Brooklyn Tweed Trunk Show!

My Sister Knits has a trunk show consisting entirely of Brooklyn Tweed patterns for babies and children!You may be asking yourself what exactly is a trunk show.  It's when a yarn company sends us samples to display for a certain period of time.  You get to see first hand patterns knit up in the yarn they were designed for.  Many times they accompany the release of a collection of patterns.We will only have this trunk show for a little while longer, so if you have any children to knit for, come in quickly!This one has a diverse selection of pattern categories!  There are baby blankets:My Sister KnitsThere are several hats and this adorable colorwork set of a hat and mittens:trunk showThere are sweaters of all kinds..cardigans and pullovers, colorwork and plain:local yarn shoplocal yarn shopWe've pictured some but not all of the Brooklyn Tweed trunk show items; come in to see the rest before they must be sent back!

Quince & Co. trunk show

In early 2018 Pam Allen, founder of Quince & Co., published a collection of patterns in a book titled Plain and Simple.  We are so excited to see these cozy items in the flesh!  Plain and Simple is filled with patterns intended to be used every day.  They are all designed with Quince & Co.'s worsted weight Owl.The trunk show containing these samples is due in any now!Brooklyn Tweed trunk showWe are lucky to have a sample of one of the cardigans in the book, Chestnut, on display at the shop right now.  Instead of being knit with Owl, it was knit with Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter.  It's an excellent example of how easy it is to substitute one yarn for another, providing they are alike.  We'll gladly help you do that with any project!Now is the time to relax with a knitting project that doesn't have a deadline.  We encourage you to come in and find something calming to knit that will help you unwind!  Just think of it; yards of lovely yarn, a hot cup of your favorite drink, a scented candle burning, and a new knitting project.  What better way to end the year? 

Two Sweaters from Pam Allen's Plain and Simple

We have two sweaters from Quince & Co on display in the shop that we think you are going to love!  These pullovers are from Pam Allen's Plain & Simple book.  They are knit with Owl, a 50/50 American wool and alpaca blend in a worsted weight.Pam Allen's Plain and SimpleBoth of these sweaters have positive ease and simple sleeves.  Even better, they look good on every body type!Remember that if you want your sweater to fit, you must swatch!!  We've written two blog posts that might help you with swatching; here and here.My Sister Knits has help available for any stage of your sweater making journey.  Fearless Knitting is on Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 - 1 when someone is at the shop whose sole responsibility is to help people who come in with questions.  We are happy to answer your questions at any time but Fearless Knitting is when we offer our undivided attention to you!


Quince and CoIf you are intrigued with classic gansey sweaters but don't want to commit to knitting a full one, this sweater is for you!  Only the top portion has classic gansey knit/purl texture, with some also at the top of the sleeves.With plenty of positive ease, it is easy to wear and flattering on everyone.  Willow is knit bottom up in the round with only shoulder seams and those are done with a three-needle bind off.The pick up instructions for the sleeves and the neck ribbing are plain and easy to follow.  The stitches where the picking up is done will be easy to see because of the weight of Owl; the stitches themselves are large which should make picking up a breeze!


My Sister KnitsAsh is a completely different sweater with basically the same construction.  It is also knit bottom up in the round with a three-needle bind off at the shoulder seams.  Stitches are picked up around the armhole and neck.The wide swingy body is perfectly balanced with narrow sleeves.  The fun pockets offer an opportunity to perhaps learn a new skill that is plainly explained!The pattern calls for Half Brioche Stitch ribbing but our sample substitutes a twisted rib stitch.  You can take your pick or even do a 1 x 1 rib.This is a thoroughly up-to-date sweater design that will become a classic because, like Willow, it flatters everyone!Watch for details on Pam Allen's Plain & Simple trunk show between Christmas and New Year's Day. All of the samples from the book will be at the shop!

