Introducing Local Artist Edd Casas

We have discovered a talented artist just down the street from My Sister Knits and are thrilled to showcase his work at the shop!raven-rtpEdd Casas graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012.  He moved to Ft. Collins because he feels we are an art-driven, health conscious city with a feeling of community and he plans to stay!rocksteady-rtpHe usually shows his work in art shows and gallery settings; we are fortunate to be able to have some of his works in the shop for sale!oso-puro-rtp-1Edd works with watercolor or acrylics on wood, and oil on canvas; his works tend to be either large or small, nothing in the middle!old-samuel-rtp"My works take form with a mixture of organic elements and shapes, along with mechanical structure and inorganic lines. It is a combination of nature and machine, not one or the other. Our culture has become too attached to clean, sharp lines and unnatural precision and order in their everyday life. Many have lost touch with the true, chaotic nature of our world. I am attempting to overlay one aesthetic with another to show there is merit to both. We can no longer live entirely with nature or entirely with human order, but we can intermingle the two and maintain our own balance as long as we do not neglect either one."  from  Edd's Artist Statementindreams-gif-rtpOne of his paintings would make a splendid,  unexpected Christmas present for an art lover in your life!  Better yet, buy two, one for you and one for them!