Inidspensable New Knitting Tools!

Knitting tools make our knitting life easier and My Sister Knits has some that you are going to fall in love with!These are handmade by Katy Westcott, the designer and creative force behind Katrinkles.  Katrinkles is a childhood nickname given to Katy by her mother!  She came to the fiber arts from a career in the jewelry business.  With a degree in jewelry design, Katy feels that her knitting accessories are a natural extension of her love for jewelry.  She uses Alder wood from her home region of Rhode Island and the North East and laser etches her designs onto her products.Knitting toolsWith these tools you have information right at hand!  You can use the ball chain loop to hang them from your project bag or tuck them into your notions bag.  How many times have you wondered exactly how to Make 1 Left or Make 1 Right?  Or precisely how to do a Wrap and Turn short row?  These beauties will save you!Knitting tools and accessoriesIf you find more than one needle in your project bag, this needle gauge is precisely what you need nearby to determine its size.  Most of us use the Kitchener stitch so seldom that we have to relearn it each time.  Imagine having this handy tool to use!  With the chain loop, it  won't get lost!My Sister KnitsPatterns using the Brioche stitch are plentiful right now.  Like Kitchener, many of us need to brush up on our Brioche skills every time we use this captivatingly squishy stitch.  Katy's Brioche accessories are invaluable in relieving Brioche-induced stress!When you need a gift for a fellow knitter, any of these would be well received and you probably want to start a collection for yourself!  My Sister Knits is happy to provide you with knitting tools and accessories to make your knitting life more relaxing and fun! 

What's in Your Notions Bag?

Notions bags!  They are almost as fun as yarn!  These bags come in many shapes and sizes; they can be anything from plastic baggies, to unused make-up bags, to one made specifically for knitters.The important thing about notions bags is not what style they are but what goes into them!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, project bags, needle gauges, point protectors, They are vital to having what you need with you at all times.  Just like filling a baby’s diaper bag with things that were needed on your last outing, like a third set of clothes (!), your notions bag becomes filled with items as you need them over time.  Most notions bags start out with the bare necessities; possibly a pair of scissors, some locking markers, and a handiTool.  From there, it’s a slippery slope! You start a cable project and add cable needles. You need to weave in some ends and add tapestry needles.  Your lips get chapped and you some lip balm because you know it will be right where you can find it!Perhaps your current project required a large amount of stitches to cast on and you put markers every 20 stitches or so to keep track.  When you worked that first row, you took the markers off and now you have extras in your notions bag!My Sister Knits, local yarn shop, northern Colorado, embroidery scissors, tapestry needles, Kitchener stitchOnce upon a time you lost stitches off of the tip of your needles and now you carry a selection of needle caps with you at all times.  A profusion of paraphernalia makes its way into your notions bag and before you know it, you have at least one tape measure, a needle size gauge, Kitchener notes, hand lotion, an emery board, more stitch markers, pencils, highlighter tape, and it just keeps going!From there, you decide that maybe you need something just large enough for the bare essentials which differ from knitter to knitter.  This will go into your ‘anywhere, anytime’ project so it’s truly ready to grab on your way out the door. And so you buy another notions bag….My Sister Knits, Twig and Horn, Colorado yarn shop, cable needlesWherever you are on your notions bag journey, we have all the goodies, err, essentials for you in the shop!  Just for fun, ask us what we have in our notions bags! 

Have You Found Our Half Price Sale Nook?

Upstairs at My Sister Knits, tucked into a cozy corner under the eaves, you will find an incredible little space full of a wide selection of notions, bags, and yarn, all half price! Right now there treasures such as ..........    You're going to want to check out this space every time you come into the shop; you never know what you might find!We have fun helping you find the perfect pattern for your yarn, no matter the size of your project, so please ask if you'd like some assistance.  We have the world of Ravelry at our fingertips and we love to play with it!

What Else Can Be Found at My Sister Knits?