Short Rows

A word about short rows because these sweaters use short row shaping at the shoulders and Ash uses it at the neck also.  The patterns call for yarn-over short rows but you can use any kind you like and are comfortable with.  Again, come to Fearless Knitting if short rows intimidate you!  Coco Knits has a great tutorial for Shadow Short Rows.  Tin Can Knits has one for German Short Rows.  Mimi Kezer has an excellent YouTube tutorial that shows exactly how to substitute German Short Rows.We hope to see you in the shop, examining these exquisite sweaters! local yarn shop

Favorite Old and New Knitting Books!

It's so much fun to receive a shipment of new knitting books!  The act of opening up a new book and flipping through it fills our minds with possibilities and inspiration.We have two new books this week that are both beautiful!

Melanie Berg's Shawls

New Knitting BooksMelanie Berg designs gorgeous shawls!  This hot-off-the-press book is full of her favorites. There are several you may recognize and others are brand new.  These are modern shawls for everyone:  designs with more than one color, lace edging, cables, various shapes, and more! The knitting world has been buzzing about this book lately, impatiently waiting for its release.  Fortunately, we have several!

pompom Quarterly

Most popular knitting booksThis magazine from the UK can easily be considered a new knitting book with each edition!  There are always distinctive patterns designed around a theme.  In addition, there is a mix of recipes, articles, crafts, and art.  Pom Pom is known for its stunning photography; even the ads are beautiful!  The theme for this edition is the moon.  Each pattern's name has special meaning.  These sell out fast and are only available from stockists.We also have two of the most popular knitting books which have become classics!

Ann Budd's the knitter's handy book of Patterns

My Sister KnitsThis book is a boon to knitters of all experience levels!  Originally published in 2002, it has withstood the test of time and should be in every knitter's library.  More than a book of designs, this is also a reference book.  By following Ann's instructions and unique tables, you can make almost any type of garment with any weight of yarn.  You need to know your gauge and the size you want to make and that's it!  Also included are many details that you can add to personalize whatever it is that you're creating!

Vicki Square's The Knitter's Companion

Local Yarn ShopThis little book by Fort Collins' own Vicki Square should also be on every knitter's bookshelf!  It's even small enough to carry with you if you need to.  This gem has been around since 2006.  It's packed with tips and tutorials with photos and illustrations for each.  This book is fantastic for those techniques you need to look up each time you do them.  Maybe you need to remember how to start the mattress stitch seam or how to Kitchener.  Or maybe you're a newer knitter who needs reminding of increases and decreases.  It's all here!We invite you to sit at our community table and browse through these books, taking your time with them!

Good Reads at My Sister Knits

Not only does My Sister Knits carry beautiful, thoughtfully curated yarn, we also carry a select number of gorgeous knitting magazines!  They all have distinctive photos, informative articles, and of course patterns! However, each magazine has its own look and feel.My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Colorado, amirisu, pompom, knitting magazines


Tokuko Ochiai and Meri Tanaka publish this magazine in Japan, in addition to running two brick-and-mortar yarn shops in Kyoto and Tokyo!  Up until now there have been three issues per year and they have contained patterns in Japanese and English.  However, Meri has a one year old and he has necessitated some changes, as babies do!  Starting with the issue that will be released in May, arimisu will have two issues a year, in the spring and fall.  In addition, the issues will be published in only one language, Japanese or English.  They will have the same number of pages, though, so there will be more content which we are eagerly anticipating!

Pom Pom

This quarterly magazine was co-founded in 2012 by Meghan Fernandes and Lydia Gluck who both lived in England at the time.  Meghan has since moved back to her native US and is the head of  North America while Lydia heads up the London Pom Pom office.  This periodical features crochet, crafts, fashion, art and food in addition to knitting!My Sister Knits, local yarn shop, Fort Collins Colorado, Laine, taproot,


Laine is one of the new knitting publications that are taking the knitting world by storm!  It is a Nordic knit and lifestyle magazine from Finland.  Co-founders Jonna Hietala and Sini Ellen "cherish natural fibers, slow living, local craftsmanship and beautiful, simple things in life" which shows on every page.


