Fearless Knitting: Ravelry Revelry!

Ravelry is an internet gathering place for fiber enthusiasts where you can find patterns, yarn, inspiration, help, groups, and forums.ravelrylogo81r_20140401_144342_20140401_144344Ravelry is fun, informative and is a treasure when it comes to finding patterns!We discovered this fun and colorful cowl made of chained strands while doing a search for a crocheted cowl.whole-cowl-rtpPerhaps you are wanting to knit with Lemonade yarns and are wondering what types of projects people are making with them.  Ravelry will tell you!more-lemonade-skeins-rtpYou may be planning to make something for a new baby and would like to see what's available.  Ravelry is your answer!baby-things-rtpLike walking into a yarn shop for the first time, Ravelry can be overwhelming with the amount of information available.Join us for our next Fearless Knitting sessions, Thursdays, December 1st & 8th and Saturdays, December 3rd and 10th from 11am until noon to learn how to navigate this invaluable site!We'll start with how to find a pattern and go on to using Ravelry's database to keep track of your projects, yarn and ideas.If you don't have a free Ravelry account, we'll walk you through how to set one up and you'll be ready to delve into this fount of information!We hope to see you in the shop for one of these helpful sessions!