Sumptuous Spincycle Yarns

Spincycle Yarns are like no other; the multiple colors in each skein are so eye catching!  We pet these skeins often, trying to decide which is our favorite colorway.Spincycle YarnsSpincycle Yarns Dream State, like their other bases, is "dyed in the wool" creating splendid multicolored yarns!  This means that their fleeces are cleaned, carded, made into roving and then dyed before they are spun.  Surprisingly, this is done by putting several colors of dye into the dye pot at once.  Now you might think that would create nothing but a rather muddy color.  However, if the PH and the temperature are exactly right when the roving is added, magic happens!The spinning process elongates the colors and spreads them throughout the yarn. The last step of plying lays one color over another and creates the final amazingly colored yarn!  Every skein of Spincycle Yarns is unique which adds to the fun!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Spincycle Yarns are unequaled for adding that little extra 'something' to a project.  Kimberly put some kits together that use Spincycle Yarns Dream State to create a go-to accessory!  These kits have two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft and one skein of Dream State.  When you buy a kit, you can 'choose your own adventure' because you get your choice of one of three patterns for free!Spincycle Yarns Dream StateAndrea designed this cowl with Spincycle Yarns in mind.  Across the Pond's colorwork section uses mosaic knitting which deals with only one strand of yarn at a time; perfect as an introduction to colorwork!My Sister KnitsThis pattern is only available at local yarn shops, it is not available on Ravelry.  Laura's goal is to get knitters to adventure to their local yarn shop!  This shawl has three versions so you are indeed choosing your own adventure!  They start the same, knitting a boomerang shape with a neutral color and then you choose what you'd like to do for the rest of it with skill levels ranging from beginner to more challenging.local yarn shopWe have Kate's modification instructions to make the Marley a smaller shawl, the Mini Marley!  This delightful smaller version is the result of a pattern-reading mistake that ended up creating something unexpected!  As designer Stephen West says, mistakes are just new design elements!We have another sample in the shop that is great for Spincycle Yarns, Mary Jane Mucklestone's Flying Geese Cowl.  Diana used it for some of the triangles but you could use one skein for all of them. Be sure to check out this cowl as a possibility!There are plentiful patterns where just a little of this gorgeous yarn goes a long way towards creating something special.  We'd be happy to help you choose a different project if that is your wish!We welcome you to come into My Sister Knits to ooohh and aaaahh over Spincycle Yarns, all the while appreciating the process that makes it so special.  

We Have Your Solution!

We know that everyone's  level of activity jumps up a notch this time of year.  You want to knit something for a deserving someone but you question if you have the time to find and make that special gift.Searching out the ideal pattern and distinct, uncommon yarn can seem overwhelming; however, we have a solution!photo-of-kit-rtpThe Swan's Island Aurora kit is just what you need!maroon-swans-island-kit-rtpThis kit comes with three skeins of yarn and makes three accessories:  a slouchy hat, a cozy cowl, and fingerless mitts.  It comes in three colorways so you just have a little decision there!blue-swans-island-kit-rtpSwan's Island Ikat yarns are hand tied before being dyed, creating eye-catching texture that shows off beautifully in kits use Ikat Firefly.   The Firefly yarns have bold white resist marks that bring to mind fireflies shimmering against a night sky.  Or, to our minds, snow falling against a night sky!  What a splendid gift apropos of Colorado!These three items are mostly stockinette and can be finished in time to put under the tree.  Your gift making predicament is resolved!

Our 21 Color Slouch Hat Kits Are Available for Pre-Order!