We look forward to this bi-monthly ad-free magazine from Shelburne, Vermont!  It is chock full of articles on subjects in addition to knitting.  For instance, issue 26 has information on how to set up a gravity drip irrigation system, healing in many ways, a visit to a special farm in Atadena, CA, sea salt, numerous recipes, animal herbalism and the list goes on!


This is another new magazine; published in Maine by designers Carrie Bostick Hoge of Madder and Ashley Yousling of Woolful.  Each issue focuses on a strong theme; the latest was Lines and the Spring 2018 issue's theme is Color.  All patterns in each issue reflect the theme whether they are knitted or use another form of handcraft. Like the other magazines, this one is full of handcrafts of all types, articles and tutorials!

By Hand

Also quickly becoming a beloved publication, By Hand focuses on makers of all types within a specific region.  The issues are called 'lookbooks'.  Author Andrea Hungerford and photographer Karen DeWitz explore certain communities to show us what they have to offer, both in terms of art and scenery!  Lookbook No. 5, their latest, explores Michigan's Great Lakes area.  This magazine is like a travel guide, making you want to plan a trip with each Lookbook!These magazines are highly sought after and are often sold out in a matter of days!  To ensure you get yours, you can pre-order a copy of any of these by calling the shop at 970.407.1461 

Welcome, Brooklyn Tweed!

My Sister Knits is fast becoming a treasure trove of lovingly produced yarn sourced entirely in the U.S.!From the sheep, to the cleaning, to the dyeing process, and finally the spinning, we have a growing collection of yarns whose production supports farmers and artisans working to keep textile traditions alive.We are proud to announce our latest acquisition - Brooklyn Tweed Loft, Shelter and Quarry!Skeins-of-BT-RTPJared Flood, founder of Brooklyn Tweed, views knitwear as art with a function.  He started out designing quality, fashionable knitwear for men and went on to develop BT yarn, releasing it along with design collections for both men and women in 2010.This yarn starts out practically in our backyard with Targhee-Columbia sheep from Wyoming.Targhee-Columbia-Sheep-RTPFrom Wyoming, the fleeces go to Texas for thorough yet gentle scouring, evidenced by the occasional bit of hay in the yarn, then sent to Pennsylvania for dyeing, and finally to New Hampshire to be spun.Unlike other yarns, Brooklyn Tweed wool is dyed first and then the colors are blended together to create their heathery tones before being spun.BT-Seasons-hats-Spring-and-Fall-RTPLofty, full of air, and fairly loosely spun, Loft, Shelter and Quarry create a wonderfully warm fabric excellent for cables, textured stitches, and colorwork.  This yarn becomes strong during blocking but before that it's a bit delicate and must be treated gently.BT-hats-from-Shelter-and-Quarry-RTPJared, his design team, and guest designers support knitters with leading-edge designs and well written patterns with an eye toward detail.  You can knit a Brooklyn Tweed pattern with confidence!You can expect to hear more from us about Brooklyn Tweed but for now come into the shop and see the yarns and patterns for yourself!

Come for Colorwork!