Everyone knows that My Sister Knits has a rich profusion of yarns and needles available.  Follow along as we take you on a photo journey of some of the other items that can be found in the shop!Twig and Horn's Wool Interchangeable Needle Case, cut and sewn in Maine, is a topnotch durable case ready to go anywhere!These paper goods are from Rowan Morrison, a Micro-Publisher based in Portland, Oregon.  Their products are for the most part made with recycled papers, produced locally in small runs.  We have three for you to choose from; all of them fun to use to take notes on your knitting, grocery lists, or anything else you might like to keep track of!Our 'A little burst of lovely' small project bag from Firefly Notes is too darling to resist!  Sandy Bahrich, owner of this small company in Vancouver, B.C., makes distinctive gifts inspired by "our history", to quote her.These beautifully made little tins with tops that slide are also from Firefly Notes.Top left is one of local craftsman Jerry Ertle's handmade yarn bowls that are treasures in themselves.To the right is the Snap n Go notions case from Exchanging Fire in Pennsylvania that many of us find indispensable.On the bottom are examples of the captivating new Jesabelle B. notion cases we have from Montreal.  They open up into a dear little tray!  We also have some Jessabelle B. wristlet project bags that hang on your arm and act as to-go yarn bowls!The story behind her project bags is one of family heritage. Her grandmother gave her one made by her great grandmother and called it a 'knit pocket'.  Jessabelle made a stronger version because she wanted to save her original one.  She put it online to see if anyone else might like to have one and the rest is history!Next on our journey are Swedish dishcloths that replace paper towels and sponges.  One of these replaces 17 rolls of paper towels!  There are countless designs and they can be washed in the machine and air dried.Lastly on our tour, we have candles and wool soap.We have two kinds of hand poured soy candles; soy wax allows for a very clean burn. Wax and Wool, scented with delicate essential oils, are made in the Pacific Northwest.  Denver made Rosy Rings candles have scents such as Tilled Earth, Tomato Vine, and Flannel Flower which can be a bit heartier than Wax and Wool.Twig and Horn Wool Soap is made with lanolin and a variety of oils that leave your handknits clean and refreshed.We invite you to come into the shop with plenty of time to browse our products in addition to yarn! 

Staff favorite

Storing knitting notions can be tricky.  There are so many little items that are essential while knitting: scissors, stitch markers, a measuring tape, and more.  Having them at hand can keep your work flowing smoothly.  Being able to find what you need within the jumble at the bottom of your project bag is like magic.Julie has just stocked a new little organizer from Lady Danio that will help you keep your myriad tools within easy reach, even on the go!notions-case-01"Eight little compartments keep all your knitting and crocheting notions neatly separated. Organize your life in a snap and go!The first side of this case features four small rectangular compartments that are perfect for storing stitch markers, buttons, and all those itty-bitty knitting notions you always seem to lose in the bottom of your project bag.notions-case-02Flip apart the second half of this case to reveal three long compartments that are great for holding stitch holders, darning needles, point protectors, safety pins, and other medium sized objects. Finally, the big single (brightly colored) compartment sandwiched in the center is perfect for larger items like mini crochet hooks, cable needles, T-pins, a tape measure, and even foldable scissors."There are several colors to choose from and a price that can't be beat -- just $10.  You'll want to get a few, for yourself and as thoughtful little gifts for your friends who knit.

Special savings!

We are offering 50% off several carefully selected yarns and accessories while supplies last!  The table upstairs is full of great savings.


On the table of treats you'll find luscious skeins of Tobaggan from Classic Elite, a super bulky blend of merino wool and superfine alpaca twisted into a soft skein of yarn with 87 yards per 100 gram hank.

We are also offering MilaMia's Naturally Soft Merino (a sport weight) and Rialto DK.  These yarns are both made of washable merino that is a pleasure to work with and wear.


You've seen them featured in previous posts when we shared the details of our Global Nomad Cowl (shown above).  This sample has been very popular and we've enjoyed helping friends find mouthwatering color combinations to play with.


We are also offering the discount on accessories for Skacel Addi Turbos: tips and cords all 50% off.  You'll find them among some of our discounted Christmas items, such as fun gift tags for your hand knit gifts and holiday pillow shown below.


The table upstairs is full of great savings, we hope that you can visit us this week to pick up some great deals!