Have fun and be fashion forward wearing Blue Sky Fibers' 21 Color Slouch hat!Made with all 21 colors of Woolstok, it uses the 2016 Pantone Fall Fashion Colors and will blend fabulously with any new fall wardrobe pieces in your closet!21-color-slouch-hat-skeinsThis hat is fondly known as 'The Stripey Hat' around the shop.  It's a rather obsessive knit because you will want to see the next stripe, and the next, and the next.....Woolstok is Blue Sky Fibers newest yarn and their first foray into the world of wool!  It comes from Highland sheep who live on the shores of Lake Titicaca in southeastern Peru and is processed, dyed and spun by local Peruvian herders, sheep shearers and mill workers.21-color-slouch-skeins-with-photo-of-hat-rtpIt's a worsted weight yarn and is rather loosely spun to give it loft, lightness and a soft hand.  In this instance, loft means that Woolstok will keep you warm because there is air trapped in it.  Hand refers to how it feels while you're knitting it.One of the great things about Woolstok is that it comes in two sizes!  You can get the smaller size 50g/123 yd skeins or the larger 150g/370 yd skeins.  Jenny has made use of several of the smaller skeins to make hats and a sweater for her new grandson!21-color-slouch-hat-on-kimberly-rtpThe yarn for the 21 Color Slouch comes as  a kit with 12 yard mini-skeins and can only be purchased at a yarn shop.  Our next shipment arrives in November and it would be a great idea to pre-order a kit as they are already being spoken for!We think that this hat deserves one of our fluffy pom poms and we invite you to dig through our supply to find the perfect one!And one more thing.......if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know we've been encouraging swatching lately.  Yet another reason:  one of our dear friends had to frog her entire hat after she was done because it didn't fit at all!  It was unwearable.  Courtney Kelley from Kelbourne Woolens wrote a wonderfully informative post that will inspire you; it's well worth reading!

I'll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck Kit and Class!

Marian of Marianated Yarns and Deb Jacullo, who designs for Chelsea Yarns, have teamed up to give knitters the charming I'll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck design and yarn kit!Kimberly particularly loves the 'guard llama' with the sheep!rhineback-cowl-with-skeins-rtpIf you are enchanted with this cowl but are a tad intimidated by the colorwork, never fear!First, you'll be using a size 7 needle which makes this a fantastic first colorwork project!Second, starting Thursday, October 20th, we are offering a class featuring this cowl.  From 5:30 until 7:30 on three consecutive Thursday evenings, you will learn everything and have all the support and encouragement you need to finish this fun, whimsical accessory!rhinebeck-skeins-better-one-rtpCreating and wearing this cowl is guaranteed to make you feel happy and clever!These are limited edition kits so call the shop to reserve yours if you can't get in right away and, while you're at it, you can sign up for the class!

The Convenience of Kits!

Some days you relish the thought of knitting something new and you just can't wait to cast on!  At the same time, you wish everything could be presented to you in one fell swoop, the pattern and the yarn ready to go, no decisions to be made.We have just that, ready and waiting for you, in the form of kits!  The only decision you need to make is which one and we can help you choose!Would you like to make a hat?  We have Morning Walk Hat kits for easy knitting.walking-hat-rtpMade with oh-so-soft Woolfolk Tynd and Sno held together, you will want to get outside in the cold just to have a reason to wear this!walking-hat-yarn-rtp Would you prefer something challenging?  We have a colorwork cowl, Into the Woods, with glorious fall colors in Rauma Finullgarn ready to go!into-the-woods-cowl-rtpfinullgarn-braids-rtp Perhaps a Goldfinch shawl is more to your liking, made with O-Wool's O-Wash Sport using organic merino wool.goldfinch-shawl-rtpo-wool-rtp If you fancy a quick project, any of our Spincycle kits would be just the thing!  Here are a few of them....cara-cowl-2-rtp spincycle-brioche-kits-RTP clementine-cowl-rtpLet us take some of the decision making out of your busy lives with our plentiful kits!

