Deal of the Day: 30% off any Red or Pink yarn

Valentines is coming up and what says “I heart you” like a hand-made gift?  This week’s Deal of the Day is 30% off all red and pink colorways of any yarn in the shop! That means 30% off anything red or pink to inspire your creativity to make yourself or your sweetie something special for the holiday.


Just think of the options!  They are almost as mouthwatering as a choclate truffle without the guilty calories!  We'd love to help you select the perfect pattern. Stop in and we can see what might be the perfect fit. 

Julie was inspired last month to work on a Churchmouse Wooly Wreath inspired heart wreath.  Even while it was a work in progress on her dining room table, it made you stop and take notice.  Perhaps just the kind of message you'd like to send your valentine...