A perfect solution

All of us have scrambled for last minute gifts.  In spite of our best laid plans and careful lists, it is all too easy to find yourself looking for a few more things when you imagined that you'd be relaxing by the has filled the shop with fun stocking stuffers and great gift ideas for those who love to knit and those who don't.What may be the most successful gift for the yarn lovers on your list is a gift certificate.  They will have a chance to come visit the shop and select the perfect item for themselves and thank you for the opportunity.Especially because, from now until the end of December, purchasing a gift certificate will provide you with a coupon for 30% off a single item.  This can be given along with the certificate to extend its value, or it can be a little treat that you keep and use yourself.What fun!  We hope that we'll see you this week so that we can wish you a very happy holiday.

A gift to be treasured

When our selection of Signature Needles arrived in the shop, we needed to work with them to understand what all the fuss was about.signatureThese needles were designed by a knitter who just happened to work at a family-owned precision machine shop that makes custom metal components.  When her desire for needles with beautifully sharp points inspired her to bring her hobby to work, Signature Needles were born.Many of us at the shop have become converts and find their smooth surfaces and fine points a dream to use for lace work.  All of those decreases (especially when you are knitting or purling more than a few stitches together at once) can be done so much more easily with a nice sharp point.  And some of us (Dawn, Kate, Kristin, Julie C and Connie Bea) reach for them no matter what we're casting on for!These needles are silky smooth and for those of us who like the speed and efficiency of working with metal needles, there are none finer.Dawn has shared with us, "The stiletto point enables me to get into any stitch, and the butter smooth join catches on absolutely nothing. They are pricey, but worth every penny. I don't think twice about spending that same amount of money on yarn, and these needles will continue to help me enjoy many future projects in my Ravelry queue."What better time than the holidays to treat yourself (or someone you love) to something special that will bring so much pleasure to the craft?  You'll enjoy every stitch in the new year with these needles that are available in almost every size imaginable in double points as well as circulars.Stop on by the shop before the holidays and try a pair out.  They are worth their weight in gold. 

A year in review

The holidays gave us some time to reflect on the past year and each of us wanted to share our favorites with you before diving into what's next.Julie's favorites from 2014 include her favorite things in the shop.  She has carefully curated a selection of products that we all enjoy, and the following are some that she loves and uses regularly."I burn our Tatine Candles every night. Forest Floor being my favorite. I feel as though they can help create a perfect evening: music, candles burning and knitting.I am in love with Jul Closures, especially the leather items. I can dress up even a borderline cowl with these lovelies. man hatMy current favorite pattern, The Man Hat by Haven Leavitt. I cast on last week with Blue Sky Worsted in black for University of Iowa. And I love it!A special yarn worth highlighting would be Blue Faced Leister from Hand Maiden, Fleece Artist. Theresa hit the nail on the head with beautiful holiday wreaths, and soon to be off her needles with be pillows in this loopy knit.   We can't wait to showcase these in the shop.Last but not least, I will not leave out Knitters Pride Dreamz Needles, for sure my favorite go to for almost everything."Dawn's list of favorites includes projects that she loves. lattice top 01Her favorite finished project (that she will actually wear) - is her Lattice Cap Sleeve top out of Madelinetosh Dandelion.  You can read more about this project in our earlier blog post.Theresa and Dawn agree in their favorite event which was our evening with Takako when she filled the shop with beautiful samples from Habu.Dawn's favorite new yarn this year is Titus from Baa Ram Ewe.  And her favorite finished project knit by someone else is the sample of Brooklyn Tweed's Natsumi that arrived in the shop late this summer.Theresa's highlight list includes the Color Block Bias Blankets that she and Dawn worked on last Spring.Her heart is torrn between two favorite yarns: Blue Sky Extra (which she hasn't worked with yet but has loved winding for customers) and Anzula Cricket which she's been thinking about using again for a third bias blanket for myself as she has given away the two she made for baby gifts. frozenHer two favorite projects that someone else knit would be the little Frozen Sweater knit up for us by our friend Helen (shown above) and the Equisetum Hat that Kristin knit with Suri Merino.  Theresa has a plan to knit a version of this hat for herself out of Shibui Alpaca DK.esjan 1 (2)Kimberly's favorite project that came of her needles this year would be Stephen West's Esjan Shawl that she knit up with Dramaturg from Leading Men Fiber Arts.Her favorite event was our wonderfully successful Underpants Drive, too cute!!Shes decided that she is going to cast on for her first sweater with her favorite new yarn of 2014: Kenzie.And her favorite project that someone else knit is the Color Tipped Scarf that Dawn knit out of Swan's Island Washable Aran.Kate shares Julie's passion for Jul Clasps.  These have opened up a whole world of shawl knitting which she never tried before.  Her new favorite technique is the German Short Row. peak 03And the project that she most enjoyed knitting this year was the Peak Scarf by Susan Lawrence that she knit with a double strand of Shibui Pebble.  This yarn is her absolute favorite and she has two projects currently on her needles and plans for more in 2015.Tune in later this week when we share what we're all looking forward to working on in upcoming months!