Awash with Spincycle

We are awash with our new supply of Spincycle kits and individual skeins of yarn!We  have Clementine Cowl kits using superwashed-in-America sport weight Dyed In The Wool.  The colorwork is created with slipped stitches which makes it look harder than it is!spincycle-clementine-cowl-kit-RTPWe have Cara Cowl kits using Independence, a heavy worsted weight yarn.  The polka dot pattern is again created with slipped stitches!spincycle-cara-cowl-RTPWe have Circular Reasoning kits using sport weight Dyed In the Wool.  This design uses a stranded colorwork pattern.Spincycle-Circular-Reasoning-kit-RTPLastly, we have beginning Brioche cowl kits in two weights.  Hawkshaw uses heavy worsted weight Independence while Gumshoe uses sport weight Dyed In The Wool.Spincycle-Hawkshaw-Cowl-RTPOwners Kate and Rachel, from Bellingham, Washington, are also the dyers.  They found a small mill, run by a mother-daughter team, close by to spin their wool into yarn.  Very few people are involved in bringing this yarn from the sheep to your hands!There is a reason Spincycle colors have a special quality; they are dyed in the wool before they are spun into yarn which is unusual.spincycle-worsted-RTPSkeins are one of a kind but if they are from the same dye lot they will blend beautifully for a larger project.Kate and Rachel pair imaginative colors resulting in fun kits that can be a perfect starting place for using their yarn!You can also search Ravelry for projects made with Dyed In The Wool, Independence or Knit Fast, Die Young to spark your creativity.We invite you to come into the shop to see these lovelies for yourself! 

Christmas in July

When it’s hot outside, we get tired of the heat.When we are tired of the heat, we dream of cold weather soon to RTPWhen we dream of cold weather, we think of Christmas.When we think of Christmas, we see smiles on the faces of loved ones as they open gifts we’ve knit for them.We panic for a moment and then remember that it’s July and at My Sister Knits we are celebrating Christmas in July by featuring gifts that are quick to knit. We can help you get a jump-start your holiday knitting!For your gift giving  knitting pleasure we suggest:kits-for-Christmas-in-July-post-RTP cowls-for-Christmas-in-July-post-RTP baby-things-for-Christmas-in-July-post-RTP hats-for-Christmas-in-July-post RTPWe’ll be glad to be of assistance if you can’t quite decide where to begin! Come December, you’ll be oh so pleased  that you started your Christmas knitting in July!

Special Saturday-Only Trunk Show!

My Sister Knits is being treated with a personal visit from Marian of Marianated Yarns this Saturday afternoon, July 9th from 1pm - 3pm!If you are a regular reader of our blog, you may remember a recent post about this new yarn. We love the fact that Marian dyes her yarn in her New Jersey home and that we are one of only 8 yarn shops that carry it in the U.S.!marianated-yarns-fixedShe just happens to be visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and decided to pay us a visit! This is indeed fortuitous and we are eagerly looking forward to meeting her.Marian will bring samples knit up in the yarn we carry, Scrumptious HT, with the focus on her gradient kits. In addition, she will bring some other samples and yarn to go with them. We will be able to place special orders for whatever she doesn't have.Marianated-Yarns-collageThis will be a fun, quick trunk show and a special one considering that we will have the unusual opportunity to meet an independent dyer.Be sure to drop by Saturday afternoon to see her samples and have a cool drink and a treat.

A Stitch too Delicious to Miss

On a recent Sunday afternoon several of us from the My Sister Knits community took advantage of the chance to take a two-color brioche class from Stephen West! Stephen is one of the knitting world's most creative designers and an excellent teacher.Stephen-West-brioche-class-fixedIn addition to learning how to work the brioche stitch, we were encouraged to experiment with putting yarns of different weights and fibers together into a knitting project.  Stephen gives his students permission to break any common knitting ‘rule’ and see if they like the result!Spin-Cycle-Kit-fixedWhile we all were eager to learn to brioche and cast on our projects, Julie took to this stitch immediately.Julie-and-Stephen-brioching-RTPShe has already created 2 squishy Hawkshaw Cowls using different yarns! Several of us are in varying stages of progress on this cowl and samples are on display in the shop.If you are new to the technique, not to fear; there are many ways to learn to brioche:September 10, 17 & 24 we will be offering a Brioche Series where you will learn the basics in the first class; increasing, decreasing and cables in the second; and fixing mistakes in the last class.The Unapologetic Knitter  has a number of superb instruction videos on youtube. A little digging around will find an answer to almost any brioche question you have!Julie, Kimberly, and Jenny can help at the shop, with Julie being the most experienced. In addition, Jenny has mastered the transition between rounds when brioching in the round and will be happy to share that knowledge!spincycle-brioche-kits-under-tree-RTPWe have kits put together especially for two-color brioche with Spincycle Yarns' aran weight, single ply Independence.Now is a perfect time for you to try brioche.  Come into the shop to see all of the incredible color combinations and feel how cushiony and lush a brioche fabric is!  You'll get as excited about this stitch as we are and want to cast on without delay.