We have a class starting on Tuesday that we are thrilled about, although some of us are a little intimidated at the same time!  That's good because it means learning will take place and our knitting skills will grow.Jeannie Giberson, a gifted and patient colorwork teacher, is teaching a two session Colorwork Fundamentals class on Tuesdays, August 30th and September 13th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.  Students will make two-color wristwarmers as they learn about color selection, how to hold one color in each hand, how to achieve correct tension, and other kernels of wisdom Jeannie has to offer.Finullgarn-Colorwork-Wristlets-RTPThis class is perfect for your first foray into colorwork and, if you become hooked, we have another class for you in October!  Jeannie will teach Latvian Mittens over three Saturday sessions Oct. 1st, 15th and 29th from 9am - noon.These classes use Norwegian Rauma Finullgarn yarn which is superb for colorwork due to its 'stickiness' and the range of colors available.Finullgarn-yarn-RTPFor her October class, Jeannie will use the Mittens of Latvia book which includes the history of these unique mittens along with numerous detailed photos.  We have copies in the shop!Mittens-of-Latvia-bookThe oldest mittens in Europe are Latvian and they have a rich history.  The colorwork was mainly on the cuffs since colored wool was home-dyed and scarce.  A gift of mittens from a young woman to her beau was a sign of engagement and brides gave away mittens at weddings which required many, many pairs. The tradition of knitting mittens passed down through families and individual patterns could be traced back to a certain parish within a district of Latvia, rather like a signature!Jeannie's-Latvian-Mittens-WIP-RTP Jeannie's-Latvian-Mitten-detail-RTPThere is still time to sign up for the class, get your yarn and do the tiny bit of homework required before the first session!

New Fearless Knitting Technique

Shadow Short Rows.  Possibly your new favorite!  There is no wrapping, no picking up of wraps, and it's a one row process that can be used in any pattern requiring short rows!Cocoknits-shadow-short-rowRTPSock knitters will be pleased to know that this technique works beautifully with socks as it was created by Alice Yu, author of Socktopus: 17 Pairs of Socks to Knit and Show Off  and designer of numerous sock patterns.ruffle-socks-RTPFor the next two Thursdays, August 11th and 18th and Saturdays, August 13th and 20th, Jenny's Fearless Knitting technique demonstration will be Shadow Short Rows.They are neat, there are no holes or bumps in your fabric, and it's so easy to see the shadow stitch you'll never have to search for it!Julie Weisenberger, also known as Cocoknits, designed a t-shirt style top, Leonie, that specifically uses this method.  It's a great way to practice and make yourself a garment that will transition into fall.  You'll have it finished before you know it using Quince & Co. Kestrel and size 11 needles!Leonie-top-cocoknits-RTPJulie has an excellent tutorial if you can't make it in for our demonstrations.However, when you come to the shop you'll find out why these are also called 'mother-daughter' short rows!We look forward to showing you how this method is worked because it's simple, effective, and it's fast becoming a favorite throughout the knitting world! 

From the coast of Maine... the shores of Warren Lake.  Carrie Bostick Hoge's new Swoon Maine collection is inspiring some great knits!swoonThis new paperback book includes 14 patterns that are all delightfully knitworthy.  With tiny knits for kiddos, accessories and larger garments, it can be hard to pick just one to start with!Kate recently finished a snuggly version of the Shore Cardigan that is in the shop as a sample.  While she was visiting the area earlier this year, she snapped a few  photos by Warren Lake.shore-05She chose to work with Blue Sky Alpaca's TECHNO yarn.  "Modern technology makes TECHNO a feather-weight genius: baby alpaca is blown into a mesh tube of silk for really fast knitting with no splitting."The yarn is just as light as promised and has knit up like a dream.  The sweater is lushly thick and yet as light as a micro down jacket.Kate has plans to cast on for another sweater from these pages, the Sea Pullover using Fibre Company's Cumbria.cumbria-01We'll keep you posted on her progress and let you know when her new sweater arrived in the shop.In the meantime we invite you to come check out Carrie's beautiful book.  The photographs of her stunning coastal home are as gorgeous as her patterns are.  They may have you planning a holiday to Maine as well as your next project!

Botanical Knits 2

You may remember that we filled the shop last September with gorgeous samples from the pages of Botanical Knits.  We were inspired by the new arrival of Fiber Co.'s Canopy Worsted to the shop.We have exciting news for you: Alana Dakos has published a sequel!  And we will be getting copies in the shop any day now. © NevernotknittingWe think that you'll love the designs included in this Second Botanical Knits as much as the first.  We sure do.Let us know which patterns catch your fancy, so that we can find yarn suggestions that will look beautiful and feel wonderful to the touch.  We all know that the experience of knitting the project should be just as much fun as wearing it or giving it as a very special gift.  We can't wait to help you get started.  

