Lucky Us! Ann Budd is Coming!

Some knitters choose classes and workshops based on the techniques offered.  Others choose by the teacher.  No matter your preferred way of choosing, our Ann Budd classes on March 25th will be both a treat and an opportunity to learn more than you expect!Ann's father took the family to Switzerland for a year when she was 12.  Knitting was part of the school curriculum and ever since then it's been her passion.After getting her Master's degree in Geology and working in that field for a few years, Ann decided that she'd much rather do something else!  She went to work for Interweave, a leading art and craft media company, where she gathered knowledge on knitting construction, yarn, techniques, and pattern writing.Ann is invaluable to the knitting world and is held in the highest esteem, teaching workshops across the country and authoring books to help us become more confident and masterful knitters.We at My Sister Knits are over the moon about having Ann teach two classes on Saturday, March 25th!Kitchener stitch can strike fear into the heart of knitters.  However, with Ann's expert teaching, students will come away confident in their ability to use this joining technique with any fabric from stockinette to ribbing.  This class will be from 9am until noon.Have you ever wanted to match a cast-on to a bind-off for a truly professional finish on projects such as sweaters, cowls, socks, fingerless mitts, or scarves?  In Ann's afternoon class, from 1pm until 4pm, you will learn how to do just that!Ann's teaching skill and fun sense of humor will have you laughing and learning throughout each class.Call the shop at 970.407.1461 to sign up and take advantage of this marvelous learning opportunity!