Learn to Knit your way

Crafting classes can be a real treat.  Joining a group to make a few new friends and work with the help of a teacher who can catch your mistakes as they happen, can be a blessing.For those of us who prefer to work on our own or in the infrequent free moments that can be coaxed out of a already busy schedule, it may be easier for you to try something a little different.Quince-l2kQuince & Co. has recently designed a terrific little kit that will allow you to learn how to knit with the guidance of a cleverly illustrated book.  "It takes a distinctly visual approach, geared specifically towards those learning to knit for the very first time.Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf starts new knitters off on the right foot with the very first step—how to open and wind off a skein to make a knit-ready ball of yarn. From there, they explain how to cast on, how to orient the yarn and make a knit stitch, complete a row, and then onward to purling, fixing mistakes, weaving in ends and finishing.Two scarf patterns by Pam Allen are included: One in garter stitch, the other in 1x1 rib. Absolutely perfect for first-time projects. Using these as examples, the book covers a very important skill, often overlooked and left to the knitter to figure out for themselves—learning how to read knitting patterns.The kit comes with:a copy of Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf2 skeins of luscious Aran-weight Osprey wool yarn in choice of 5 colorsa pair of straight wooden needles in size US 10 (6 mm)a tapestry needleEverything you'll need to knit your first stitch, and first scarf, is included, packaged up neatly in a pretty wood presentation box—perfect for holding keepsakes long after your scarf is off the needles."We have a selection of these kits in a variety of colors that may be a perfect gift for an adventurous friend eager to cast on for the first time.  Or treat yourself to a project that could be the start of something very special.

A blanket kit worth considering

Spring does seem to come with a large number of showers, baby showers that is.  And one of our favorite baby projects is a keepsake blankie.  Our current go-to choice is tincanknits' Fly Away Blanket.flyaway-1Our dear friend Dani of Sunshine knits created some beautiful Fly Away blanket kits for us that we are discounting 30% while supplies last!With 9 mini skeins of her delicious machine washable Merino DK to play with, you will have as much fun working on this project as you will enjoy the finished selection includes some great color options that could work for a little boy or girl as well as a few that would be perfect for either.The designer has created a special FREE tips and techniques page that can make this project a breeze for almost any knitter, no matter your experience level.  And remember we are always here to help.Stop on by soon for the best selection! 

Baby, it's cold outside

Is there anything as cozy as a warm blanket, a good book and a cup of delicious coffee or tea?  Dawn recently finished a project that we will be offering as a limited edition kit until January 31st: Green Mountain Spinnery's Diagonal Blanket.diagonal-01This bias knit blanket is knit up with a personally selected combination of garter stitch and stockinette (you add the texture as the mood strikes you).Dawn made hers will 11 skeins of variegated Green Mountain Green.  This yarn is a delicious blend of wool and soft mohair that has been spun without a trace of petroleum products.  It is as close to the natural fiber as you can get and is a comforting as you can imagine.Dawn loved the hours that she spent working on this blanket. As the project grew, it covered her lap with snuggly warmth.  And now that it is finished, she can wrap up in its folds with a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy a good book.diagonal-02Her current selection is The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.  You might want to check your local library or Audible for a fun story that Dawn recommends highly.Julie is creating a special kit for this project that will be available on a pre-order basis from now until the end of the month.  The kit includes the pattern, all the yarn needed to complete the project and a special gift that you can enjoy as you knit your blanket this winter.We imagine this project as a gift you can give yourself for an extra bit of warmth and comfort.  Call the shop for details 970-407-1461. 