Cast on for something new this weekend

The Kelbourne Woolens girls have done it again.  They have created a new booklet of five patterns that can each be created with a single skein of Canopy Worsted, and finished in a weekend’s worth of knitting: Weekenders.  Each member of the Kelbourne design team created a pattern for this collection.  And it is fun to see the different styles each knitter has created.200 yards of their magical blend of 50% baby alpaca, 30% merino wool, 20% viscose bamboo has never looked so good!  This yarn is deliciously soft, and has a stunning stitch definition.  Each of the patterns in this collection makes the most of this unique yarn to really let it shine. © Kelbourne WoolensWhich one is your favorite?We hope that you can stop by the shop to take a look at our generous selection of Canopy Worsted colors.  The soft, slightly heathered tones are luscious, and we have a color to compliment just about anyone.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

More Fibre Company Samples

The Fibre Company has sent us another Trunk Show to share with you.  This collection features designs by the Kelbourne Woolens design team of Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley.  All 20 patterns from the pages of Vintage Modern Knits arrived last week, and we are featuring our favorites that have been knit up in some of the beautiful Fibre Company yarns we have in stock. vm trunk 03Our newest favorite, Canopy Worsted is a delicious blend of 50% Alpaca, 30% Merino, and 20% Bamboo.  The bamboo provides a wonderful sheen to the yarn that gathers light and makes stitches look their best.  Among the collection, the Bramble Beret and the Telemark Leg Warmers are created with this beautiful yarn.Road to China Light is a sport weight blend of 65% Alpaca, 15% Silk, 10% Camel, and 10% Cashmere. This yarn is a perennial favorite among our customers who delight at the soft richness of this fiber blend.  It is a perfect luxurious choice for winter accessories that are as soft as they are beautiful.  Our favorite sample in the collection knit up with Road to China Light would have to be the Margarethe Lace Shawl.Last but not least is Terra, featured in the Brigid Jacket.  This single ply slubby yarn is a beautiful rustic blend of 40% Merino, 40% Alpaca, and 20% Silk.  It is a beautiful choice for the cabled cardigan and has been a popular pattern on Ravelry.These samples will need to head on their way by the middle of the month, so we hope that you can stop  by before then to take a look at them and try them on.

Deal of the Day for August 28th: 30% off Comforts of Home: Simple Knitted Accents

The literary fun continues this month with more featured books as our Deals of the Day. We are offering a specific book each week at 30% off, and with the purchase of the book you can also save 30% on any yarn you select to make any of the patterns included in their pages.  This week our Deal of the Day is Comforts of Home: Simple Knitted Accents, by Erika Knight.  We hope that you can stop by the shop this Wednesday for our special deal! 518QHGQ3TBL._SX260_Erika has a talent for pairing beautiful neutral tones with clean classic designs; and the projects in these pages are no exception.  The stunning photos feature her simple pillows and throws which look as though they could complement any décor.She opens the book with a very friendly picture focused technique section that runs through the basics for beginners.  She uses beautiful large photos and clear concise direction to break down everything into simple steps.  In addition, she has thoughtfully broken larger projects down in to portable sections that could accompany you wherever you go this fall be it a football game or carpooling for soccer practice.Her collection of patterns starts off with a beautifully simple cushion cover.  You can choose the garter stitch version for extra texture, or the stockinette version which I just saw for sale at Pottery Barn for roughly $100.  The patterns gain complexity while you learn more advanced techniques.  If you were to work your way through these pages, you would gain a large variety of skills while filling your home with stunning accents that clearly display your passion for knitting (and perhaps have a few gifts to share)!We hope that you’ll get a chance to stop into the shop this Wednesday to take a look at this beautiful book.  Let's see if the patterns get you eager to take a break from garment knitting, and start accessorizing your home!

