a post in my Instagram feed implored knitters to keep track of their projects.  This person was picking up a project after it had been hibernating for awhile.  She deeply regretted the lack of information she had kept. This has stuck with me.  The idea of finding a way to keep details of projects that suits me has been percolating ever since.knitting journalJanuary is a great time to bring some order to my knitting projects. Yes, I have  more than one going at a time!Evidently I'm not the only one with project chaos because there are several knitting planners available this year.  I think that I might like one that I can carry with me and jot down notes as needed.  I can transfer that information to Ravelry when I'm done.  If it takes me awhile to do that, I'll know where to look!Each planner has different organizational and recording components.  Due to my good intentions in the past, I own the two that My Sister Knits carries.  Finally I will try them out to see how they suit me!

Knitters Graph Paper Journal

I think it's kind of fun to write notes on graph paper!  This was designed by knitters and the graph paper is scaled to knit stitches' proportions so it's useful to chart designs. Helpful information can be found inside both covers also.  I like that this journal is a blank slate and I can fill the pages however I like.learn to knit

My Knitting Notes

This is a beautiful book by Laine with space for 31 projects.  Each project is given four pages:  the first one is for date started, pattern name, yarn and needles used, and a few other details; next is a lined page for notes followed by two blank pages.My Sister KnitsWhichever of these knitting planner systems I choose to use, I'll reserve a blank page at the beginning as a 'Table of Contents'.  The key to bringing order to my projects is to use the books! And, for me, the key to using them is to have them with me whenever I'm knitting.  Both of these are easy to carry along.I could also use any type of notebook or binder if I didn't want to invest in a planner.  Once I find a system that suits me, my next step is to figure out a way to keep my swatches organized so I can find them again!I'd love to know how and if you keep your project information organized and I invite you to comment below!