We still love ombré

Earlier this year, Julie found some stunning gradient kits that Felicia at Sweet Georgia put together with several of her most popular fingering weight yarns.  We think that they may be just what you've been looking for.These party of Five kits make great gifts for knitters, and can be worked up into beautiful projects that can be given to knitworthy friends and family.  All three yarns can withstand machine washing and so your gift will stand the test of time without the need for special Party of Five set includes 5 mini skeins of 105 yards each of  Tough Love Sock.  This 80/20 blend of buttery soft merino and nylon is great for socks, but we can't help but want to proudly display these colors in a shawl or cowl where everyone can enjoy the beauty!sg-cash-luxeThis set includes 5 skeins of 100 yards each of CashLuxe Fine.  This yarn contains our favorite blend of wool, cashmere and a bit of nylon for but not least is our set of CashLuxe Sparkle. These 100 yard mini skeins bring a dash of glitz and glam to your knitting! Made of 63% Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 15% Nylon, 2% Glitter this 3-ply fingering weight yarn is strong, silky and sprinkled with sparkles.The perfect choice for a holiday knit that will add a bit of drama and fun to your New Year's festivities.You could use these kits to create a shawl specifically designed for gradient yarns such as Soft Twilight by Corrina Ferguson. Or you could play with these mini skeins in a striped shawl or colour-blocked cowl… ombré socks or fair isle hat… the possibilities are endless!MSK Party of 5 Cowl FULL-10Kimberly is modeling our shop sample of Joji Locatelli's 3 Color Cashmere Cowl.  We didn't limit ourselves to just three colors.  Instead, we used the 5 mini skeins to create a deep soft and comforting cowl that bursts with lovely texture and mouth-watering color.  Beautiful!Do you have an ombré pattern that you've been hoping to cast on for?

An irresistible cowl kit

When our shipment of yarn and kits from UK yarn designers TOFT arrived, we couldn't wait to start stitching!  Without delay a deliciously soft neutral cowl was knit up for the shop so that our visitors could see how beautifully these yarns knit up.toftJulie's daughter Liz is modeling the Tube Cowl which is kitted up in undyed brown and white TOFT DK yarn.  This 100% alpaca yarn is as soft as a cloud and feels like a hug around your neck.Our cowl used only half of the yarn included in the kit so you could make two similar models (giving you two holiday gifts or one for you and another to gift away).  Or you could use the yarn to make a larger cowl that you could wrap twice around you for even more warmth.We just love this project and we know that you will too.  We hope that you'll have a chance to visit the shop soon and pick up a kit for yourself.  This is yarn you'll love knitting as much as you will love wearing.

The Audrey Cowl Knit Kit

Audrey_Cowl_Image4The Luxury of this 100% cashmere bundle is unmatched. We assembled our favorite colors, exclusive to My Sister Knits, into a squishy, soft knit kit bundle.Each bundle includes 8 full size Pepperberry Knits DK weight skeins of 100% cashmere yarn in fun, happy, vibrant colors.Pepperberry Knits calls this, "Your personal fashion blanket. Wrap yourself up in it and you will understand why."This would be a great gift for you or a special person in your life.The Audrey Cowl Knit Kit includes:PatternStitch Marker8 skeins of Pepperberry Knits 100%, exclusive colorway for My Sister KnitsCost $260.00

Thank you!