Deal of the Day for August 21st: 30% off Knit Swirl!

The literary fun continues this month with more featured books as our Deals of the Day. We are offering a specific book each week at 30% off, and with the purchase of the book you can also save 30% on any yarn you select to make any of the patterns included in their pages.  This week our Deal of the Day is Knit Swirl! by Sandra McIver.  We hope that you can stop by the shop this Wednesday for our special deal! 1891000070_1364397923Cat Bordhi forwards Sandra’s book with a wonderful description of her introduction to these beautiful sweaters.  “One by one, we discovered that the sweater (which we soon tagged the “Miracle Sweater”) made us instantly feel young, graceful, and buoyant. Anyone who donned one began moving sinuously, although some of us had not moved sinuously for years.  In her sweater it was impossible to do anything else – as you will find if you knit one.” What an endorsement!Sandra has engineered all of these patterns in a masterful way.  There is a single seam that runs cuff to cuff ensuring a wonderful flow of fabric.  There are sizing options, and a section in the introduction that clearly distinguishes the different silhouettes of the book’s patterns and the features of each. © sandramciverI think that my favorite may be the Sheer Beauty.  It is the most popular pattern in the book on Ravelry, and more than two hundred knitters have worked on this sweater.  But the one that might be the most fun to knit would have to be Strata sphere.  This sweater was designed to be knit up with Noro Silk Garden, a favorite yarn of mine.   The color changes in the yarn make it almost impossible to put down.  I have stayed up many a night working on Noro projects because I just can’t wait to see what color will spool out of the skein next!We hope that you can stop by the shop this week to look through the pages of this beautiful book.  The photos are stunning and clearly show each sweater from many different angles, sometimes with multiple models so that you can get a very clear sense of how the finished project will turn out.We can show you our gorgeous selection of Noro Silk Garden, or help you find another yarn option for any of the patterns in the book.  We hope to see you soon.

Deal of the Day for August 14th: 30% off The Natural Knitter

The literary fun continues this month with more featured books as our Deals of the Day. We are offering a specific book each week at 30% off, and with the purchase of the book you can also save 30% on any yarn you select to make any of the patterns included in their pages.  This week our Deal of the Day is The Natural Knitter by Barbara Albright.  We hope that you can stop by the shop this Wednesday for our special deal!


Barbara has done a masterful job of curating a beautiful collection of patterns by some of our favorite designers: Norah Gaughan, Kathy Zimmerman, and local gal Vicki Square.  The pages of this book include stunning photos that will surely inspire you to cast on.  Each pattern makes the most of the fiber it features.And the inspiration is not limited to the included patterns.  Barbara provides luscious photos and informative chapters that highlight the characteristics and features of various fibers.  She can help us understand the difference between various wools, alpaca, and other animal fibers.  Her expertise continues to various plant based yarns as well with descriptions that will clarify when you would want to use what.Stop on by the shop this Wednesday to check out our Deal of the Day.  We can help you find some beautiful yarn to work with and the 30% discount will extend to those skeins that you purchase for one of the book's projects.

Deal of the Day for July 31st: 30% off 60 Quick Baby Blankets

We are trying something new this month with our Deals of the Day.  We are offering a specific book each week at 30% off, and with the purchase of the book you can also save 30% on any in stock yarn you select to make any of the patterns included in their pages. This week our Deal of the Day is 60 Quick Baby Blankets.

The Editors have done a beautiful job of selecting a large group of projects for every skill level. If you have a growing number of baby showers in your future, or if you’re like Julie and just love to work of little blankies, this book will provide you with a fun project collection that will guarantee a one of a kind creation every time.

© Sixth&Spring Books

This might be one of my favorites: Night Houses by Christina Behnke.  She also designed Mustachioed which is another more playful blanket that might be more likely to end up in the crib.

