Brooklyn Tweed's Light and Airy Loft

Ahhhhhh, Loft!  Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed, created this lightweight fingering yarn in 2011, a year after his first yarn, Shelter, was released.It's mind-boggling to us that the first Brooklyn Tweed yarns have only been available for a relatively few years because they are already regarded as classics!loft-skeins-rtp-use-this-oneThis is the fourth in a series of posts about Brooklyn Tweed yarns; we've introduced ShelterQuarry and Arbor in the past few weeks.Loft, like the others, is a totally American yarn.  We love the fact that the sheep who give us this fiber live in Wyoming, a stone's throw from us!  It makes a trip around the country via Texas, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire before coming to My Sister with Shelter and Quarry, this yarn is a bit delicate until it's wet-blocked when all of those woolen spun fibers grab onto each other and create a strong fabric that will wear for loves tweeds, as indicated by the name of his company, and his yarns reflect that feeling.four-seasons-hat-spring-rtpUnlike most yarns, they are spun after dyeing.  Sixteen glaringly bright solid colors are blended together and then spun to give us the 42 colorways in his heathered palette.four-seasons-hat-fall-rtpWe have all colorways for you to choose from; we encourage you to give yourself the gift of some extra time to thoroughly browse before making your selection!  As always, we are more than happy to help you choose colorways and patterns!