Our YOTH trunk show was a huge success last week.  It was such a treat to see the shop filled with our friends and so much beautiful yarn!yoth-01We got to choose from dozens of lovely gradient puppies and a whole table of  project quantities of skeins.yoth-02Veronika's patterns are very tempting and we loved having samples on hand to see the finished projects and try them on for size.We want to thank her and all of you who joined us and made the afternoon such a fun one.  For those of you who weren't able to come, Veronika left a special kit with us so that you can still get a chance to get to work with her yarns.kitHer Sun Kissed shawl kit is priced at $60 and includes the pattern and a skein each of Madelinetosh Merino Light and YOTH's Little Brother.  It is the perfect size to wrap around your shoulders for an Autumn walk through fallen leaves.Our supply is limited, so we hope that you can stop by or give us a call at 970-407-1461 to reserve one for yourself before the last of our YOTH yarn disappears.

Exclusive to the shop

Heidi Hennessey at Pepperberry has designed a custom color combination for a special My Sister Knits Cowl in her luscious cashmere yarn.pepperberry-01Look at all those lovely stripes.  Just what you'd want to snuggle into this winter. Right?pepperberry-03All of us who have cast on with these plush skeins agree that there is nothing like cashmere for gorgeous softness.  Our kits are available for sale this week!We hope that you can visit us soon to grab one of your own before our supply disappears.

A flock of sheep to keep you warm

We've kitted up  a really fun project.  How cute is this little flock of sheep?baaable-kitThis is the Baa-ble Hat designed by Donna Smith.Our $55 kit includes perfect yarn quantities of  four colors of Blue Sky Alpacas' Extra and the pattern.You are going to love how this Aran weight blend of baby alpaca and fine merino wool feels and looks.  It knits up quickly and makes for a delightfully warm hat.  It is just what you'd want warming your ears this winter.Stop on by to pick up one for yourself or as an early holiday gift while our supply lasts!

Works in progress: inspired changes

Many of us start patterns with changes and adjustments in mind, such as adding a bit of length or waist shaping, changing a stitch pattern or adding some texture.  But occasionally inspiration strikes while we are in the midst of working a project and those moments can feel a bit magical when the outcome results in something new that is just what we wanted.Theresa is very close to finishing a project that she made some tweaks to that we think were inspired!audreyThe Audrey Cowl by Pepperberry Knits is a stunning piece of knitwear.  The pattern as written has us use the skeins in the sequence shown below.plannedTheresa realized (before casting on) while sitting on the floor with her pup Lucy and all of her little balls lined up, that it just wasn't working for her.  She glanced over at her new Ribbon Street bag and thought "why not change them up just a little bit?"actualAnd look at what resulted!  Her cowl has a fun dynamic stripe pattern that used all of the kit's yarn in way that is uniquely hers.  She is very happy with her reinvented Audrey and is looking forward to colder weather or turning the air conditioning up super high to be able enjoy wearing this!We are continually delighted by how small tweaks can make a world of difference.  We'd love to help you make changes to a pattern that you've been thinking about working on but haven't started because something about it isn't quite right.  Stop into the shop and let's get started!  

Works in progress: just as written

We thought we'd share some of the details of our current works in progress with you in a week long series.  Each post will cover a different kind of project experience.  Today, we have a project that is coming along beautifully and next week we'll share two projects that have been re-invented for success.As we take a look at all of these projects we can't help but feel lucky to have found a craft that allows us to create such beautiful things.  When the projects are so much fun that they seem to knit themselves, all the better!  And today we have one of those to share with you.Theresa cast on for her Joker and the Thief shawl several weeks ago in order to master the cross hatch stitch for her demonstration last month.  She quickly mastered that part of the pattern and got to a point last week that she thought was worth sharing.joker-wipAs you can see, she has made some great progress and is really enjoying the project.  Melanie Berg's pattern is well written and easy to follow.  And the colors that Theresa chose are flowing together beautifully.  She's finding it hard to put this project down because she's getting so much pleasure from watching the colors play off one another.It's easy to keep knitting when you can't wait to see what develops next!We'll be able to share finished photos with you in no time at the rate she's going.  In the meantime, if you'd like to try your hand at knitting a Joker and the Thief shawl like this one, we have a few kits remaining in stock and we'd love to help you get cast on.  Pop into the shop or give us a call at 970-407-1461!