Luscious Cream, Tea, and Jam!

One of the multitude of reasons we buy a certain yarn is because it reminds us of something precious; a memorable trip, a favorite place, a beloved book come to mind.Rosy Green Wool's Limited Edition 6 Cream Tea - Autumn in Cornwall  is such a yarn, evoking memories of a walk along the coast in Cornwall, Rosamund Pilcher books, and anything English!rosamund-pilcher-book-rtpPicture a walk along a seaside cliff in Cornwall on the western coast of England.  There is a fantastic viewcornwall-coast-rtp-use-this-oneand the heather on the moorland is a sight to behold!cornwall-coast-heather-rtp-use-this-oneOn the way to your destination, a tea shop seemingly in the middle of nowhere, it begins to rain as it tends to do in England.  You are thankful that you brought your rain gear and thoughts of the cream tea awaiting keep your spirits from dampening!cream-tea-rtpBring yourself back to the present moment, to these three new luscious colorways of  sport weight, machine washable Cheeky Merino Joy.Jenny practically jumped for joy when she saw this yarn that reminds her of a memorable trip to Cornwall a few years ago.  Using all three colorways, it will become a cherished shawl.Rosy Green Wool's Limited Edition colors are just that; we will have them as long as our supply lasts!rosy-green-wool-tea-use-this-one-rtpAre you going to choose one, two, or all three colorways for your creation?  We're curious to find out what spurs your choice.  Is it a love of the color? A memory the colorways bring to mind? Or maybe something you dream about? Let us know!