Beautiful bias knits

Occasionally a pattern comes to our attention that gets us hooked.  Purl Bee's Colorblock Bias Blanket is the most recent example.  This FREE pattern was published at the end of April, and Theresa and Dawn were both inspired to cast on without delay.They picked colors together and got started.  They agree that working on it simultaneously keeps them motivated to finish quickly (if only so they can cast on something new).Dawn and Theresa are already at the halfway point and may be able to share some finished project photos in about a week.  In the meantime, we thought that showing you how beautifully the two blankets are knitting up might inspire some of you to join them!  You could pop in to pick out colors and stay for some knitting at our project table. dawns biasDawn gravitates towards beautiful neutral palettes.  She chose to work with a combination that includes the following: the first two golds are Madelinetosh Merino DK, the grey is Anzula's Squishy held double, and the ivory is Anzula's CricketimageAnd it should come as no surprise that Theresa has gravitated towards beautiful purples.  She started with Tosh Merino Light held double, followed by Tosh Merino DK, then Anzula's Cricket, then Tosh Merino DK, another Cricket, and finally ending with two Tosh Merino DK skeins.  Theresa says that, "Its been fun seeing where Dawn is on the project and bouncing color ideas off each other.  I will definitely be making this one again. "We love garter stitch for lush, thick, squeezably soft blankets and throws.  Worked on the bias, the diagonal rows make the blanket a bit more dynamic and interesting.  They will also increase drape of the finished project, making it look it's best when slung over the back of your favorite knitting chair.Tune in to our Facebook page for photos of Theresa's blanket and for Dawn's finished project.  Wait until you see the tassels!