A great yarn to pair up with many of these projects could be Berroco Vintage, a worsted weight Acrylic and Wool blend that washes beautifully and knits up in to squishably soft blankets that make beautiful gifts.  We have a beautiful selction of colors, and can go through the color cards with you if you need a hue that we don't have on hand.  We hope that you can stop into the shop this week to take a peek within the covers of this week's Deal of the Day.  We would love to help you pick out your next blankie and the perfect yarn to knit it with!

Deal of the Day for July 24th: 30% off Knitting Brioche

We are trying something new this month with our Deals of the Day.  We are offering a specific book each week at 30% off, and with the purchase of the book you can also save 30% on any in stock yarn you select to make any of the patterns included in their pages. This week our Deal of the Day is Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch by Nancy Marchant.

I have dabbled a bit with the brioche stitch.  I have knit up the Purl Bee’s Brioche Cowl and started Swans Island Measure for Measure Scarf.  I love the soft plush feel of brioche projects.  The double layer of yarn creates soft squishy warmth that can’t be beat when the wind starts to blow.  And the simple but stunning color combinations that can result from two stranded brioche are fantastic. But the brioche stitch is a tricky one, I have found that these projects require a bit of extra focus to keep on track.

In my opinion, Nancy has done the impossible.  She deconstructed the brioche stitch trying to figure out exactly how it works.  And by doing so, she has mastered it.  Not only was she able to figure out how to add a third color to what was once believed to be an exclusively two color stitch; she also has demystified increases, decreases, and (gasp) cables!

The patterns in these pages are stunning and will certainly make a devotee of the brioche stitch of you.  But you may find, as I do, that the section that illustrates various brioche stitch combinations will be what really captures your imagination.  These pages act like a stitch dictionary with photos and clear row directions to provide you with a wealth of beatiful textures and color work that will result in breathtaking finished pieces.

We hope that you can stop by to take a look at this beautiful book and consider making the Brioche stitch your next personal challange.  Feel free to give us a call at the shop and we can get your copy in the mail to you. 970-407-1461.

Deal of the Day for July 10th: 30% off Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders

We are trying something new this month with our Deals of the Day.  We are offering a specific book each week at 30% off, and with the purchase of the book you can also save 30% on any in stock yarn you select to make any of the patterns included in their pages. This week our Deal of the Day is Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks! By Judith Durant

As this book generously proves, you can make much more than socks with fingering weight yarn.  This collection of patterns includes socks, scarves, shawls, a tiny dog sweater, and many more fun project ideas.  One of my favorites is this beautiful shawl that is a quick knit on large needles.

© gaggaknits

This is the Wisteria Arbor Shawl by Carla Kisielnicki.  The pattern calls for 450 yards of fingering weight yarn with a gauge of 26 stitches and 24 rows on a US 9 needle.  I think a great yarn for this project could be our Malabrigo sock yarn.  Malabrigo does 100% merino softer than anyone else, and their colors are luscious.  With the 30% discount the single skein you’d need for the project would be less than $14.

Many of the sock yarns that we stock contain superwash merino which allows the finished projects to be machine washable.  This makes these yarns great choices for baby knits.  The finer gauge makes smaller finished projects, and the smaller size makes them gratifyingly quick knits.  One of the most popular patterns in this collection among Ravelers is the Little Hanten Jacket designed by Cheryl Oberle.  This kimono style cardi has some unusual diagonal detail on the front created with a simple sequence of increases and decreases.

© thesaly

A beautiful version could be created with a single skein of tosh sock.  This perennial favorite is made with superwash merino and has 395 yards per skein.  With the 30% discount, it would ring in at $21.

For those sock knitters among you, not to worry; there are plenty of sock patterns in the book as well.  It is a collection that has something for every knitter.  Stop in the shop this week to pick up your discounted copy and whatever yarn you'd like to complete any of the 101 projects between its covers.