Save the date and come shop local

We would like to invite you to our Thanksgiving Weekend Sale! Please come join us on Friday November 28th & Saturday November 29th for a whole lot of fun.

We are offering a store wide sale of 15% off.  This includes our beautiful yarn, most of our needles (with the exception of Signature needles), all of our notions, as well as our fun gift items such as bags, yarn bowls, and candles.  And additional savings are available!


Bring an unopened package of children's clothing to the shop during these two days and we will offer you 20% off your entire purchase!All month long, we will be accepting donations of new unopened packages of children's underwear, socks, tights, leggings, underpants, t-shirts, even little sweat pants. (ages 5 -12).  These items will be distributed  to under-privileged elementary school children in the Fort Collins area who are currently attending school with just the necessary outer clothes.  Please bring what you can and support the kids in our area that need our help.

Give us a call at the shop at 970-407-1461 and we can ensure you don't miss out on the savings.

We are looking forward to your visit.

The devil is in the details

We all know that the perfect accessory can make an outfit.  A similar rule can be applied to our painstakingly crafted hand knits: the perfect button, toggle or clasp can make all the difference in the world. photo 3 (2)Julie has brought into the shop a handful of wonderful notions from JUL Designs.  Above, is "the Lock which doubles back on itself and ‘locks’ in place, making it extremely secure. This closure is equally gorgeous on the flounces of a knitted coat or amidst the cables of a men’s cardigan.Both The Latch and The Lock are more stable and stylish alternatives to the toggle.  (The Latch is pictured below.)  This pair of closures is the 3rd generation of a series of innovative and unique closures that screw into both sides of a garment or accessory and snap in the center making them versatile and (re)moveable.The Latch, small and simple, evoking the rustic and homey hinge on a barn door, gains its visual power in numbers. Imagine 8 of them adorning the opening of a military-style cardigan, creating shaping at the waist and closing a split cuff." photo 2 (2)These closures can be seen beautifully ornamenting items in  the Topographi Collection of patterns on Ravelry.  We hope that you will stop by the shop to see our selection.  We have clasps in both brown and black leather, as well as some round pedestal buttons that are sure to please.The (re)moveble nature of these designs means that they can be used like shawl pins.  Dawn took a photo of our Goovy shawl to illustrate. photo 1 (1)We can't wait to see how they embellish your hand knits!

Test driving some new needles

We just received a new line of knitting needles and according to Dawn, "they are smoother than butter..."  And we all know that she doesn't lavish praise like that without just cause.But we recognize that to really love a knitting needle, is to try it out for yourself. So we'd like to invite you to drop in and see what you think.  Kick the tires so to speak.


She started a swatch with our new Signature needles and a skein of Leading Men in dk.  You can give these new needles a spin by knitting on our swatch.  Let us know what you think.  We're confident that you'll have some fun with them.

