MJ Yarns

When our friend Jenny went to the Estes Wool Market last month, she found a local yarn dyer who she knew we would love to meet.  She and Jonathan became fast friends, and it was due in large part to his irresistible charm. (He is as friendly and approachable as you could imagine). 20140608_121136His work is indeed something very special and we are thrilled to be carrying a beautiful selection of two of his yarns.  The first is his Simple Sock yarn.  These brilliant skeins are made from a blend of 75% Superwash Corriedale and 25% Nylon for strength and shine.  His selection of Corriedale wool means that these skeins have a surprisingly soft hand and wonderful drape with the strength to stand up to hard wear.  Each 100 gram skein includes 390 yards and knits up beautifully on US 1-3 needles. MJ simple sockWe also have an equally mouthwatering selection of MJ Yarns' Rustic Fingering.  This yarn is created with 100% Blue Faced Leicester wool.  This incredible fiber is surprisingly soft and has a silk-like sheen.  These skeins glimmer with reflective light.  It is a gorgeous two ply yarn with a loose twist giving it a hand spun appearance. Each 100 gram skein includes 450 yards and also knits up beautifully on US 1-3 needles. MJ BFLJonathan will be stopping by the shop again very soon with a special delivery of a third MJ Yarn that we can't wait to get our hands on: his Opulent Fingering.  This yarn is made with our favorite blend of machine washable merino, cashmere and nylon.  The merino and cashmere make it a yarn you can’t help but love. The nylon adds just enough strength to make sure your hard earned project will last.You may decide as we have, that these yarns calls out to become gorgeous shawls.  Julie has plans to kit up something special that will combine Jonathan's incredible yarns with Stephen West's impeccable patterns.  We'll be able to share more details later this month, so keep your eyes peeled.We'll keep you apprised of all the new MJ Yarn developments on our Facebook page to make sure that you don't miss any of the fun.