Chiaogoo Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets

Chiaogoo (pronounced chaw-goo) interchangeable needle sets are featured in today’s blog post.  We have three different sets in the shop: Twist Red Lace, Twist Shorties, and Twist Minis.

All of these have Chiaogoo’s trademark red cables.  These cables are made of a steel cable covered with nylon.  As a result, they are flexible and memory free. The ‘memory free’ feature is super because these cables don’t get kinked or twisted up no matter how they are stored!

Twist Red Lace

This set encompasses US size 2 to US size 15 which is an excellent range of sizes!  The three standard cable lengths are provided to make 24”, 32”, and 40” circular needles.

The lace tips have a long taper and a sharper point than regular tips.  This makes it much easier to execute the stitches used in lace knitting.  Knitting 2 stitches together; doing a slip 1, knit 1, psso (pass slipped stitch over); and purling through the back loop are all examples of times it’s helpful to have a sharper point.

Chiaogoo Interchangeable Circular Needle

The little hole used for tightening the tips and cable join with their special key can also be used to add a dental floss lifeline (link to Very Pink’s you tube called Proactive Lifelines!  This is also true for Knitter’s Pride interchangeables.

Twist Shorties

Interchangeable circular needle

These are baby needles!  This set includes six pairs of 2” tips and six pairs of 3” tips in sizes US 0 to US 3.  Three mini diameter cables make 9” through 14” circulars! They are kept in a darling tiny red pouch complete with a mini needle gauge. You’ll feel like a Lilliputian when you use these!  Or maybe a giant, depending on your point of view!

Twist Minis

These needle tips are long compared to the Shorties!  There are five 4” tips in sizes US 000 to US 1.5. Again, there are three cables to make 16”, 22”, and 30” circulars.  Two tightening holes ensure a solid connection between cable and needle tip.

Chiaogoo has all of your needs covered with their interchangeable needle sets!

For the curious, the name Chiaogoo means ‘highly skillful and crafty lady’!  To read the heartwarming story behind the needles, click here.

My Sister Knits

This post concludes our series on interchangeable needle sets.  We have several other brands in the shop so come in, examine them, and even bring some yarn to try to them out!