Shibui linen

Our friend Vicky stopped by this week to show us her recently finished top.  This is Mix No. 27 designed by Lori Versaci.mix-27"This striped, sleeveless shell reinvigorates a love for simple stitches. Garter stripes presented on the wrong side create a new spin on marled fabric. The structured front is balanced with a breathable, slightly-sheer back; the drape of the fabric remains elegant and casual in 100% pure Linen."shibui linen closeThis delightful fingering weight yarn has been created with a chainette construction for extra drape, fluidity and softness.  Perfectly suited to linen fiber, this type of yarn creates fabrics that get softer with wear.The generous color spectrum of Shibui yarns ensures that there are many hues to choose from from soft neutrals, to bold contrasts such as those Vicky chose, or a strong statement of brilliant color.dafne-01Kate recently finished her summer top, Dafne.  Instead of using the aran weight that the pattern calls for, Kate double stranded Shibui linen which resulted in a gauge just a bit finer than called for.  By knitting a larger size, she has a finished garment that will be perfect for summer wear.We have all kinds of pattern suggestions for this lovely yarn and we'd love to help get you started on a summer top of your own!  Stop on by the shop and we can find the perfect selection.