Mixing it up

Trying something new can offer more benefits than you might imagine.  A new skill can also offer you a different perspective which may allow you to approach other projects and patterns with more confidence and more creativity.Dana's upcoming crochet class is a great example.  Mastering basic crochet skills may improve your knitting!Granny BagBasic crochet is often used to embellish knitted projects and can be a terrific easy way to add a finishing touch to raw edges.And learning crochet can be its own reward.  Constructing a bag like the one shown above will allow you to get hands on experience constructing an object one stitch at a time instead of one row at a time; perfect for beginners.  And faster than you can imagine.  You'll find out why the "hookers" among us love the craft.Chevron CowlYou may instead want to sign up for Dana's cowl class.  This single session class that meets next month will walk you through the creation of this delicately textured cowl.  We have a delightfully rich color selection so that you can find the tones that are perfect for you: neutral, muted or as bold and vibrant as the accessory shown above.Give us a call at the shop at 970-407-1461 to reserve your spot in either of these fun classes today!