Product Review: Knitter's Pride Karbonz needles

Knitter’s Pride Karbonz are revolutionary needles that combine the premium quality of carbon fiber with perfectly shaped nickel plated brass tips.  The space age Carbon Fiber is ideal for knitting needles on account of its high tensile strength, light weight and a surface that offers excellent control over the stitches.  The product line offers a range of sizes (US 000 – US 10) and types including fixed circulars, single pointed needles, double pointed needles, and interchangeable circular needle sets and tips.  We stock all but the single pointed needles at the shop.All of us shop girls gave these needles a test drive over the past couple of weeks and we were all thrilled with how they felt. We all loved the spectacular flex and tensile strength of the carbon fiber that has the warm feel of wood.  The nickel tips have a nice sharp point, and make for smooth stitch transition.These needles combine the best of wood and metal needles; and so those of that have a preference for one or the other all found that we liked the feel of these needles.  Amelia and I both found that the flexible cables worked well for our preference for the magic loop.For those of you interested in giving these needles a try, you may want to experiment with your next project that calls for circular needles or double points.  If you want to take advantage of the holiday season and treat yourself to an interchangeable set, we have several in stock for you to choose from. karbonzThe limited edition Box of Joy ( $150) comes in a very elegant, black wooden box with a laser-cut design of a tree in bloom. The Karbonz needles peer through the space where the design of the tree appears. The set includes:9 needle tips sizes US 4 to US 114 Cords (to make 24", 40" & 2 of 32")1 set of cord connectorsa complimentary Shawl Pin from the new Azure Charm rangeThe Deluxe kit ($ 125.99) includes:9 needle tips sizes US 2.5 to US 104 Cords (to make 24", 40" & 2 of 32")1 Set of size markers8 End caps4 Cord keysThe Starter Kit ( $73.25) includes:5 needle tips sizes US 2.5 to US 62 Cords (to make 24" & 32")1 Set of size markers4 End caps2 Cord keysThe Midi Kit ($ 67) includes:4 needle tips sizes US 7 to US 102 Cords (to make 24" & 32")1 Set of size markers4 End caps2 Cord keysMany of us have established knitting habits and preferences; and I never thought that I would be interested in knitting with anything but Addi needles.  Trying something new was a refreshing change, and showed me that even this "old dog" could learn a new trick or two.We hope that you will consider experimenting a little; either with a new tool, a new technique, or a new color that is outside of your box.  You'll probably be very pleased with the results! 

Mark your calendars!


Spring Cleaning Sale

We have been reorganizing the shop getting ready for warmer weather, and as a result we have some exclusive savings to share with you.

Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th

All Cascade Superwash Yarns

Circular Needles from:



Knit Picks


Addi Natura

Plus 20% off a single full priced item

These savings are only available for two days so plan to shop early to find the best selection.  More items may be added last minute, so be sure to stop by and see what we have included for you.

What needles do you prefer? Deal of the Day: 30% off needle sets

What is your favorite kind of needle?  Depending on whom you ask at the shop, you will get very different answers.  This week’s Deal of the Day discounts 30% off all our knitting needle and crochet hook sets; so no matter what kind you prefer, we have a set that will perfectly suit your knitting or crochet style.

Julie’s favorites are the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz. She loves the flexible cable, and the very long tapered tips that end in a sharp point that make quick work of fine stitches. Plus, the price point can’t be beat.  Katie also swears by Knitters Pride Dreamz.  She loves the sharp tapered points, the pretty colors (each size is identified with its own color making matching needles a breeze to find), and soft cords that aren't too twisty.

This beautiful boxed set is available at the shop at can be yours with the discount for just $70.

Dawn is an Addi Lace fan.  She counts on their pointy tips, thin flexible cord, and metallic finish which ensures that her yarn glides smoothly with just enough friction (compared to the Turbo).

Our Addi Click Kit comes with 10 pairs of needle tips US siz 4 to 15 and is available with the discount for $119.

I am a pusher who works close to the tips of her needles; so I prefer blunt tipped metal needles that will allow my stitches to slide with no resistance and won't poke a hole in my finger.  Addi Turbo needles are my favorite and I have a set of the Addi turbo clicks that I adore.  Danielle, like me chooses Addi Turbo.  They are smooth, super-fast and oh so nice.  She uses the lace needles for lacework but doesn't care for the pointy tip for all her projects because as a continental knitter who pushes her left needle through the stitches with her right pointer finger, her fingers get sore.