Our 21 Color Slouch Hat Kits Are Available for Pre-Order!

Have fun and be fashion forward wearing Blue Sky Fibers' 21 Color Slouch hat!Made with all 21 colors of Woolstok, it uses the 2016 Pantone Fall Fashion Colors and will blend fabulously with any new fall wardrobe pieces in your closet!21-color-slouch-hat-skeinsThis hat is fondly known as 'The Stripey Hat' around the shop.  It's a rather obsessive knit because you will want to see the next stripe, and the next, and the next.....Woolstok is Blue Sky Fibers newest yarn and their first foray into the world of wool!  It comes from Highland sheep who live on the shores of Lake Titicaca in southeastern Peru and is processed, dyed and spun by local Peruvian herders, sheep shearers and mill workers.21-color-slouch-skeins-with-photo-of-hat-rtpIt's a worsted weight yarn and is rather loosely spun to give it loft, lightness and a soft hand.  In this instance, loft means that Woolstok will keep you warm because there is air trapped in it.  Hand refers to how it feels while you're knitting it.One of the great things about Woolstok is that it comes in two sizes!  You can get the smaller size 50g/123 yd skeins or the larger 150g/370 yd skeins.  Jenny has made use of several of the smaller skeins to make hats and a sweater for her new grandson!21-color-slouch-hat-on-kimberly-rtpThe yarn for the 21 Color Slouch comes as  a kit with 12 yard mini-skeins and can only be purchased at a yarn shop.  Our next shipment arrives in November and it would be a great idea to pre-order a kit as they are already being spoken for!We think that this hat deserves one of our fluffy pom poms and we invite you to dig through our supply to find the perfect one!And one more thing.......if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know we've been encouraging swatching lately.  Yet another reason:  one of our dear friends had to frog her entire hat after she was done because it didn't fit at all!  It was unwearable.  Courtney Kelley from Kelbourne Woolens wrote a wonderfully informative post that will inspire you; it's well worth reading!